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So that is another year over...


The eCadets have done an amazing job working with all children across the College this year. They have continued to build and develop their presence around the College along with addition of the White Cliffs Website Warrior. The team have worked incredibly hard during after school club and have delivered several assemblies with confidence and a good understand of the issues they are discussing. They have managed to complete all their challenges for the year and look forward to next years tasks.


A huge thank you and good luck to our wonderful Senior eCadets, who unfortunately will be leaving us next week to move onto their new journeys at Secondary School. We wish them the best of luck.


Also, a warm welcome to our new Senior eCadet officers Myleene, Jake and Liam, who are very enthusiastic and keen to begin their new roles and the new challenges next academic year. Within Term 1 we shall be holding interviews to recruit new eCadet from years 3, 4 and 5, however there will be more information on that when we begin after the summer.


And just a quick diary date for everyone, next years Safer Internet Day will be Tuesday 5th February 2019.


We hope you all have an amazing summer, see you back in September!

Top Ranking, what an achievement!

Top Ranking, what an achievement!  1

A huge congratulations to the wonderful eCadets who have been ranked as eCadet Ambassadors for the end of this year!

We have worked unbelievably hard in the last few sessions to ensure all our challenges are completed and the hard work has definitely paid off.

Well done team!

Challenge 3: Digital Images

On Wednesday 13th June, eCadets delivered an informative assembly to Key Stage 2 as part of the Digital Images challenge. We shared with the children different pictures where they had to identify which ones were fake and which were real. We then talked about how some images we see online and on social media do not always give the full picture of what is really going on. For this we used 2 photographs where someone has cropped the image down to a small section.


Once this part of our assembly was complete, we also shared what we have been getting up to in club.

We introduced our new College Superhero the White Cliffs Website Warrior to the key stage and explained the competition that we are wanting to run until the end of this term. We asked the children to write their very own online safety adventure story for the Website Warrior.


The assembly went incredibly well, with all eCadets participating and speaking with confidence.



Challenge 2: Solving Problems Online

This week during club, we accepted the challenge of looking at problem solving online. We were given four scenarios that we needed to discuss and had to come up with sensible ways to solve each of the problems.

We worked in pairs and thought of great ideas such as reporting issues to an appropriate adult and raising your worries with an eCadet at school. This task made us really think about what the correct thing to do in these situations is.


Completing this challenge moved our ranking to an eDCC which means we are 2 steps away from becoming eCadet Ambassadors.


Thursday 7th June 2018

Challenge 1: College Superhero and Assembly Prep

Challenge 1: College Superhero and Assembly Prep 1

This week we have been preparing for our summer term challenges. We have been discussing our College superhero; what he will look like, his super powers and most importantly his name. The team couldn't decide on a name so we have put it to the teachers to become a little bit creative. The superhero will be revealed to Key Stage 2 children in assembly, along with a special competition that we have decided to run. The competition requires the children to think and write an adventure story for our College superhero. This week we have been preparing our assembly script and the topic for discussion will be digital images.


Thursday 31st May 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018

On Tuesday 6th February, the eCadet team led the College in raising awareness of this years Safer Internet Day. The focus for this year was 'Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you'.


The eCadets led an assembly to both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 about how to be safe and sensible when online. We did have a little help from 'Early Man', but we spoke clearly and definitely got our message across.

After this, we split into our year groups and delivered short lessons around how to connect safely with people and friends on the internet. We discussed both sides of the issue with some great ideas and opinions being shared.

In the afternoon, we moved into Key Stage 1 and read them the online safety story of 'Chicken Clicking". This explored the issue of the dangers of arranging to meet up with an online friend and them not being quite who they made out to be.


Overall, we delivered the message across the whole College with success and the children were engaged. We enjoyed working with Key Stage 1 and Early Years and look forward to the remaining challenges that we need to complete.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team  1 Year 3 eCadets: Byron, Jake and Shannon
Meet the Team  2 Year 4 eCadets: Maddie, Cameron and Callum
Meet the Team  3 Year 5 eCadets: Jake, Liam and Myleen
Meet the Team  4 Year 6 Senior eCadets: Zack and Kady
The interview process is complete, we would like to introduce you to this year's amazing ecadet team...

So, a new year begins...

This year our brilliant Y5 eCadets will step up to their new role as Seniors. They will lead their team along with new Y3 cadets and a new member of the team for each of the year groups, building our new team to 10 eCadets across Key Stage 2.

Senior eCadets Kaydee and Zack will be holding interviews for new members at the end of Term 1, ready to begin our Autumn Term challenges and promotion of online safety in Term 2. We will update our page with minutes, meeting write ups, videos and photographs of our challenges.

We are ready to make a difference.

A Very Successful Year!

A Very Successful Year! 1

Welcome Back!
Last year we rolled out and organised the eCadet programme across college. We completed our first year of the programme very successfully with the support of each other and our eCadet Coordinator, Miss Davidson. We finished the year ranking as an eAssistant Chief Constable and worked very hard to explain and promote messages of safe searching and appropriate online usage. All our wonderful eCadets have grown in confidence since beginning the programme last year, through the main teaching tasks and a variety of assemblies they led across the college. Their skills in leadership, organising and presentation have been developed throughout the programme and we are looking forward to training new members and tackling this years issues and challenges set. Unfortunately, we have had to wave goodbye to our fantastic Senior eCadets Kailee and Marlee, who we wish the best of luck at their new secondary schools.



Meet the Team

Meet the Team 1 Senior e-cadets
Meet the Team 2 Year 3 e-cadets
Meet the Team 3 Year 4 e-cadets
Meet the Team 4 Year 5 e-cadets

Safer Internet Day 2017: 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, the college took part in Safer Internet Day. The whole day was planned and led by the eCadet team.

