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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Handa's Surprise


This week (20/03/17) Buckland Class have continued looking at our Class book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and, using Language Through Colour resources, we have being making story plans to help us to write our own story. We have been learning how to edit our stories to try to make it more interesting for the reader. Buckland Class have all worked very hard and have enjoyed reading our stories to each other.

Picture 1

3D Shape Investigation


Buckland Class have been investigating 3D shapes using paint!


Virginia: ‘We found out the names of the shapes.’

Kendal: ‘It helped to see how many faces the shapes have got.’

Daisy: ‘It was good.’

Nikita: ‘It helped me to learn the shapes of the faces.’

Little Red Riding Hood


During Term 3, Buckland Class have been reading the Traditional Tale of Little Red Riding Hood. They have been looking at nouns, adjectives and regular past tense verbs, using Language Through Colour. They sequenced the Traditional Tale, which was followed by them re-writing the story, using all the grammar, punctuation and spelling learnt during the week.

Making Bossy Cakes


This term Buckland Class have been baking cakes as a reward for their marvellous work in maths the term before. It wasn’t all about eating the cakes though as the children used the experience to help them in their writing and they produced some fantastic instructions on how to bake cakes including lots of ‘bossy’ verbs.

Alfie has a great day!


Friday 14th of October has turned out to be a great day for Alfie. First of all he wrote a fantastic story in English. Then he was given a spelling test covering all the words he has been asked to learn this term and he got ALL of them correct. Last but not least Alfie made a huge jump in his reading age.

Well Mrs Fotheringham was very happy and Alfie was asked to choose something special from her box of goodies. Alfie was very happy with his smart pink ruler and Mrs Fotheringham was a bit sad to see it go.

Picture 1

Numicon Maths


This term Buckland Class have been making great progress in maths using their Numicon resources. The children are able to manipulate the Numicon ‘numbers’ to enable them to think more deeply about maths problems and help them to develop and deeper understanding of the ideas they are working with. This term we have been telling adding and subtracting stories and also looking at different types of patterns.