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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Stella the Stick Insect


In PE this week, Reception 2 took part in children’s yoga. We really enjoyed the story the lady was telling us about Stella the Stick Insect and found it really fun. We had to bend and stretch our bodies in lots of different ways to the different parts of the story, even Miss Davidson and Miss Bourner joined in! There were some positions we found a little tricky, but we kept trying and eventually it was easy. We cannot wait to try yoga again!

If anyone would like to try our yoga at home, here is the link to Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures on YouTube


Tuesday 12th July 2016

Our Learning Journeys


In preparation for our move to Year 1 we have been reflecting on our work that we have done this year. The children really enjoyed looking through their learning journeys and writing 3 of their favourite memories from Reception 1.


Liam- "Look, I was way different when I was four!"

Ethan- "Look, I made an evil monster out of shapes."

Henley- "That’s my knight costume from Dover Castle."

Charlie- ‘Tommy, look, I did finger painting."

The Ugly Bug Ball


This week Reception 2 have been reading ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’. We have been talking about different mini beasts and where they might live, which we now know is called a habitat. We looked at different habitats and which mini beasts we might find to help us when going on our mini beast hunt in Kearsney Abbey. We sorted and thought of different mini beasts that we might find in each of the different habitats during carpet time.


Reception 2 thought that in the soil we might find

“earwigs” - Faith

“worms” - Tommy

“ants”- Lenny

“beetles” – Isabell


In the pond we might find

“pond skaters”- Electra

“water boatman” – Kyle

“dragonflies” – Lexi


Under the rocks we might find

“wood louse” – Ryley

“centipedes” – Harley

“millipedes” -  Chloe

Our Own Mini Beasts


Today (12.07.16) Reception 1 designed a habitat for their favourite mini beasts. Some children chose butterflies and caterpillars as we have been learning about these in our ‘Understanding The World’ topic, others choose more unexplored insects like slugs, dragonflies and slow worms.


Ella- "I like slugs the best, they live in the wet soil."

Charlie- "I like slow worms I found one in my garden."

Melanie- "I like dragonflies, they on the water top."

Mini Beasts


This term Reception have been learning about mini beasts and where to find them. This week (11/07/16) we have been looking at what minibeasts live in each habitat and have tried to pair them together. We also wrote the names of each mini beast and habitat next to each picture. We have been working in bigger groups independently so we can get ready for our transition for Year 1. Great writing and matching Reception!

Super Worm


This week Reception 2 have been reading the story ‘Super Worm’ by Julia Donaldson. We have experimented with making jelly worms this week and have enjoyed playing with them and getting our hands messy! First we had to pull all the jelly cubes apart, they were very sticky but smelt of yummy strawberry and orange. We then put a little bit of water in the jugs and helped Mr Lund heat them in the microwave. The jelly wasn’t solid anymore, Demi told us “it’s a liquid now, like water!” and Dylan explained “it melts because we heated it up in the microwave”. We then poured some of the jelly liquid into bunches of straws so it would set and make wiggly worms; we had so much left over we used it all in cups and bowls. Next, Caleb instructed us to “put it in the fridge so it can set and get all wobbly”. Once the jelly had set we all had great fun trying to squeeze the wiggly worms out.


Week beginning: 4th July 2016

A Tadpole's Promise


This week we have been reading ‘A tadpole’s promise’ and have been exploring the lifecycle of a frog. We have been learning the names of the 4 stages in the lifecycle; frogspawn, tadpoles, froglets and a frog. We have researched different facts about frogs and have found that a frog isn’t always green; they can be lots of different colours. Therefore, we have been experimenting with colour mixing using watercolours when painting different frogs. We have also been looking at the differences between tadpoles and froglets. Here are some of the interesting facts we have discovered!

