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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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On Tuesday 11th July Reception had a very special visitor, in fact we had lots of special visitors! We were visited by Tony Rouse from the Bug Roadshow. Tony brought lots of amazing and unique minibeasts to come and see us throughout the whole day. We went in in small groups and Tony talked to us about the different bugs that he has and what we were going to be doing during his sessions. He showed us lots of incredible insects which we were allowed to stroke and sometimes hold! We were all super brave and held lots of the insects, such as a hissing cockroach called Fred, an atlas moth, a silk moth, caterpillars, stick insects, a millipede and sun beetles. We had the best day meeting all the insects and hearing all the facts and information Tony told us.


If a scorpion has big pincers it will make you bleed, but if it has little ones you'll have go to hospital- Logan D

A scorpion lights up in the dark- Zane

We will be eating bug burgers in a few years time, in McDonalds- Logan C

The cockroach pretended to be a snake so it goes sssssss- Brooke

On Monday 10th July, Reception turned into Insect Explorers on their trip to Kearsney Abbey. We went on the college minibuses to Kearsney where Mrs Cox and Miss Bourner had set up lots of activities for us to do. We had balls, the parachute, the tunnels and goals to score in. We then got into our groups and went around the Abbey looking for different minibeasts. We had a checklist of insects to look for and used magnifying glasses and bug pots to collect interesting minibeasts that we came across. Once all back together we had our lunches outside sitting on the parachute. We were then allowed some time in the park and enjoyed exploring the climbing equipment, especially the slide. We had a fantastic day and the weather stayed nice and sunny for us!


On Friday 7th July Reception took part in their first college sports day. We had been practising so hard to win our different races and were very excited to show our parents what we could do. We participated in 2 team relay games. The first one was to pass the quoit over and under along the line until everyone had a turn and the second one was to pass the water into each cup, then finally into the bucket without spilling. After our team games we took part in a straight running race and then the hurdles race. We enjoyed these the most! Once all our races had finished, it was our parents turn. They ran so fast some of the daddies even fell over!

Overall we had brilliant weather and an amazing parent turn out, thank you all so much for coming!

When I am older I want to be...

This week Reception took part in college Aspirations Week. We talked a lot about the different kind of jobs we would like to have when we are bigger and the different roles and responsibilities those jobs have. We read the story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson and discussed all the different people who are our community superheroes such as policemen, fire fighters, teachers etc. We painted the different uniforms these people wear. On Wednesday we were extremely lucky to be visited by 3 special people. These visitors spoke to us about their different jobs and what they have to wear, and do at work. We were lucky to be visited by Rosie who is a dog groomer, Martin who works for South Eastern Railways as a train guard, and Ann-Marie who is a personal shopper at Tesco. The children thought of and prepared their own questions to ask each of the visitors and were very well behaved. On Friday we dressed up as the different jobs we would like to have when we are older. Some of us were policemen, teachers, builders, businessmen and doctors. Overall we had a brilliant week and have learnt lots about careers and about each other.

Week beginning: 3rd July 2017

This week was Sports Week and Mr Uden organised some really fun activities for us to engage in across the week. We took part in activities such as tag rugby, yoga, dance, curling and squash. Our favourite was the infant agility morning we had on Monday. This was lots of different activities placed in a circuit in the hall. We had to compete for points for our houses and enjoyed moving, jumping and getting active together.

We would like to thank Mr Uden for such a brilliant week!

Week beginning: 26th June 2017

This week Reception have participated in the college Arts Week. We have been looking at a piece called 'The Concert' by Marc Chagall. We looked at the picture and the different characters, objects and colours that we could identify. On Monday we created rotation art by drawing different pictures in each section of our piece of paper. We had to make sure we used lots of bright and bold colours and outline everything thing in black. We also took part in some performance art in the hall. On Tuesday we then talked about all the things that have happened in our lives, such as new baby brothers or sisters being born, going to big school, and trips we have been on with our parents. We then drew all of these and kept turning our pages to make our picture more abstract. Thursday and Friday were are favourite days! We had to make mystical and fantasy creatures using plasticine. We talked about what our creatures might look like and produced some beautiful descriptive writing about our new animal. Our models were fantastic and are now displayed in our class modelling area.

We would like to thank Mrs Bagshaw and Mrs Prettyjohn for putting such an amazing week together, we thoroughly enjoyed being so creative!