In the morning we delivered an assembly to KS2 around this year's theme and being safe when posting photographs on social media. The eCadets then went into different KS1 classes and delivered short internet safety sessions to the children. We read and discussed the story of Digi-Duck with both years 1 and 2. The children really enjoyed the story and learnt the important messages about internet safety. We then read the story of Smartie the Penguin to small groups in both Reception classes, teaching them the correct choices when playing online and learning a quick and fun song to remember what to do. The Reception children loved learning the song and created their own actions to remember it!


Throughout the afternoon, the eCadets worked in their pairs to deliver discussions and activities in KS2. Each pair prepared their session, questions and activities with the help of Miss Davidson. In years 3 and 4, the children discussed why it is important to be kind to one another. We drew comparisons between what we do when someone is upset on the playground and whether this still applies when someone has been made upset online. Some children shared their own stories. We then discussed this year's hot topic; personal information. The children created their own collages and wordles about themselves without giving away any of their personal information.


In years 5 and 6, the children discussed the use of social media and the importance of realising not all information on the internet is true all of the time. We discussed different ways of finding fact from fiction and shared thoughts on internet safety. The children were then set to 2 tasks, one of which was to create their personal information wordle or collage. The second task was focussed around the very current and popular way of expressing feelings; emojis. The children had to look at different emojis and match them to the correct feelings. They then designed their own emojis and thought of which feelings could be attached to them.


To finish our fantastic Safer Internet Day event, the eCadets delivered yet another planned and tailored assembly to KS1 and Foundation. They read a story about Smartie the Penguin and discussed what is classed as personal information.


Overall, the eCadet team worked unbelievably hard and delivered each aspect of the day to their best abilities. They worked together through the planning and delivering stages and have raised awareness of current online safety issues across the college. A Huge well done eCadets!


Safer Internet Day 2017


On Monday 30th January, eCadets met to discuss Safer Internet Day and the new challenges set by the scheme. Safer Internet Day is a nationwide event used to raise awareness around online safety issues, and is an event in which the whole college participates. This years theme is 'Be the change: unite for a better internet'.

We talked about the different activities we would like to deliver across the college and that even though it is a Key Stage 2 based scheme, we would really like to do some work in Reception and Key Stage 1.

As a team we looked through the resources provided by SID 2017 website. Across the college we have planned a variety of activities, story sharing, circle times and hands on activities to cover all areas of online safety and this years theme. We look forward to delivering our ideas on Tuesday 7th February.

A little snippet from our Year 3 lesson on Safe Searching

Still image for this video
On Tuesday 13th December, some of the e-cadet team began delivering their lessons to complete challenge 2 of this term. We used the PowerPoint slideshows that we created and Henry's top tips. We instructed the class to work in groups to discuss and order the tips by importance. They then took turns to explain why they thought their chosen tip was the most important. Above is a clip from the wonderful Year 3 lesson led by e-cadets Maddie and Callum.

Challenge 2 accepted: searching safely online

This week in e-cadet meetings we have been looking at our Autumn Term challenge which we need to present to our fellow class mates. Our challenge is to plan and teach a short lesson to our year groups about how to search safely online. As a team we watched the e-cadet training videos and discussed the activities we needed to plan for our lessons. We discussed the different ways we can search the internet and looked at Henry's top tips to help us stay safe.

When planning our lessons we decided to create slideshows using PowerPoint containing information about e-cadets, Henry and the top tips to safe searching. We worked in our year group pairs to complete them and would like to share them with you. They took a lot of time and we worked very hard to produce our slideshows for our lessons.

Tuesday 22nd November and Monday 5th December 2016

Raising Awareness

Raising Awareness 1
On Wednesday 19th October we met to share our e-cadet promise and discuss different ways to raise awareness of the e-cadets throughout the college. We decided that we were going to create some posters to put up around the college and Jake and Liam wanted to write an e-cadet song. Watch this space for more photos of our posters!

Challenge 1: E-Cadet Promise

Challenge 1: E-Cadet Promise  1
Challenge 1: E-Cadet Promise  2

On Friday 14th October, the E-Cadet team had their first meeting. We discussed our first challenge for the Autumn Term which was to create our special E-Cadet Promise. We talked about the different qualities an E-Cadet must have in order to be a great leader and came up with a list of essentials, such as being a good listener, loyal, sensible, helpful and friendly. We then looked at the E-Cadet acrostic template to help us create our E-Cadet promise. We worked together as a team, sharing ideas and developing different sentences for the poem and Kailee wrote them all down. We will share this poem at our next meeting and discuss ways to develop awareness of E-Cadets and our promise throughout the college.


Miss Davidson

E-Cadet Coordinator

Recruiting Our Team

Welcome to our E-Cadet page, I'm Kailee one of your Senior E-Cadet officers. I am going to tell you what happened at the exciting class E-Cadet interviews on Monday 10th October 2016. Miss Davidson discussed E-Cadets with the classes in Key Stage 2 and was provided with a list of 57 children who would like to be considered for interview. We then shortlisted 18 children in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 and asked for the children to come down to Mrs Fotheringham's office for their interview. Benton and I thought of different questions to ask the candidates during their interviews and the children gave some fantastic answers such as "I think an e-cadet should be a very good listener and keep children safe online" and "I would like to be an e-cadet because I have my own brothers and sisters and I am always checking what they are on when they are on the computer and if they are being safe and not talking to strangers".

Once completing the interview process for all 18 candidates, Benton, Miss Davidson and I chose the following people; Maddie and Callum Year 3, Liam and Jake Year 4, and Kady and Zack Year 5.



Senior E-Cadet