Electra – ‘When they go on leaves they change colour’

Demi – ‘Frogs are cold blooded’

Dylan – ‘The Tomato frog waits for his food’

Lexi – ‘They have ears behind their eyes’

Faith – ‘A froglet has got back legs’


Week beginning: 20th June 2016

Painting our Mural


On the 17th June Reception 1 and 2 really enjoyed doing their part on the giant mural for under the new school. They were amazed by the size of the concrete that was behind the fence.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth


On Friday 10th June 2016, Reception 2 took part in the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. As a class, we talked about the queen and the royal family, learning the names Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, Prince William, Princess Katherine, Princess Charlotte and Prince George. We then made and decorated special crowns using jewels and sequins, which we wore to the college street party. We made decorations such as bunting by painting the correct red white and blue colours onto the union jacks and crowns. In literacy, we practised our handwriting by writing birthday cards for her majesty.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed taking part in the college street party. We were all given flags and ate party food and cake all together. It was a brilliant afternoon, which was finished by all of us receiving a special commemorative coin.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This week Reception 2 have been using their story maps to write new adventures for the end of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story. Firstly, we shared our story maps to the rest of the class and it was amazing how we all remembered our stories using just the pictures and actions that we created last week. We then made sure we used our best handwriting and remembered our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops when writing our story endings. We are so proud of our writing this week and have it on display in our classroom for everyone to look at.


Week beginning: 13th June 2016



The Reception children have had a lovely half term and have returned excited and ready for a busy Term 6! This week we have introduced our new topic; The Ugly Bug Ball. This term we will be learning all about lifecycles and the different minibeasts we might find in our gardens using stories such as ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, ‘Superworm’ and ‘A Tadpole’s Promise’.


Reception 2 have been enjoying exploring their new garden centre role play area this week.

In number work, we have been learning about money, so we have been buying flowers, working out change and recognising different coins in our garden centre till.


We have been reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle in Literacy and have been creating our own imaginative endings as to where the butterfly might travel next. We have created story maps for these and will be writing our alternative endings next week.

Sophia thought that “the butterfly might go to the park now”

Dylan suggested “he might go to the jungle and see all the animals”

Lenny thought “he might go to Egypt, it is all sandy there”

Demi decided “he could go to Africa and see the elephants and the monkeys”


In Art this week we were exploring colour mixing and it was very messy! We used paint swatters, combined different coloured paint and splat various shapes onto the wallpaper. It was so much fun and we even enjoyed cleaning all the swatters up in our water tray.

Jacob said “when you hit it on paper, there’s butterfly”

Electra said “I have made green with my blue and yellow flower”


Week beginning 6th June 2016

Writing our own music


This week (16/05/16)  Reception have been looking at music sheets. We all looked at the Music notes first and then tried to make our own music by reading animal pictures from the music sheet and making the animal noise when the pointer was under the sound. They were very good at stopping when the pointer moved past the picture and there was no sound. After this we tried to create our own music sheets using pictures. They were really good!


Williams read ‘brummm(car)….squeek(mouse)…brumm(car)…..brumm(car)…..brumm(car)…..’

Jaydons read ‘wroof(dog)… weeee (swing)…. Rwarrr(dinosaur)…’ Then he drew some music notes.

The Enormous Turnip


Today Reception 1 had their assembly (20.05.16). We told the story of the Enormous Turnip. All of the children played their characters brilliantly and were able to remember their lines without much support at all. Everyone spoke really loudly and were so confident in front of KS1 and all of their parents. Reception were so pleased that so many of their parents turned up to watch!


‘Thank you’ said Reception 1!

William said ‘I was a good little mouse wasn’t I?’

J. said ‘my voice was really loud with the microphone’

Caterpillars to Butterflies


Reception have got some butterflies that they have hatched from tiny caterpillars into cocoons and now they have turned into Butterflies. This afternoon (20.05.16) we let them free in the playground.


‘Look Miss Bacmeister, we have five butterflies now’ Maison said.

‘They have drunk all the juice from the orange’ said Ethan.

‘The butterflies fly’ said Melanie

Cheeseburgers in Maths!


This week (week beginning 9th May 2016) Reception have been looking at doubling. We thought of some great doubles; double knots, double buggy and double cheeseburger! We used the same method as last week that we used to half numbers and Reception needed no support to double!

Can you find half?


In Number work this week, Reception have been learning about halving. At the beginning of the week we were finding out what ‘half’ means and looks like by cutting and folding different 2D shapes. We then worked as a class during our carpet time to half numbers using the bar method. We knew we needed to count out the correct number of counters into the whole bar first. Next, we had to share the counters into the 2 bars making that they both had equal amounts. Once this was done, the final step was to count how many were in one box, and this was the answer. Using the bar method meant that all of could half any number independently. It is very helpful! Next week we are going to be using the bar method to help u double numbers.

Week Beg: 3rd May 2016

Hockey Sticks at the Ready!