Week beginning: 19th June 2017

R1's Minibeast Assembly

On Friday 16th June, Reception 1 led their class assembly to the whole college and all their parents. We had been practising really hard throughout the whole week and working on saying our lines loud and clear.

Miss Davidson was super proud of us all as we all remembered our words and actions. We all spoke in big clear voices and our parents were so happy!

Miss Davidson and all of Reception 1 would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came to watch our assembly.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week Reception have been reading the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. In number work we have been learning to count in 2s, making sure our caterpillar has a pair of socks on each part of his body. We can now count all the way to 30 in 2s! In literacy, we have been thinking of new and exciting adventures that the butterfly might go on at the end of our story. We made a story map for each section of our new ending and then used this to help us write our new story ending.

We loved reading this story this much, we decided to create our version for our class assembly. We painted different foods the caterpillar ate and practised telling the story of the very hungry caterpillar.

Week beginning: 12th June 2017

Our Minibeast Garden Centre

This week Reception 1 have been thinking of the different things we would like and need to have in our new role play area. We are creating a garden centre, but decided we wanted it to feel like we were little tiny insects. We made large blades of grass, leaves and flowers during child-initiated. Some of us then used paper plates to create different minibeasts such as ladybirds, bumblebees, spiders and butterflies. We had a great time being creative and exploring the paints and colour mixing to make different colour shades.

Week beginning: 5th June 2017


Throughout this final term, we will be learning about minibeasts and life-cycles. We will be exploring our outdoor area and finding out about where different minibeasts like to live. We will also be heading to Kearsney Abbey to go on a Bug Hunt! To round the year off we will be holding our very own Ugly Bug Ball. Don’t forget your costume!

In maths this week, Reception 1 have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes and discussing the different properties. We have been going on shape hunts in the outdoor area and talking about the corners, edges, vertices and sides. Now we have our fantastic new interactive whiteboard, we have been playing lots of sorting games by making the board flat like a table. This has been our favourite activity this week and we have been sorting by shape, colour and size.

Week beginning: 22nd May 2017

Our Fancy Formation

This week Reception 1 have been working on their number formation. We noticed that we find this a little bit difficult and thought we needed some extra practise. We explored drawing numbers in different materials such as shaving foam and sand. After practising in different activities, we tried writing our numbers again on whiteboards. This time our numbers were correctly formed and much better than at the beginning of the week.

Week beginning: 15th May 2017

On Friday 19th May reception 2 went to Folkestone Coastal Park and turned into pirates. They set sail in search of treasure, buried on desert islands. Little did they know however that trouble was waiting for them and they were all caught and made to walk the plank! Thankfully the weather held out and we all had a great time climbing, sliding and exploring all the different areas in the park.

On Thursday 18th May Reception 1 visited the Coastal Park in Folkestone. We went on the college minibuses and travelled all the way there, singing songs and spotting different features out of the bus windows. When we arrived we were allowed to play on a gigantic pirate ship play area! It had rigging to climb, a crow’s nest for the captain and different areas to hide and play in. We pretended we were real pirates in a sunken shipwreck and acted out different stories and adventures that we might go on. We then moved to a different area with lots of buckets and sand toys. We had to work together to fill the buckets and transport the sand, without spilling it! We had so much fun we didn’t even notice the time, and before long it was lunchtime. We brought our own school lunches and had a pirate picnic on the grass before heading back to school for the afternoon. Overall we all had an amazing time and it was great to put all the things we have been learning about this term into action.

In PE on Thursday 11th May, Reception 1 were exploring hockey sticks. We talked about how to hold them correctly, what they are for and potential risks when using them. We discussed how we use them safely when we are playing and explored different ways of moving when holding them. We then were given beanbags and practised moving them around the hall using our hockey sticks. Once we had become familiar with our hockey sticks and the correct way of using them, we played a penalty shootout game. We had to push the beanbag through the goal posts, it was very challenging.

In our number work this week we have been learning how to double and halve different amounts and numbers. To begin with we looked at what it means to halve something and what is means if I want to have double of something. We practised folding paper in half and doubling the amount of children in a hoop. We were then introduced to a special method called the Singapore Bar Method. This was a very clever method to help us halve and double different numbers.


