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Easier Dinner Ordering using FasTrak Cashless Catering & School Attendance System

 Fastrak and School Gateway


White Cliffs have expanded their online digital platform called School Gateway to include connection to our new Dinner ordering system called FASTRAK. This will allow parents to choose whether to pay online or by cash for the coming week's school dinners. You can even pay for an entire term in one go, with parents and carers having the option to log in and order online on their child's behalf. to see it in action click the following link,



The FASTRAK system will begin on Wednesday, 24th May 2017 and payments will need to be made in advance from the start of next term on Monday, 5th June, 2017.


Please make sure that any outstanding debts are cleared as soon as possible as we shall only be able to book your child in for School Dinners if they are in receipt of Free School Meals, if they are registered for Universal Infant Free School Meals or if you have paid in advance.


To check to see if you might be eligible for Free School Meals, please take the Quiz on the School Gateway to find out.


Our School Dinner Policy can be seen here:

Use our School Gateway online to get in touch FAST!


Our new School Gateway service allows us to handle communications quickly without the need for waiting at the office or calling in: you can do many things now either by logging in online or even downloading the app which allows for FREE messaging.

If you aren't registered already, please contact the main College Office who will be happy to assist you!



Welcome to a whole new way of seeing

your child's life at White Cliffs!

With Aurasma, it's just like you are in the classroom!

We are incredibly excited to offer our pupils, parents and carers the chance to see all the wonderful activities and learning opportunities that we have here at White Cliffs! With the Aurasma app installed on your mobile device, you can view pictures and watch videos of things that are happening in your child's class!


The app is free to download from the Google Play Store or the iOS App store by clicking the link above..


You do need to register your device with your email and create a password, but there is absolutely no charge by Aurasma or the College to use the app (you may incurr network operator data charges if you are not connected to WiFi.)


You will then need to search for "White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts" channel and click "follow" -  look out for our logo! Once you have 'followed' us, you will be able to view any of the content that White Cliffs releases!


To test our new service, we have arranged a little surprise for the pupils in 2U who delivered our Harvest Festival this year!


Once you have the app and have logged in, tap the purple button at the bottom of the screen and allow your rear camera to scan for images...


Then point your phone's rear camera at the White Cliffs logo which you can find on your newsletter, or even on the front page of this website! You should soon see a small film start to play over the top of our logo just like magic! Give it a double tap and it will fill your screen with the image. You can even SAVE Aurasmas to your device to share with friends and relatives!


Let us know what you think of Aurasma; drop us a line at:
We advise parents and carers to take reasonable precautions with the use of all children's images on social media, and any images used by the College online are covered by our Photographic Consent form.
Please note: We do not take any responsibility for the content of external apps or websites outside of the Dover Federation for the Arts and cannot be held responsible for the content of websites and apps – data charges may apply if using a device that is not connected to a WI-Fi network. Use of any technology should ALWAYS be under supervision of an appropriate adult.