In PE on Tuesday 26th April Reception used hockey sticks for the first time. They were very good at controlling the bean bag and dribbling it around the cones. At the end we tried to shoot the bean bag at the cones. Maison and William managed to get the bean bag right the to other end of the hall in a straight line, which was very difficult. Everyone was able to aim their bean bags in a straight line by the end of the lesson. Great job Reception!

Experimenting With Cress


Last week we were discussing what a plant needs for it to grow. This week we wanted to investigate whether a plant really needs all those things. We have been working in small groups this week to plant cress seeds. We planted 4 different combinations;

  1. With Water and Light (on the window)

  2. With Water but no light (in the cupboard)

  3. No water but light (on the window)

  4. No water and No light (in the cupboard)

We have been monitoring and observing what happens to the cress, how it grows and what it looks like every other day.

When we looked at our cress on Friday 29th April, we noticed a huge difference from when we first planted them

Lexi- "the one with the water and the sun is really green"

Harley- "the one in the cupboard and with no water hasn’t grown at all"

Sophia- "the one on the window sill with no water hasn’t grown either!"

Look at our wonderful writing!


This week we have been writing recounts of our trip to Dover Castle. We have sequenced the photographs of our trip to help us remember the different things that we did and saw. After this, we each created a story map. For our story maps we drew pictures and created actions to help us remember our trip and help us to retell our story to the class. We had to use special words such as next, first, after and finally when telling our story maps to the class. Later we used our detailed story maps to write a sentence for each stage of our trip. The pictures helped us to remember what we had to write next, they were very clever! We made sure we used our best handwriting and we remembered to use finger spaces and full stops.

Week Beg: 18th April 2016

Happy St. George's Day!


On Friday 22nd April Reception 2 took part in a class assembly about St George. As a class, we have read the story of George and the Dragon and thought it would be a great idea to retell the story to the rest of the school. We dressed up as the different characters in the story and took photographs of each scene. We used these photographs on our wonderful assembly slideshow. We also made red roses to wear on our jumpers and red and white flags to celebrate St George’s Day.

Here are a few things we discovered about St George


Sophia- "St George was born in 270AD"

Dylan- "St George’s Day is celebrated on the 23rd April"

Ryley- "Some people wear roses on their jumpers to celebrate George"

Danny- "St Georges day is often forgotten"

Demi- "One of the best known stories is George and the Dragon"

Lenny- "St George’s emblem is a red cross on a white background"

Reception 2's Assault Course


On Tuesday 19th April 2016, Reception 2 have been practising their body control and balancing in PE this week. We balanced a bean bag on their heads and took it in turns to complete an assault course. We had to be very careful when climbing over the hurdles and moving around the cones. We then thought of different places on our body that we could balance the beanbag and showed them to the rest of the group.

Our Class Beanstalks


On Tuesday 19th April Reception 2 began reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We discussed the characters and the story structure during our literacy lesson. In the afternoon we talked about what we think a plant needs to grow

Lenny said “water”

Demi said “food”

Electra said “sunshine”

We then took it in turns to plant our very own beanstalks. We worked in the outdoor classroom to plant our seeds and took a photograph of them. This is so we can see how much they grow. We are now waiting and watching our beans, hoping that we can grow magic beanstalks just like Jack!

Knights, Feasts and Garderobes!


On the 12th April, Reception 1 and 2 went to Dover Castle with Buckland Class. First we had a tour called ‘Knights, Feasts and Garderobes’ which taught us all about the kitchens and what poor and rich people got to eat. We also got to dress up as ladies and knights.  We walked around the castle and looked at the throne and the Kings bed which was made from squirrel fur! Last we went into the tunnels with our torches and found some cannons.


Liam said ‘I liked the cannons, the roof, the moat and the whole castle’

In the Banquet hall Ethan said ‘We will eat in here, roast boars head’

Tommy P said ‘‘Tommy G could be a jester cos he is really funny’

Dylan said ‘I like the arrow slits becauase I like to shoot the bad guys.’

Faith said ‘I like going in the kitchen because there was pretend food in there’

Electra said ‘My favourite bit was going in the museum and seeing the pretend castle’

Reception 1's Marble Treat!


Reception 1 chose to have a Popcorn Party for their marble treat this term. They watched popcorn being popped in a popcorn maker and then watched Hop.