Reception 1 can talk you through each step:

How do we halve?

"Put 8 counters into long bar. Count them to make sure" - Ellie

"We split them into 2. You put 1 in each box till there’s no more" - Kelsi

"Cover up just one box and then count how many left. It’s 4" - Harry


How do we double?

"Double 6. So you put 6 counters in one of the boxes 123456" - Lottie

"Then put same in 2 box. 6 in one, 6 in that box so they same" - Victor

"Push all them in long box at top. Count them all. There’s 12, double 6 is twelve!" - Logan C


Week beginning: 8th May 2017

X Marks the Spot

When learning to be pirates it is very important to be able to read a map. Therefore, Reception have been learning lots of positional and directional language when programming the Beebots to move around the treasure map. We have been drawing and making our own treasure maps, ensuring that the X definitely marks the spot. We have then been using these maps in our role play both inside and outdoors.

Week beginning: 8th May 2017

In number work this week we have been continuing our pirate training and have been looking at money and treasure. We talked about why we have money and what we use money for and then explore the different coins that we have. We looked at their shapes, colours and the pictures that are on them. We made repeating patterns with the money stamps and even learnt how to make coin rubbings using crayons. We worked together to find the different coins in the sand tray outside and talked about how we can distinguish between each one. We role-played using money to pay for different items, such as current buns and bus fares and attached the coins to the correct matching Numicon pieces.

Week Beginning: 2nd May 2017

Pirates in Training!

A-Haaaaa! This week we have been pirates in training. In PE on Thursday 4th May 2017 we completed a very intense training programme developing all the skills we will need to be the perfect pirates. First we warmed our bodies and got our heart beating fast by playing a listening game When captain Davidson shouted different commands we had to run on the spot, jump, hop and freeze like statues. We then had to complete a pirate assault course which allowed us to practise climbing, balancing, landing and jumping off equipment and different ways we might need to move. All these skills are very important for living on a pirate ship. We had so much fun! Once we had called down we talked about how we keep our bodies healthy and why we need to do exercise.

What is that sound?

This week we have been creating under the sea music using different musical instruments. We explored the different sounds that each one made and experimented with the different ways of playing them. We used shakers, drums, tambourines and pipes to make our wonderful sea sounds. We worked in our bug groups to perform our music to the other class.

Week beginning: 24th April 2017

Orientation Afternoon

On Wednesday 26th April 2017 Reception held their orientation afternoon. As our parents were extremely creative when we made rockets in term 3 we decided to invite them all back in to take on an under the sea challenge.  We needed our parent's help to create different sea creatures using craft resources and a paper plate. We got a little bit messy and made some amazing creatures including starfish, sharks and jellyfish. Mrs Pallett and Miss Davidson then took all the parents on a tour of the wonderful new building and showed them our new classrooms. The parents made lots of comments about the new building and loved how spacious, light and secure the classrooms were. They liked that we can now play between both classrooms and our amazing new outdoor area.


The Reception staff would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who attended our orientation afternoon and a big well done for their imaginative creations!

Our Rainbow Fish

This week we have been reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. We looked at stained glass windows and decided we wanted to make colourful fish to go on our windows in the new classroom. We used different colour tissue and crepe paper to make the scales of our rainbow fish and layered them on top of a plastic laminating sheet. We then laid a fish template over the top to make the outline of our stained glass fish. Once we covered our whole fish templates with coloured paper Mrs Cox put them through a machine called a laminator. This machine got really hot and melted our plastic sheets, gluing our tissue paper and template together.

Week Beginning: 18th April 2017

Our Wonderful New Building!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now living in our beautiful new classrooms! The children have settled back into school routines with ease after the Easter break and are already enjoying exploring their new environment. Here are a few photographs to give you a sneak peak into our wonderful new building.

Week beginning: 18th April 2017

Splash! Reception are delving into the depths of the oceans to discover amazing sea creatures, habitats and possibly some treasure! But beware of the pesky pirates chasing our tails as we go through intense pirate training and learn all about floating, sinking and what makes the best pirate ship.

On Friday 24th March 2017, Reception 1 took part in Comic Relief celebrations alongside the whole college. The theme was 'wear something funny for money' and we tried our very best. Lots of us wore silly outfit combinations or red clothes to raise awareness for Red Nose Day. We all bough Red Noses from the office and were very excited when we got different ones. We decorated biscuits to look like yummy red noses and wrote about why we have Comic Relief.

