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Our Angry Faces


As part of their Learning for Life, today (25.1.17) Year 2W investigated what anger looks like and discussed that sometimes anger builds up and that it can overwhelm feelings. They were set the task of taking an aspect of anger and creating a picture to illustrate it. They had three questions to consider:


  • What does anger look like?

  • What does it sound like?

  • What does it feel like?


‘When you are angry you might feel a bit shakey’ – Byron.


‘When you’re angry you might feel something happening in your tummy’ – Elouise.


‘If you are angry, you might shout or talk in a low voice’ – Jessica and Mason.


Have a look at the results below.

Safety On The Internet


On Wednesday 18th January, Year 3 had a pupil-led talk about the internet and what you could do on there.


"You can play games, watch television and watch videos." - Virginia

"If you want to know something and your parents don't know it, you can look it up and find the answer." - Paige

"You can download stuff." - Harrison


Our conversation then led on to how we need to be safe on the internet and what we should do if we ever see something we don't like or something that we think we shouldn't see.


"If you're a child, don't send messages to someone you don't know." - Ciara

"Tell a grown up if there's a bad pop up." - Hannah

"If you're playing games and something horrible comes up, tell your mum and dad." - Poppy and Phoebe

"You could just get off of that internet page." - Harvey

"Ask your parents or grandparents before you go on the internet." - Bill

"If it's a naughty game, you shouldn't play it." - Hannah

"Block it!" - Harvey

"Do not use internet chat rooms." - Jasmine

"Tell your mum and dad your passwords." - Chance


Year 3 were then told, and shown, that if they did ever see something they didn't like on a website, they were able to click Internet Safety CEOP button and report it, along with the help of an adult.

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of anti-bullying week, Year 4 looked at the meaning of ‘Rude’, ‘Mean’, ‘Bullying’ and ‘Kind’. We discussed it’s meaning and then wrote scenarios where these things might happen. We were then split into 4 groups to create and perform these behaviours to the rest of the class.

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of our Anti-Bullying week, Year 6 have been writing anonymous kind messages to one another. This activities comes out of our discussions that recognised that anti-bullying is not just about not doing certain things which are unkind; anti-bullying is also about choosing behaviours which helps everyone feel welcome and enjoy being part of our community.


Here is how some of us reacted:


"I was surprised to be told I am helpful, kind, funny and cool. I am curious who said this about me." - Brandon

"I was really pleased with my note. It made me feel excited. I am so happy and greatful. Whoever it was has made my week. Thank you." - Lily

"I am very happy with my friends comment and it has made my day." - Brayden

"When I heard about my note, I thought the person who wrote it is really kind. I did wonder how or why they think that I'm a good singer?" - Michael

"I am very amazed by the lovely letter I received. It was very, very excited at the words written about me; it really brightened my day. I am speechless because the letter was so beautiful and kind." - Nuria

"I was very surprised that I was told that I am funny, but I'm definitely a good friend." - Leo

Why Do We Have Friends?


On Thursday 12th January Year 1 have been think about why we have friends. Here are some of our ideas.


Electra – so we don’t feel lonely.

Gerry – So we can play.

Sophia – So we don’t feel sad.

Jacob – I have lilly to play with me so I don’t feel sad.

Ryley – So when we fall over they can help.

Demi – SO they can cheer us up.


We then started thinking about our friends in the classroom and what made them a special person, what they were good at and why they were our friends. We wrote about each other telling our friends what we thought they were good at.


Jacob is good at maths – Danila

Harley is good at English – Danny

Faith is good at cheerleading – Sophia

Dylan is good at pie face – Kyle

Sophia is good at cutting – Faith

Danila is good at building lego – Jacob

Electra is good at being brave when her teeth fall out – Gerry

Lenny is good at boxing – Tommy

Kyle is good at doing races – Dylan

Celise helps me when I fall over – Ryley

Gerry is good at hide and seek – Demi.

Our Differences


We have been looking at our differences and what is different about us to those in our class. Here are some of our thoughts and ideas.


Faith – I am a girl and Kyle is a boy.

Celise – Lexi has freckles.

Electra – Danila comes from Latvia.

Lexi – Miss Kippen has yellow curly hair.

Lenny – Dylan has small teeth.

Kyle – Electra has glasses.

Tommy – Lenny has brown hair short at the back.

Demi – Celise has blue eyes and I have brown.

Danny – I have darker knuckles than Harley.

Dylan – Me and Ryley have different colour eyes. Mine are brown, Ryleys are blue.

Isabell – We both have brown hair but Faith has a fringe.

Caleb – Danny has black hair.

Jacob – I have brown hair.

Danila – Caleb has brown eyes.

Maidstone Museum


On Thursday 8th December, Year 3 visited Maidstone Museum to see the ancient Egyptian collection. The children were lucky enough to see lots of fascinating artefacts, including amulets, canopic jars and wall paintings.

The star attraction of the day however was “Ta-Kesh”, a 2700 year old mummy and the only one of its kind in Kent.

After lunch, the children had the opportunity to learn more about ancient Egyptian practices in a workshop where they mummified an orange. The children followed a similar process to what the Egyptians would have used when preserving their dead. 