Ethan said ‘I liked the bit where the bunny got out of the car alarm’

Jasmine said ‘ I  liked the bit where he pooped out the jelly beans!’ *giggles*

Kenley said ‘I liked the bit where Hop met the grown ups’



In the week building up to Easter (week beginning 23rd March) the children have been reading the special Easter story. We have been learning about what happened to Jesus, the last supper and the miracle of the resurrection. We have been learning how Easter is celebrated and had our own Easter celebrations in class. We worked together to make cornflake nests using chocolate, golden syrup, chocolate eggs and cornflakes, they were very yummy! We then had our very own Easter egg hunt in the outdoor area. There were so many eggs out there, it took us a little while to find them all. For snack we tried hot  cross bun, which we all really liked to eat. In our literacy and art session we decided to make some amazing Easter cards to take home for our family. We made sure we used our best handwriting in our cards and that our graphemes were all correctly formed. There were so many designs to choose from that we just could not decide. Therefore, Sophia thought it would be a good idea for us to have a vote. Two designs were the most popular, a bunny and a chick. We are very proud of our cards and could not wait to show our mums and dads!

Marble Treat


This term Reception 2 have been working very hard to fill their marble jar. They have been doing lots of kind things such as having good manners, helping each other and sharing the resources in the classroom. As a class, the children decided that they would like a cinema for their marble treated and voted on which film they were going to watch. The winning film with 8 votes was ‘Inside Out’.

On Wednesday 23rd March, Reception 2 received their marble treat after filling their jar right to the top! The children were each given a ticket allowing them entry to our classroom cinema, a designated chair for them to sit on and a treat of a cup of popcorn to munch on during the film. We all had a brilliant time and the children are excited to fill their marble jar again next term.

St. Patrick's Assembly


On the 21st March Reception 1 did their in school class assembly on Saint Patrick. We learnt that ..


Liam said: When he was 16 he was stolen by pirates and he became a poor slave.

Charlie said: He used the shamrock to teach the people about the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

William said: People eat corned beef and cabbage and wear green.

Ella said: Other symbols of Ireland are shamrocks, leprechauns, and gold at the end of the rainbow.


All of reception spoke very confidently during the assembly and are looking forward to doing one for their parents on 20th May.

Picture 1

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!”


The week beginning 14th March, Reception have been reading the story of Rapunzel. We have been learning about the different characters in the story and how each of them might be feeling. We have engaged in lots of drama activities in our carpet times this week, with some of us pretending to be characters from the story. Demi was our witch, Sophia was Rapunzel and Lenny was the Prince. The class then thought of different questions to ask the characters about how they were feeling in different parts of the story. This hot seating activity really helped us to write some brilliant sentences about the characters in our literacy sessions.

In number work, we have been helping the Prince to keep track of the time so he can get away before the witch returns. We have been drawing, reading and making half past times on our clocks in the maths area.

For our art we have been designing and making our own coat of arms. We researched and looked at different coats of arms that royalty have and thought of our own ideas. We split our shield into quarters; one was for our name, one for a picture of favourite animal, one for a painting of our family and one for a collage of our favourite things.

British Science Week


On Friday 18th March, Reception celebrated British Science Week. We explored colour mixing through different science experiments. As a group we made colours travel, move and explode in 3 different experiments. Our first experiment was called ‘ travelling water’. In this experiment, we used 3 primary colours and water in cups. We placed tissue in between the cups so that when the coloured water travelled into the spare cup, it made a completely new colour.

Sophia recognised that “yellow cup and red cup are making orange water”

Mercedez explained that “the yellow and blue are making green in the middle”


Our next experiment was ‘Exploding Rainbows’. Here we had lots of cups containing all the colours of the rainbow. We then added bicarbonate of soda which we recognised from when we made gingerbread men. The magic happened when we added the vinegar. The vinegar reacted with the bicarbonate of soda, making the colour erupt and fizz all out of the cups!


Our final experiment was ‘magic milk’. Here we added food colouring to milk and watched to see what was going to happen. The colours spread across the plate and made small circles on the milk. Next, we added washing up liquid which made all the colours mix together and move around the plate. We didn’t even touch them!

Lenny told us that his plate had “yellow and red food colouring in it, and the milk has turned an orangey colour!”


Overall, we had a brilliant afternoon in Reception. We now know what colours can be made when we mix others and explored simple chemical reactions.

Run Run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!