Lottie- "get money for all the children"

Kelsi- "raise lots of money to help people"

As we had been good all term and had filled the marble jar, Miss Davidson let us have our chosen marble treat in the afternoon. This term as we were learning about Castles and Princesses, we chose to watch 'Tangled' and munch popcorn, just like at the cinema.

R1 St Patricks Day Assembly

Still image for this video

R1 celebrated St Patrick's Day

R1 celebrated St Patrick's Day 1
R1 celebrated St Patrick's Day 2
R1 celebrated St Patrick's Day 3
R1 celebrated St Patrick's Day 4
On Friday 17th March Reception 1 performed their assembly to the rest of the college. We researched St Patrick and found out lots of facts that we wanted to share with everyone. We then made leprechauns, shamrocks, masks and a giant rainbow. We all remembered our lines and spoke in loud, clear voices into the microphones. We are so proud of what we achieved and we would like to share our amazing assembly with all of you! 

Super Science Week

This week Reception have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. As this week is Science Week, we carried out an investigation into what is essential for a plant to grow. We talked about what we thought were essential things that a plant needs and decided on water and sun. We then started a cress experiment to test what would happen to the seeds if some of these things were taken away. The children then discussed their predictions and wrote what they thought might happen within in the experiment. We are now waiting to see whether our different cress seeds will grow or not.

Week beginning: Monday 13th March 2017

Our Wonderful Writers!

Our Wonderful Writers! 1
Our Wonderful Writers! 2
Our Wonderful Writers! 3
Our Wonderful Writers! 4
Our Wonderful Writers! 5
Our Wonderful Writers! 6

These children have all received Head Teacher awards for their amazing writing.

Congratulations and a big well done to Lottie, Ellie, Michael, Shay, Charlie and Tyler!

On Thursday 9th March 2017 Reception went to Dover Castle. We left college at 10am and got onto our minibuses. Some of us even sang wheels on the bus all the way there! When we arrived at the castle we split into our 2 classes. We took it in turns to explore inside the Keep. We saw the thrones, the king's bedroom, the kitchen and even found the toilet. We walked all the way up what felt like hundreds of stairs to get to the top of the keep. We could see all of Dover from the top, the beach, the town and we could just about see our new school building. While one group went exploring, the other group spent some time in the castle education room. We read a wonderful story about Knights and their important job in a medieval castle. We then were allowed to dress up in the amazing costumes. We dressed up as Knights, Princesses, Wizards and got to try on some real chain mail and helmets. Overall we had a fantastic day with great weather! We would like to thank all staff and parent helpers who came along and supported us for the day.


This week we have been celebrating World Book Day and took part in the college theme of Mr Men. We have been reading a selection of different Mr Men and Little Miss stories through out the week and have been writing our own new adventures for the characters to go on. In Maths this week we have been recapping our 2D and 3D shapes by creating brand new Mr Men characters. We have been matching, naming and exploring how many sides and faces our 3D shapes have and using them to print 2D shapes in paint. Once our shapes were dry we added crazy faces, arms and legs to turn them into new characters.

On Friday 3rd March, Reception participated in the college dress up day. The staff would like to thank all the parents for their effort in creating some amazing Mr Men costumes.

Week beginning 27th March 2017

Term 4: Perfect Princesses & Naughty Knights

Term 4: Perfect Princesses & Naughty Knights  1
Term 4: Perfect Princesses & Naughty Knights  2

Once upon a time there were 2 reception classes who wanted to learn all about Castles, Princesses and Knights. We love a good fairy tale! This term we will be reading lots of familiar tales and writing about the characters, settings and adventures they might get up to. We will be retelling stories using puppets and drama and will even get to visit Dover Castle.

This week Reception 1 have been learning and celebrating Chinese New Year and are very good at answering the register by saying 'hello' in Chinese! In Literacy we read the story 'The Great Race' and now understand why each year celebrates a different animal. We worked as a class to order the story using masks for the animals and awarding each one with a rosette for the place it came in the race. We now know that this year we are celebrating the year of the rooster. In Mathematics we have been looking at the Chinese numbers from 1 to 10. We noticed that they are written quite differently to how we form our numbers and have been practising them using black paint. On Thursday 2nd February we had an understanding the world and art day, all focused on Chinese New Year. We read a story about a little girl who was preparing for her new year celebrations and can now list all the different things people do when engaging in this celebration. In PE we watched the colourful and graceful lion an dragon dances, and created our own attempts together. At the end of the day we took part in a special Chinese feast. We each made special placemats for the feast and enjoyed trying noodles and prawn crackers.

