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College Uniform & Appearance

Here are some of our children modelling our College uniform. Please click a picture to make it full size!


Items with the White Cliffs' logo are available to purchase from the College Office. Other items such as trousers, skirts, shorts, PE kit, shoes and socks can be purchased from high street retailers. Please make sure that these items match the colour descriptions and do not have patterns or logos on them.


It is the parent/carer's responsibility to name ALL items that your child brings into College.

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School Uniform

The school uniform consists of a purple college jumper, white shirt, black trousers and a school tie. Each year group has a different colour:

  • Foundation - Silver (from 2018)
  • Year 1 - Yellow
  • Year 2 - Green
  • Year 3 – Turquoise
  • Year 4 – Purple
  • Year 5 – Blue
  • Year 6 – Red

Children are also required to wear smart black shoes.
For PE all children need a white t-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls.

Jewellery & Appearance

Foundation children must not wear any jewellery in College. Children in Years 1 – 6 may wear one pair of stud earrings or sleepers with no cartilage piercings. We also advise that personal possessions should not be brought into College. No other jewellery is permitted. Nail varnish should be removed before coming to College. Parents will be called to come in and remove nail varnish.


For health and safety reasons, only small stud earrings are to be worn. On PE and Games days these should be removed by the child or by the parent before coming into College.

 Any extreme colouring of hair (be it complete or partial,) is not permitted. Any child not abiding by this rule may be excluded until the situation has been rectified.There should be no ‘crew cut’ hairstyles: hair should be no shorter than a ‘grade/number 2’ (6 mm - 1/4") on the sides and ‘grade/number 4’ (12 mm -1/2") on top. Also, hair should not have any patterns or defined lines shaved into it under any circumstances. Again, a child may be excluded until the situation has been rectified.Nail Varnish should not be worn - parents may be asked to come in to College to remove nail varnish.