This week Reception 2 have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have read two different versions and compared the characters as well as retelling the story during carpet time using masks. In our number work this week we have been helping the Chef set the clocks to the correct o’clock times to bake our gingerbread men perfectly. We were all very good at this! In Literacy, we have been writing the recipe for other children to make some Gingerbread too. We have listed some ingredients and created a numbered list of instructions to help them. To finish our week, Reception 2 have baked their very own gingerbread men. We combined all the ingredients to make our dough, rolled it out using a rolling pin, cut it with our special cookie cutter and then baked them in the oven for 10 minutes. We then decorated them with sweets and icing. Our dough made 60 gingerbread men! Too many for us, so we decided to give some to Mrs Knight-Fotheringham and Mr Paget.


Here is our recipe just in case you would like to bake some at home:


Ingredients/ Equipment:

  • 350g plain flour

  • 175g brown sugar

  • 4 tbsp golden syrup

  • 100g butter

  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • 2 tsp ground ginger

  • 1 egg

  • 1 rolling pin

  • A bowl

  • A biscuit cutter



  1. Preheat oven 190'C/Gas mark 5
  2. Put the flour, ginger and soda into a bowl and rub in the butter
  3. Add sugar and stir in the syrup and egg to make a firm dough
  4. Roll out to about 5mm thick and cut out your gingerbread men
  5. If you don't have a gingerbread man cutter then use whatever you have - stars and hearts are just as tasty
  6. Put a sheet of baking paper on a tray and evenly space out the biscuits, bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown
  7. Leave to firm up for a couple of minutes before placing on a wire rack to cook
  8. Once cooled, decorate with icing
  9. Makes approximately 20 biscuits

Mother's Day Surprise!


In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 this term, we have been talking about people who are special to us and were given a task by the Dover Mercury Newspaper.

As Mother’s Day was fast approaching the Dover Mercury asked us to think about our Mums and why they are so important to us. We each had to draw a picture of our mummy and then think of a short sentence about why we love them so much. Our teachers then sent all our pictures off to the Dover Mercury and the next step was to wait until Mother’s Day for them to be shown in the paper. Our mums were very proud and pleased with our beautiful pictures, making it a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Book Week


This week we have been celebrating book week by reading and learning about The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

We have been reading, watching and acting out the story in our literacy lessons, as well as writing amazing sentences to describe Peter Rabbit. In our number work, we have been practising our counting by working out some tricky addition number sentences.

On Friday, we all dressed up as different animals to celebrate World Book Day. Our costumes were amazing! Some of us dressed as rabbits, some as bears and we even had a prickly hedgehog! It was brilliant seeing everyone dressed up, even Miss Davidson. We read about the different vegetables that Peter Rabbit stole from Mr McGregor’s garden and we made a salad with them. We had to be very careful when using the knifes to cut our different vegetables. We used lettuce, radishes, peppers, carrots and tomatoes. During snack time, we had a Peter Rabbit party and invited Mr Paget to come along and look at the lovely salads we had made.

Lenny said “the radish is very crunchy”

Electra said “I didn’t know I liked peppers, but I do!”

Dylan said “the tomato is so juicy”

In P.E this week we have been pretending to be Peter Rabbit and taking part in an assault course. We have been practising our climbing and jumping skills when exploring the different pieces of apparatus. Some of us found it very tricky to begin with and were a little bit nervous to climb the tall tables, however by the end of the session we were climbing and jumping off all on our own! We practised landing correctly on our feet when jumping from different heights, balancing along the bench and rolling down the rolling mat. We had lots of fun!

Castle Designs


Reception 1 have been looking at castles this term. We have all looked at and then designed a castle. After this we used the computer to type a sentence about our pictures. We had to use the Caps Lock Key, the Space Bar and the full stop key.


Ella typed ‘My carsl looks bootfl. The dorbrij has a get.’ (My castle looks beautiful. The drawbridge has a gate.) 

William typed ‘The csl/. It has a brj.’ (The castle. It has a bridge.)

Jasmine typed ‘I lk the  bit isd th e krsj   .’ (I like the bit inside the castle.)

Charlie typed ‘The crsl has a mot. The casl haz widos.’ (The castle has a moat. The castle has windows)

Tommy typed ‘My kusol has a dobj.’ (My castle has a drawbridge.)

Chinese New Year


This week Reception 2 have been learning about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated. They have been making dragon puppets just like the amazing, colourful dragon dances that we saw in the video about the celebration, giving red envelopes to our friends for good fortune and pretending and acting in our own classroom Chinese restaurant. We have been learning the story ‘The Great Race’ which is all about the Chinese Zodiac, and have learnt that this year is the special year of the monkey.


