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Admiralty Class 1Teachers:

Miss Pitcher

Mrs Hale

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Mrs Hornsey

Miss Bourner

Miss Bacmeister


Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Helping your child at home

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Reception 1 and 2 thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Leeds Castle. We had a fantastic tour of the Castle and found out all about the Kings, Queens and important people who had lived there and visited. We also got dressed up as fairy tale characters and took part in our very own production of the Swan Princess. We really did have a fabulous day!


Marshal – “The lady at the castle told us all about the bit of it that got burnt down. The builders are fixing the castle now. They are putting new stones on the walls.”


Byron -  “I liked seeing the portcullis. If anyone stands under it when it goes down they will get hurt and they won’t get into the castle.”


Shayla – “When we saw the bathroom there was no toilet! The queen had to wee in a bucket and then they threw it out the window into the moat.”


Jessica – “We saw a fossil in the wall on the bridge. It was really, really old. Maybe 900 years old. That’s older than Mr Paget!”


Aaron – “I like the arrow slits. They shoot arrows through them at the bad ones.”


Jessica – “I liked being the swan princess. Marshal was the King and he had to sit on the throne.”


Lydia – “The queen has a massive bed! But she didn’t sleep on it. She just wanted to show everyone that she was rich.”

Numbers and Measures in Maths

Numbers and Measures in Maths 1
Numbers and Measures in Maths 2
Numbers and Measures in Maths 3

Here are Reception children making castles with giant building blocks...

Still image for this video

This weeks Maths focus has been on number. We have played different games and activities to help us learn and use numbers from 0 to 20. The children were able to choose the activities they wished to do and helped each other. They were keen to play new games and learn from each other

The children have spent the week exploring the classroom and the outdoor area. Following on from our trip to Leeds Castle, some of the children built a castle using the mega blocks and measured how high it was.


Magnetic number Magic!

Still image for this video

Mia was keen to practise her number sentences this week in Maths. Miss Pitcher created a number sentence and Mia then used the counters to help her answer it and found the right magnetic number. Using the counters enabled Mia to visualise the numbers and answer the number sentence. The children had lots of opportunities throughout the week such as games and activities to practise their new skills.

Our Solar Eclipse Experience!

In true British style the weather was very cloudy today which meant we were unable to see the solar eclipse! However, we were able to watch a live feed of the eclipse via the BBC website. We then watched a short video which helped explain how the solar eclipse worked. If the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, how can the moon 'cover' it during an eclipse? To help us understand this further we went out onto the playground to investigate.

Covering one eye, we held up our thumb and looked at objects and our friends in the distance. As the objects were far away, our thumb blocked us from the seeing them. Once we got up close to the object, our thumb no longer covered the object. Our thumbs in fact are very small!

Rhys enjoyed this experiment, especially with his friends "I can't see Ryan anymore!"


We have continued with addition this week in Maths. Mia spent a lot of time working in the Maths area completing number sentences. We used the magnetic numbers to write the number sentences and then the counters to help  work out the answer. Many of the children used the Lego blocks to help them complete the number sentences and we have been practising our number formation too.

Getting Creative with Castles

Have a look at our fantastic castle pictures! We looked in non-fiction books to find out what castles looked like and then used chalk to draw them. We also did some sponge printing to make the bricks and collaged the doors windows, moats and drawbridges.


We have been learning the names of the parts of the castle. Can you read our labels? We used our phonic knowledge to help us write them. We can’t wait to go and visit Leeds Castle next term!

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

The children in reception have been learning how to tell the time. We needed to be able to read the clock so that we knew when to take our gingerbread men out of the oven! We can now read o’clock and half-past times. This came in handy for playing, ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’!

Lots of activity in Reception1 !

This week we have been junk modelling. The children have made a range of wonderful models and really used their imagination. Once the models were complete the children shared them with the rest of the class and told them how they were made. Lilee made a spectacular bird (including wings!) and many of the boys made rockets in the hope of getting to Space!

Keita was keen to extend her mathematical knowledge and took on challenges made by Mrs Hale. Keita used the penguins to help her answer number sentences which she recorded on a whiteboard. We will continue to look at addition and number sentences in maths later in the week.

Book Week Dress up Day 2015

Well what a fantastic week have had learning all about Paddington Bear! Throughout the week we have done a range of activities around the theme of Paddington Bear. In Maths, we looked at clocks and how to tell the time (o'clock) so that we could help Paddington catch the right train. In our Literacy lessons, we have written tags to wear with important information about ourselves such as our name and how old we are. At the end of the week we celebrated by having a teddy bear's picnic! The children brought in their favourite teddy bear from home and we spent the morning making marmalade sandwiches. Did you know they are Paddington's favourite? 
In the afternoon, Reception 2 came into our class and we all had our picnic together with our bears and wearing our special tags. Miss Pitcher even let us watch the first clip of Paddington Bear from 1975!

Repeating Patterns Challenge

In Reception, our maths has been all about repeating patterns. We have been out and about spotting patterns and making some of our own. We especially enjoyed playing the “Repeat it, then eat it” game! We had to make a repeating pattern out of some fruity sweets. Once we had made our pattern repeat, we could eat it! We also made repeating patterns using lots of different things that we could find in our classrooms.

WOW.....that's a bit sour!

WOW.....that's a bit sour! 1
WOW.....that's a bit sour! 2

Reception 1 have been exploring their senses through lots of fun and exciting activities. Today, we looked at the sense of taste and particularly fruits that were sweet and sour. We worked in small groups, discussing the colours, smells and textures of the fruits. Then came the best part....eating the fruit. The orange was juicy and sweet and such a pleasure to eat. The lemon however, was quite the opposite. We'll let the photos do the talking......