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This week, Buckland class have been focusing on 3D shapes, and what better way to learn than to take a practical approach and make the most of the great weather. The children have been developing their mathematical vocabulary, along with looking at how these shapes could be used in different scenarios.

For one of their lessons this week, Buckland class were tasked with model making using every day 3D objects. The children decided to make a robot and a computer. They not only designed them but painted them and brought life to them. They followed this up by working with 3D shapes on the field, and they made up their own stories about the 3D objects that they designed.

Shrove Tuesday


This morning in Buckland Class we have been making pancakes from scratch. The children read a basic recipe together, and followed the instructions. We discussed the equipment we would need to measure the flour in grams and the milk in millilitres, and the children set off to weigh out and measure their ingredients. The children carefully followed the instructions and produced some extremely tasty pancakes.  Angel said “ the measuring was really hard but it was fun and my pancake was lovely”. Danny said “following the instructions was easy, I needed help with the measuring but the pancakes were delicious” Danny also knew that ML meant millilitres, we were very proud of him.


After we made our pancakes we had a discussion about Lent and some of us decided that we would be giving some things up for Lent. Mrs Osborn is giving up sweets and chocolates!!!! Katelyn and Conner are going to try to give up Coca Cola and Holly wants to try to give up watching “You Tube”.

Our Class Trip


Buckland Class took themselves to Brockhill Park on a nature trail looking for signs of autumn. It proved to be a successful day and the class enjoyed their walk around the picturesque park. Sycamore seed ‘helicopters’ proved to be a big hit but acorns were thin on the ground as the elusive squirrels (we didn’t spot one all day) must have hidden them. There was even an opportunity for an impromptu maths lesson when buying a warming cup of hot chocolate at the end of the trip.

Numicon Maths


Buckland Class have been enjoying their maths this term using the hands on Numicon resources. The children benefit from being able to handle the ‘numbers’ and visualise them as shapes and colours. There are also many fantastic problem solving activities that are proving to be effective in aiding the children’s understanding of number. It is fun too.