Jude- "I liked when we pretended to be the dragon puppet and did the dancing"

Zane- "the prawn crackers were really crispy and the noodles were all wiggly!"

Kourtney- "this year is the year of the rooster"

Oliver- "they have fireworks to scare away evil"

Kelsi- "they tidy their homes and wear new clothes to get rid of the sadness"

Shayne- "they have a special lunch"

Ellie- "they hang lanterns outside"

Shay- "the rat was the winner"

Lottie- "I liked making the dragon puppets, they were a little bit tricky sometimes"

Ruby- "I like the noodles and the prawn crackers, they were yummy in my tummy"



Our Intergalactic PE Lesson

Our Intergalactic PE Lesson 1
Our Intergalactic PE Lesson 2
Our Intergalactic PE Lesson 3
Our Intergalactic PE Lesson 4

On Thursday 26th January 2017, Reception 1 participated in a space themed PE session in the hall. First, we needed to make sure that our bodies were warmed up correctly and we played a quick animal movement game where we had to pretend to move like giraffes, snakes and monkeys. This definitely got our hearts beating fast. Miss Davidson then selected 4 children to be the meteors, there job was to roll the balls along the floor and catch as many of the other children as possible. The rest of the class pretended to be aliens and had to run from one side of the hall to the other without getting caught by the meteors. We had to think very fast and negotiate our way around the balls to the other side.


Martian Measuring

In Mathematics this week, Reception have been measuring length and height. First we discussed how we measure length and the different equipment we might use, such as rulers, cubes, metre sticks and tape measures. We then explored using cubes to measure different classroom objects and recorded their length on our checklists. Our next task was to look at the different heights in our class. We had to work together in our groups to order ourselves from the shortest person to the tallest person. We then used our key words for the week (tallest, shortest, between, next to and measure) to explain our position in the order.

We have really enjoyed going around the classroom finding objects and measuring them and we are now exploring using the measuring tools, such as rulers, correctly.

Week beginning: 23rd January 2017

In Literacy this week we have been reading the story 'Here Come the Aliens' by Colin McNaughton. We have been looking at the different characters in his story and thinking of some great describing words for all the weird and wonderful aliens. On Tuesday we received a letter from the author of the story, explaining that he needed some new aliens for his current alien book. Therefore, we designed our very own aliens and talked about the different features, characteristics and names of our new aliens.  Our art challenge this week was to create an alien and we could choose how we wanted to make it. We could paint pebble aliens, blow paint aliens, printing and painting. One way we could make our alien was to blow paint. We had to use the pipette to squeeze a small amount of diluted paint onto the paper and then use the straw to blow the paint in different directions. It made some fantastic shapes!

Week beginning: 23rd January 2017

Our Exciting New Classroom


During circle time on Thursday 19th January, Reception 1 talked about what is going to happen and change when we move into our new school building. We looked at the building through the corridor windows and Miss Davidson pointed to which classroom will be our new one. We then shared different things we would like in our new classroom, questions that we had and anything that we were worried about for when we move.


Maisie- "I can't wait for the new build. Will we help you to move all the stuff?" "I'd like a red carpet I think"

Shay- "How will we get out for home time?"

Oliver- "Will we take the big screen with us, or are we getting a new one?"

Lottie- "Who will be in your classroom?" "Will we get some dressing up?"

Brodie- "Will we still have to sit on the carpet?"

Kelsi- "What if we need the toilet? Where will we need to go?"

Jude- "If there's a new corridor and we don't know are way around, won't we get lost? Is it like a maze?"

Kourtney- "Don't forget to take Gerald the Giraffe, he will be sad if we leave him behind with Year 6"

Victor- "Can we have cars and a new road?"

Zane- "The playground outside does have a roof, is that our playground?"