" We put salt in the orange to dry out the juice." - Frank

"There was so many  different things to see. My favorite were the mummies and the dinosaurs." - Phoebe


Before embarking on our class adventure, we talked about different social and learning for life issues that we may come into contact with while on our trip. We talked about how we might be expected to behave in a public place such as a museum and why the way we behave is often very different depending on where we are.

We also discussed at length, what we would do if we became separated from our group and refreshed ourselves on the potential dangers of talking to strangers, especially without a trusted adult present.

Pizza Express!


1K went to Pizza Express today (Tuesday 29th November) for their class marble treat! The children were lucky enough to be able to make their our own pizzas and then take them back to school for their lunch!! They had a lovely day and would like to thank the Pizza Express staff for all their help today.


Electra- "We used 2 fingers to push the dough to make the crust."

Demi- "We threw the dough in the air to make a circle."

Lenny- "We used the back of a spoon to spread the tomato sauce."

Isabel- "We spread cheese on, it was made of cows milk."

Gerry- "It was mozzarella."

Ryley- "157 tomatoes make one can of sauce."

Harley- "Flour."

Gerry- "Yeast."

Demi- "Water."

Caleb- "Oil."

Paige- "It made me happy."

Dylan- "The dough was soft."

Faith- "The dough was squishy."

Be Bright Be Seen


Sunglasses were needed in College today as our children came in wearing their brightest clothes to raise awareness for road safety and raise money for the road safety charity 'Brake'.

Thanks to everyone's amazing generosity as always, we have managed to raise a whopping £97.20! Thank you to Community Wardens Alison and Hannah for all their help and our special assembly today, and thank you to Amy, Kacper and Lily, our Junior Road Safety Officers for all their organising.


Kelsey- “It is fun coming to school in our own bright clothes so the cars can see us at night!”

Kendall- “It is really cool because we can get seen in the dark.”

Kady- “It was very fun dressing up, but it shows that we need to be safe in the dark.”

Daisy- “It was funny when Mrs Prettyjohn got dressed up in assembly!”

Lucy- “It’s great that we are making sure cars can see us, in a fun way.”

Mercedez- "We can't wear our school uniform because it isn't bright."

Jaydon- "Keep safe on the roads."

Tommy- "The car lights shine on the jackets and reflect."

Ruby- "If the cars can’t see you, you get run over."

Demi- "You have to wear bright clothes so cars can see you."

Children In Need


On Friday 18th November, White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts came together in their finest spotty clothes to raise money for Children In Need. Throughout the day, we listened to an assembly telling us why Children In Need is so important, and then, in our own classrooms, we looked at what we thought Children In Need did for people who needed help from this charity. We learnt lots of things about the charity and why and how it helps lots of different people.


Igor- "Pudsey Bear."

Summer- "Helping mummies and daddies to buy things for their children."

Dylan- "Because Pudsey wants us to."

Sophia- "Some people have to drink dirty water."

Daisy- "It was fun to wear our own clothes so that we could support Children in Need!”

Kira- “It helped people.” 

Kelsey- “It was nice because we knew that we were helping children who were not very well.” 

Lucy- “We helped people by raising money.”

Kendall- “The children needed our help and we have helped them out a bit.”

Daisy- “I was inspired to do Eight Days of Independence for Children in Need, so I will be doing different things for myself instead of relying on my parents to do them for me.”

Emergency Services


On Friday 11th November, Year 1 spoke about the emergency services. We found out that these were the police, the paramedics who travel in an ambulance, the fire brigade and, because we live close to the sea, the coast guard as well. We learnt why we would need to phone them; it must only be an important reason, not something our mums and dads can sort out for us. Some of us even learnt how to put people in the recovery position!


Tommy- "The ambulance takes poorly people to hospital."

Charlie- "The police arrest robbers who take things."

Gerry- "Tell them your name and address."

Liam- "The emergency services could be a rescue helicopter, it works at sea."

Danny- "For a fire, you need a fireman, or if a cat is stuck in a tree."

Demi- "If someone is hurt, you need an ambulance."

Remembrance Day


Our Year 4 pupils led a wonderful and very moving assembly this morning to commemorate Armistice Day.

After speaking about the importance of remembering things in everyday life, our children went on to explain the significance of Armistice Day and why it is so important to honour the brave men and women that give their lives in order to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

After a reading of an excerpt from the famous poem 'For The Fallen', the whole College joined the nation in observing a 2 minute silence to remember all those that have given their lives for us.

How Do We Wash Our Hands Properly?


On Monday 17th October, Mr Stafford, with the help of Brayden (Head Boy) and Amy (Head Girl) led an assembly about Global Hand Washing Day.  Did you even know such a thing existed?  Together we identified the importance of cleaning our hands properly, when during our day this is required and a step by step process to ensure you do a good job. 


We came up with a 21 steps process, which is not as complicated as it sounds, to washing your hands.  You need to soap your hands in 7 different ways:

1.       The palms

2.       The backs of your hands

3.       Between your fingers

4.       Around your thumbs

5.       In the creases of your fingers

6.       Around you wrists

7.       Around you finger nails


Repeat all 7 steps to wash the soap off and then dry all 7 areas of your hands.