To finish off our interesting week, we had 2 kind Year 6 children to help us try different Chinese foods that are traditional to China and the New Year celebrations. We ate noodles, prawn crackers and broke fortune cookies with our friends.

Electra said “the noodles tasted delicious!”

Kyle said “the noodles were very slippery”

Caleb liked the prawn crackers and said “they taste crunchy”

Lexi thought “the crackers were crispy”

Isabell said “the whole dinner was yummy!”


Overall, we have had a brilliant week learning about another culture and a very special celebration.

Online Safety Week


In reception this week we have been learning how to keep safe when using the computer. We have joined our friend Smartie the Penguin, who  has taught us a very clever song to remember what to do when something we do not understand happens on our computers. We have been learning the song and have found it very helpful during our computer time. We would like you to know it too, just in case!


Before you click, click, click,

You need to think, think, think,

And tell someone!

Reception 2's Assembly


This week Reception 2 have been practising for their assembly. They have written their own script from the different facts that they have learnt over this term’s work on space.

The children decided what each child was going to say in the assembly and created Astronaut badges so they could be just like Tim Peake. As a class they selected a video that they would like to show the parents and other children and staff about what it would be like to live on the International Space Station.

Racing Rockets


Reception 2 have had lots of fun taking their rockets, that they made during orientation, out onto the playground. They took turns to race each other around the playground and enjoyed being imaginative and creating stories with their rockets.

Our Alien Visitor


In class, Reception have been telling our special alien visitor about where we live. We have looked at different photographs of Dover and even learnt how to use the internet to find our own houses on Google Maps! On Thursday 28th January, we went on a walk around our local area. We practised our listening skills when safely crossing the road outside our school. We walked all the way up St Radigunds road, down Barwick road, along Beaufoy Terrace and road until we were finally back at school.  We had a map with lots of things we needed to spot whilst on our walk, such as the castle, a lamppost and a telephone box. We helped each other and worked together to find the different landmarks and when once we had found them, we ticked them off on our clipboard sheets. We saw lots of things that were not on our maps too. Some of us found our houses, grandparent’s houses, a horse and even a hedgehog! Overall, we had a brilliant trip and a beautiful day to spot all our landmarks.

Orientation Afternoon


Reception 1 have been looking at space this term and our class alien needs to get back to space. At our orientation we worked with our parents to create some amazing rockets for the alien. Thank you to all of the parents who helped us make our rockets!



This term the children are in training to become NASA astronauts. We will be learning all about space and the different planets in our solar system. A friendly alien has come to visit our school, but he has got a little bit lost and needs some help to get back to his planet. He will be telling us all about where he is from and we will be showing all the different things we can do in our school and where we live. As the alien is only here for a holiday, the children will be working together to build rockets to send our little alien back to the planet he comes from.  

Our First PE Lesson!


Reception had a great first PE lesson today! We played a game similar to musical chairs where we had to run around ‘planets’ and then sit on one when told to stop running. Some children chose to run around a lot, others stayed close to a planet to ensure there was one for them to sit on. The children really enjoyed PE.

Kenley said ‘"My heart is pumping because we have done lots running".’

Our Nativity


Reception had a wonderful time in their nativity. They performed very well and enjoyed performing to all of the school and also their parents.

Fruits and Vegetables


We had a health visitor come to talk with us about eating 5 fruits and vegetables.

Melanie said ‘I like grapes and carrots’

Ella said ‘I have an orange’ laughed and then said ‘its orange!’

Igor said ‘I like bananas’

Christmas Craft Day


Reception children had great fun making things for Christmas Craft Day. We made Russian Folding Dolls, Elves of ourselves and made snowman baubles.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


…and it has arrived in Reception 2 this week! We started the week with a whole day of Christmas crafts and it was very fun! We made ourselves into Elves and decorated baubles to send home to our families for Christmas. In the morning we were greeted by some very special visitors, who we showed our glittery eggs and wonderful Russian craft dolls. They were very impressed with our creations.

Be Bright Be Seen!


Reception 2 have taken part in both the Art Project Day and the dress up day this week.

We explored different colours through our art activities today. We used celery sticks to print different coloured scales onto our fish. In the afternoon, we mixed our paint with water and made colourful rain pictures. We had to squeeze the pipette to suck up the paint and then dropped it down the card to make rain.



