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We consider every child's education to be extremely important and work tirelessly to ensure that every pupil's attendance is as high as possible. We do this by employing a Director of Parent and Pupil Support, Sandie Kemp, who has a responsibility for attendance across the entire College.



Monthly Marble Attendance Challenge

Winners 2017-2018!

September - Year 6

October - Year 3A

November - Reception A

December - Year 3B

January - Year 6

February - Year 6

March - Year 4

April - Year 6

May - Year 3A

Year 6 are the clear overall winners with 4 monthly wins and they will be receiving an extra special treat in Term 6. 


Amazing Attendance!


The children with 99% or 100% attendance across the whole year received a very special ice cream treat today. The children cooled down in this hot weather with a chocolate, mint or strawberry ice cream cone. 


Savannah received an extra special award as she has had the best attendance of all the children not only this year but across her whole school career. Well done!!! 

Scrumptious Attendance


This term we saw 18 children with 100% & 33 with 99% from the start of this academic year. 


Sandy arranged for all the children to receive an ice cream and be presented with a certificate. 


Well done everyone, keep it up! 

EGGtastic Attendance!


Well Done to all the children who achieved an amazing 99% and 100% attendance in Term 4! 


Each child received a certificate and a Easter Egg to celebrate this achievement. 


Well done to each and every one of you! 

What A Fantastic Start!

We've had a brilliant start to the school year with our attendance. There were 64 pupils with 100% attendance and they were all able to celebrate with ice creams and a short film in the hall.


Good luck for the rest of the year!

Term 5's Ice Cream Party!

This term, we've had another ice cream party! Luckily it was sunny enough so we could go outside on the playground and eat our ice creams in the sun. We had 25 children receive 100% attendance certificates and 27 children receive 99% attendance certificates.


A huge well done to these children and good luck for term 6.

Easter Egg Party!


Term 4 saw another fantastic party for those children who had achieved 99%-100% attendance during the term. This time we celebrated with Easter eggs! We had a total of 60 children rewarded with an Easter egg and certificate.


Well done to all of these children and good luck to everyone for next term!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Another Ice Cream Party!


Term 3 was another exceptional term for the number of pupils with attendance of 99.5 – 100%, we had a total of 43 children across the school!


To reward this brilliant effort each child enjoyed time out from class for an ice cream and film clips, they also received a certificate to mark the achievement.


Well done these children you are a great example to us all.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Term 2's Ice Cream Party


At the end of every term, White Cliffs celebrates with those children who have managed to gain between 99.5%-100% attendance within that term. At the end of Term 2, there was a huge 74 children that had achieved this! So to acknowledge this, they were all invited to an ice cream party in Pebbles Nursery. As you can see from the pictures, they had lots of fun!

Well done to all of those who achieved this, and good luck for next term!

Term 1 Attendance


At the end of Term 1 we have 141 children who have achieved 100% attendance.  We thank the parents and the children for this amazing effort  and to acknowledge it each child was presented with a certificate.

Summer Term 2016 Attendance Challenge Winners!


The lucky winners of our Attendance Bike Challenge were Kira from Year 4 and Dylan from Year 1.  Both children were very excited about their win and a had a wonderful time choosing their bike and safety helmet from Halfords with help from SPIDERMAN!  Kira and Dylan were two names drawn from 64 children’s names entered who had achieved 100% attendance in terms 5 & 6.    WELL DONE Kira & Dylan…enjoy riding your bikes!


Picture 1

Monthly Marble Attendance Challenge


September - Year 6 

October - Year 4 

November - Reception 2

December - Reception 2

January - Year 3

February - Year 2

March - 1K

April - Year 6

May - Reception 2


Well Done to all the Winners!

Term 4 Attendance


We've had a huge amount of children who have achieved 100% attendance in term 4. Well done to Ella, Tyler, Ruby, Jasmine, Ethan, Sophia, Ryley, Lexi, Dylan, Jake, Alexxus, Jack, Shayla-May, Nishen, Mason, Terry, Jasmine, Halli, Paige, Harrison, Poppy, Chance, Phoebe, Maddie, Bailey, Brooke, Summer, Harvey, Sinead, Lilly, Tim, Lucy, Holly, Daisy, Maciej, Survannah, Georgia, Jacob, Alfie, Danny, Kailee, Miraya, Conner, Briley, Holly, Wiktoria, Jack and Ella!!


The winners for the attendance challenge for terms 3 and 4 were Ethan and Jasmine, they have won shopping vouchers which we are sure they will love spending. We also have 20 children still with 100% attendance from the beginning of the school year as well!

Picture 1

Term 3 Attendance


This term we've had 29 pupils with 100% attendance and 8 pupils with 99.4% in the college! Well done to all these children, let's try and get even more next term.

Picture 1

Autumn Attendance Challenge

Our very successful Bike Attendance Challenge held for terms 1 & 2 was won by a pupil from Year 4 and another from Year 2.  Every child who achieved 100% attendance during these two terms were entered for the draw to win the exciting prize of a £100 toy shopping voucher.  A massive 78 children achieved the 100% attendance and each child with 99% attendance and above received a certificate and a bag of gold coins as a reward.


We are holding another incentive for terms 3 & 4 and the prize this time will be two £100 Leisure Vouchers which can be used in lots of different venues such as theme/animal parks and restaurants.  The draw will take place just before Easter.

Attendance Challenge Awards Ceremony

Pupils celebrated their 100% Attendance today as part of our Attendance Challenge for Terms 5 and 6. Punctuality Pup and Attendance Ted were on hand to join in the celebrations. Nearly half of the pupils from Reception to Year 6 attended College for every day over the last two terms, which is a phenomenal achievement!

In addition to this, one boy and one girl from the 100% Attendance group were entered into the draw to win a brand new bike. Congratulations to them on a super effort!

Year 1 celebrate fantastic attendance!

Attendance Ted and Punctuality Pup were the’ special guests’ invited to the Year 1 Attendance Tea Party. This was held to celebrate the class achieving the highest attendance for the year and winning 4 Marble Challenges since last November.  Well done Year 1 and carry the good work over to Year 2!