On Thursday 19th January 2017 Reception invited all of their parents into school for an orientation morning. Their mission was to create the most amazing rocket to get their little astronauts into space. We had a range of different junk modelling materials such as bottles, yoghurt pots and boxes and we had to find ways to attach, build and decorate our rockets.

Miss Davidson and Mrs Pallett would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing turn out of parents and all their hard work during the morning.

Fantastic Phonics!

This week was our first week in our new phonics groups. Both classes have now been split into several groups all engaging in active, fun and creative activities such as forming graphemes in shaving foam, painting them and practising them in the sand tray. We have also been practising our tricky words and learning how to read, write and say them.

Week beginning: 9th January 2017

Numicon Number Sentences

Numicon Number Sentences  1
Numicon Number Sentences  2
Numicon Number Sentences  3
Numicon Number Sentences  4

This week Reception have been using Numicon to help them make and solve different addition number sentences. We have been learning the symbols for add and equals and have practised writing them on whiteboards. We successfully matched the numeral we needed with the correct Numicon piece when building different number sentences. Some of us got extremely messy when putting the Numicon in paint and printing a number sentence! We all now know that we need to count how many there were all together to find the correct answer.

Week beginning: 9th January 2017

Term 3: What Shall We Do With The Alien?

An alien has landed in our classroom! He doesn’t know anything about our school or Dover. We will be teaching him about where we live and learning about where he has come from. We will also be trying to find a way to send him back home!

Our First Nativity

On Tuesday 6th December, Reception took part in their very first Nativity. The play was a complete success and we all worked very hard to learn our lines, our places on the stage, the songs and different actions. We were so happy to see so many grown ups watching our performance and Mrs Pallett, Miss Davidson and all the Reception Staff would like to say a huge thank you for all the support you gave us!

Christmas Craft Day... Let's get messy!

On Friday 2nd December Reception took part in Christmas Craft Day. For our class hoop decoration in the hall, we were given the character of the Angels from the Christmas Story. We used tubes, balls, pipe cleaners, napkins and tinsel to create our wonderful Angels alongside Mrs Hale and Mrs Cox. The rest of the day was pretty messy! With Mr Lund and Miss Bennett we melted white chocolate and added rice krispies to make Christmas trees. We had to mould the mixture into a cone (which we all recognised as we have been learning 3D shapes in our maths work) and leave it in the fridge to set. Once set, we decorated our trees with silver balls and stars. They were very yummy!

Next Mrs Pallett and Miss Bourner painted our whole hand white and we had to hold onto a bauble to create a special decoration to take home for our families. With Miss Davidson we made small wooden decorations completely covered in glitter.

We have been exploring Numicon!

On Friday 18th November we wore spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. We decorated the cakes which we baked throughout the week for our Pudsey Party. We used yellow food colouring and spotty chocolate sweets to decorate our Pudsey cakes.


Look at our amazing writing!

Reception 1 have been enjoying learning the different tricky words and graphemes this week. We have been exploring the formations in different ways such as using the sand, before writing them in our literacy sentence writing.

Wednesday 16th November 2016 

Aldi Shopping Trip

This week we have been learning about parties and celebrations. We have been working as a class to plan a party and have been discussing the different things we might do at a party. We created a large mind map of all the things we need to have a party such as candles, party bags and party games. We then decided that for our Children in Need party we were going to make Pudsey cakes. We made a list of all the ingredients we needed to make our cakes in Literacy and decided we needed to go to the supermarket to buy them all. In small groups throughout the week, Reception walked down to Aldi Supermarket to buy the ingredients on our class shopping list. We bought sugar, butter, eggs, flour, icing sugar, cake cases and decorations. We then worked with Mrs Cox in the kitchen to make our cake mixture and baked them in the oven.

Once our cakes were all baked, we decorated them to look like Pudsey Bear, with yellow icing and different colour spots.

Week Beginning: 14th November 2016

Reception 2 Welly Walk

Reception 1 Welly Walk

This week Reception have been learning about Autumn and the different changes that happen to the environment during this season. We all went on a 'Welly Walk' to River Recreation Ground and enjoyed looking at the different colours of the leaves. We each had a bag and collected lots of different shape, size and colour leaves to take back to college. We worked together to find yellow, green, orange and brown leaves and tried really hard to find red leaves to show Mrs Fotheringham.

