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Breakfast Club

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White Cliffs Primary College Breakfast Club has been set up to provide pupils of all ages with a safe and fun place to start their school day.


The aim of the club is to be informal and friendly with a quiet space for craft activities or free play inside or out when the weather permits.


Each morning a nutritious breakfast is provided. 

The children are encouraged to sit down and talk together and when finished they clear away their dishes.

At the end of the session the children are well-fed, happy and ready to learn.



Please note that you must contact the school at least one day in advance to arrange admission  BEFORE sending your child to Breakfast Club.

For more information, please contact the main office by telephone or e-mail.

Look how much fun we have at Breakfast Club!

What Do We Think About Breakfast Club?


Damien Yr 1A – "I like playing the lego."

Byron Yr 3B – "I like Breakfast Club as we can play games."

Kira Yr 6 – "I like going to Breakfast Club as I have lots to eat and I can choose it."

Fifi Yr 3B – "Breakfast Club is good because we do stuff like building lego and I like being with the other children."