This week we have been continuing our work on Diwali and learning about how different countries celebrate.

We have made Indian sweets called Barfi. We used coconut, milk and sugar to make them and had to use all of our muscles to stir the mixture as it was very sticky!

Once the Barfi was set, we were able to taste some during carpet time. It was delicious!


Dylan said “I learnt not to put too much coconut in”

Lenny said “I learnt that you can eat Barfi because it’s a sweet”

Sophia said “I’ve learnt that Barfi is made of coconut, sugar and milk”

Marble Treat Party


Reception 1 have just eared enough Marbles to have their marble treat, which they chose to have a party. We decorated cakes, made paperchains, played pass the parcel and danced to music. We also tried some Burfi sweets that the children had made to celebrate Diwali.


Charlie - ‘can we make decorations?’

Lily-Jade - ‘can we make cakes?’

Summer - ‘I love pass the parcel’

Melanie - ‘Me like cake’

Tommy - ‘I liked paper chains’

Maison - ‘I like Burfi sweets’

Obstacle Course


Reception 2 completed an obstacle course during PE this week.

They balanced across beams, climbed various apparatus, and jumped from different heights.   

Repeating Patterns


Reception 2 have been looking at repeating patterns. We have explored different ways in which we can create them. The children realised that they can create a pattern using either colour or shape.


Children in Need


Today Reception 2 have supported Children In Need by dressing up as their favourite super heroes.

The children arrived in their different fancy dress costumes and each contributed £1 towards the charity.


Demi said ‘We bring in a pound so that we can help other people’

Lenny said ‘Its kind to help other people’

Laiton said ‘We are super heroes so we help everyone’


Bonfire Night


This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night.

We have explored the story of Guy Fawkes and made fantastic firework pictures using paint and the computer.


Lenny said ‘I know that the king found Guy Fawkes’

Hayden said ‘I actually learnt that the kind was celebrating that he didn’t die’

Kyle said ‘I have learnt that Guy Fawkes head was chopped off!’

Harley said ‘I learnt that Guy Fawkes was sent to prison because he tried to blow up the king’

Ryley said ‘on Bonfire night, we eat toffee apples and jacket potatoes’

Caleb said ‘Bonfire night is the 5th of November’

Danny ‘we see fireworks on bonfire night’

Isabell ‘The scarecrow goes on the bonfire’


Mad Hatter's Tea Party


In Reception 2 we have been working very hard and doing lots of kind things to gain our marble treat of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. During parent orientation we asked our mums and dads to help us create our amazing and crazy hats. Today we were able to have our marble treat and it was brilliant! We all took turns in making a sandwich in the shape of a rabbit and shared the icing and sprinkles when decorating our cupcakes. We wore our hats all afternoon and took part in some really fun party games and dancing.


Lenny said “This has been a crazy afternoon”

Sophia said “We had so much fun with all our friends”

Harley said “We put marbles in our marble jar, now we are having the best party ever!”




Reception have been using their senses, describing the texture and taste of pineapple and lemons.


Sophia said ‘The pineapple is chewy and the Lemon is sour’

Demi said ‘The lemon is spicy and the pineapple is sweet’

Faith said ‘The lemon is sour and the pineapple is juicy’

Dylan said ‘The lemon is sour and sweet, the pineapple is sour, I don’t like that’

Tommy said ‘The lemon makes my lips itchy and the pineapple tastes like water inside’



Picture 1

In Reception we have been learning the days of the week through the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

We have had the opportunity to engage in a range of activities such as finger painting, number sequencing and pattern making. We have worked in small groups to r- read the story and put the pictures in the right order.


We have been exploring the ‘Funny Bones’ collection through Literacy. We have made skeletons from paper straws and role played Doctors, caring for all the teddies that live in Reception!


The Reception children have settled in really well over these past few weeks. They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the classroom and making new friends. They have been practising their letter and number formation through a range of games and activities. To help with their formation of letters and numbers, the children have engaged in a range of fine motor skills to strengthen their muscles in their fingers.

This week the children have been learning ‘s’ and ‘a’ during their Phonics lessons. The rhymes that are used to help the children can be found on the website.


Ethan- “I like using the tweezers and the computer”

Ella- “I like dressing up”

William “I love school. I like it here”

Caleb- “ I like school because I get to play with Dylan”

Lenny- “my favourite thing is playing with Tommy and Hayden with the lego”