After our walk we used the leaves we collected in different art activities; creating leaf hedgehogs, owls, clay leaf prints and autumn habitats. We discussed different changes that occur in our environment and talked about hibernation and what animals do in the autumn.

Week beginning 7th November 2016

The Gunpowder Plot

Still image for this video
The children sequenced and ordered the story of Guy Fawkes. Jude then retold the story to the rest of the class using the pictures.
4th November 2016

This week we have been learning about Bonfire night. We have been looking at how it is celebrated and the different things that we do. We made firework paintings using toilet roll tubes, pipe cleaners, straws, paint and glitter. In literacy we have been reading the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We have then been thinking of different words to describe fireworks, focussing on how they look and how they sound. for maths we have been listening to different firework sounds and estimating how many we thought we heard. We have been practising our estimating in the class 'estimation station' and know to count all the objects to check if our guesses were correct. In music we have been exploring different musical instruments and choosing the appropriate ones to make firework music.


At the end of the week we took home a parent voice activity, in which we had to tell the grown ups at home what we have been learning about Bonfire night this week. Miss Davidson, Mrs Pallett and the Reception staff would like to thank all the parents who sent their responses back so quickly, they are up around our firework display in the classrooms.

Week beginning: 31st October 2016

Term 2: Celebrations, Traditions and Festivals

Term 2: Celebrations, Traditions and Festivals 1
Term 2: Celebrations, Traditions and Festivals 2

This term we will be looking at different celebrations, how they are celebrated and discussing our own experiences. We will be learning about Autumn and going on a 'Welly Walk' to collect different natural resources for our art projects. We will be making cakes for our very own party, so will be going to the supermarket to purchase our ingredients. Christmas is our priority this term and we shall be practising our Nativity to perform to you all!

Our Marble Treat

Our Marble Treat  1
Our Marble Treat  2
Our Marble Treat  3
Our Marble Treat  4

This term both classes have been working very hard to fill their class marble jars. Marbles are awarded to children who display fantastic behaviour such as good manners, sharing, kindness, being helpful to others and good work. Each term the children decide and vote on a treat they would like for when they have filled their marble jar. This term the children chose to have a class cinema and watch the film 'Happy Feet'. We sat the children in rows and they watched the film with their friends. they then had popcorn as an extra special treat.

Friday 21st October 2016 

This term we have been learning all about our bodies and the doctors surgery. in keeping with our termly topic Reception took part in a mini first aid training course on Friday 21st October 2016 . We learnt that first aid is something we use in an emergency and is used to help people who are hurt.

We were shown different types of bandages and what part of the body they were for. Mrs Pallett then explained how to make each bandage and chose different children to pretend to be hurt. We then were allowed to practise putting slings on each other. This afternoon was so much fun and we all really enjoyed learning how to keep each other safe.


To continue our learning of the senses, Reception took part in a food tasting activity. We were given a piece of pineapple to try and then a piece of lemon and we had to think of wow words to describe what they taste like. Most of the children enjoyed eating the pineapple and thought of some great describing words

Ruby said “it’s very sweet, I have this at my house”

Lottie said “this is very yummy”

Kelsi said “this is delicious I love pineapples”

We then took turns to taste the lemon. Some of us really enjoyed it and thought it tasted yummy and nice, whereas others really did not like it at all.

Maisie described it as “fizzy in my mouth”

Jude said it was “really sour!”

Thursday 13th October 2016

Shake Shake Shake!

This week we are learning about 'Our Super Senses'. We have been exploring what we use different parts of our bodies for:

Grace- "eyes are for looking"

Maisie- "ears are for listening"

Zoe- "mouths are for talking"

Kelsi- "and they're for eating, yum yum yum!"

Joshua- "fingers are for touching toys"

Imogen- "your nose is for smelling"

We then used lots of different collage materials in our EAD afternoons to create a musical shaker. We explored different textures and talked about how different materials felt. We then chose between rice, bells or lolly sticks to go inside our shakers. Each one meant the shakers made a different sound, some were loud and noisy, whilst others were more gentle and calming.

Week beginning: 10th October 2016

Harvest Festival and Porchlight

On 7th October 2016, Reception took part in raising money for Porchlight alongside the whole college. As a class we discussed the importance of raising money and helping other people who are less fortunate. We took home boxes and enjoyed colouring them in and making them look like houses. We then asked all our friends and family to donate as much as they could and then placed our houses on the college road.


Jude said "we need to help people because that's kind"

Lottie said "we can give them lots of money to buy food and a new house"

Kallie-Rae said "I have got lots of pennies to give to poor people"

Imogen said "we need to help people"


We dressed independently for P.E!

This week Reception took part in their first P.E lesson dressed in their new P.E kits. We all managed to get changed into our P.E kits and made sure all our school uniform was tidy. We then went into the hall and played a warm up game where we had to get our whole body moving. We stretched all our muscles and made our hearts beat really fast. We then had to move around the hall acting as different animals.

Logan - "my favourite was the elephant, you had to make really big steps!"

Brooke - "we had to tip-toe like little mice"

After P.E it was time to get changed back into our school uniform. Eventhough some of us found the buttons on our shirts a little bit tricky, we kept trying and only asked for help from a grown up when we really could not do them. We had to make sure all our P.E kit was back in the bag correctly before finding our named peg and putting our bags back.

Thursday 6th October 2016

Fun with the parachute!

This week Reception 1 enjoyed exploring the hall during P.E. Firstly we warmed our bodies up by moving our bodies in lots of different ways. We then played a range of different games with parachute. For one game we had to work together and as a team to keep the ball in the centre of the material, this was lots of fun as we moved the parachute up and down sometimes really fast and sometimes really softly. We then played a game which only worked if we were all being good listeners. We had to pull the material over our heads and sit down on it really quickly to make a mushroom with us all underneath.

Thursday 29th September 2016

A visit from the Dental Nurse

On Tuesday 27th September 2016 we continued learning about keeping our bodies healthy, this time with a visit from the Dental Nurse. We discussed and shared our experiences of going to visit the Dentist, what a Dentist looks like and the tools they might use. Some of us sat beautifully enough that we were chosen to dress up in the Dentist uniforms. We then talked about when we should brush our teeth and that we should do it in circular motions. Next we discussed which foods are good for us and make our teeth happy and healthy and which ones were only good if we didn't have lots of them. We then had to sort different foods into ones that were healthy and non-healthy. Finally we had a chance to practise brushing the pretend teeth and all of us remember the motions we needed to make with the giant toothbrush. The Dental Nurse was very happy when we told her that we enjoy brushing our teeth at school in the afternoon.

On Monday 26th September 2016, Reception enjoyed taking part in the Roots to Food programme alongside the rest of the college. We were learning about the different ways to keep our bodies fit and healthy. To start, Darren had us engaging in some physical activity which made our hearts beat faster and worked away our energy. We then talked about portion size and Logan and Casey showed us in order to gain energy and stay fit each portion of fruit or vegetables should be as big as the palm of hand.

Next, we discussed the different ingredients we could use to make a super healthy smoothie. We recognised banana, porridge oats, honey and milk. Imogen and Jude were chosen to be our helpful chefs and blended all the ingredients together. We all then tried the banana smoothie and it was extremely yummy!

Reception have started phonics sessions this week. We have been learning that phonics is the letters and the sounds that help us to read. We have been looking at 2 phonemes this week 's' and 'a' and have been practising forming each one using the Read Write Inc rhymes. We have engaged in lots of different activities to help us recognise, say and write our new sounds.

Week beginning: 19th September 2016

We have been exploring numbers!

This week Reception 1 have been learning and practising counting from 1 to 20. We have been exploring numbers and how much each written numeral is worth. We have engaged in lots of different activities which have allowed us to explore the Numicon resources used throughout the college. We enjoyed counting each of the Numicon pieces and learning their colours and shape. We explored the resources in lots of different ways such as crayon rubbings, printing with paint, forming numbers in the shaving foam, fishing in the water and burying them in the sand tray.

Week beginning 19th September 2016

Welcome to White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts!


The Reception children have settled in really well over these past few weeks. They have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the classroom and making new friends. They have been practicing their letter and number formation through a range of games and activities. To help with their formation of letters and numbers, the children have engaged in a range of fine motor skills to strengthen their muscles in their fingers.

This week the children have been reading the Owl babies story and have been engaging in lots of different activities. Some children chose to make masks using feathers and craft materials, whilst others decided to paint beautiful owl pictures using the correct colours.

Weeks beginning: 5th September 2016 and 12th September 2016