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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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We have been working very hard to fill our marble jar this term and have been doing lots of kind and helpful things in nursery. As a reward for filling our marble jar, we visited Kearsney Abbey. We had to take the minibuses down to the Abbey and looked at all the cars, houses and buildings on the way down. When we arrived at the Abbey, we walked past all the ducks, geese and swans and saw them playing in the river. The park was amazing! We enjoyed exploring the different climbing frames, the slides and the swings. There was also a giant sand pit with a big crane inside that we could play on and help each other build sand castles. We all had snack at the Abbey and some of us even got to have our lunch on the grass. As we were beautifully behaved, we were allowed a little treat of an ice lolly which was very yummy!

Parents visit Pebbles for an orientation session.

On Monday 8th June we invited all our parents to come into nursery, see what we do and take part in a range of different activities. We had a very fun afternoon developing our fine motor skills both inside and outside. There were lots of different activities, some we could do independently and some that we needed the grown-ups to help with. We enjoyed making shape flowers, threading different beads, playing in the water and sand trays, pattern following, painting and chalking on big pieces of paper. We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that attended orientation and we enjoyed having you in Pebbles.

Pebbles have been very lucky this term and have been visited by Ralph and the Kent Discovery Bus. The bus provided us with fantastic opportunities to learn about our environment and green issues; such as health living and transport, in a sensory and interactive way. We enjoyed playing with the interactive mini-beast wall and exploring the different puzzles, instruments and mini-beast dressing up tabards that the bus had to offer. We discovered that there are some foods that are good for us to eat and worked together to make pretend fruit smoothies in the role play kitchen, this was one of our favourite bits! Some us practised our story telling in the cosy corner with the sensory toys, stories and animal masks. We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the bus and we at the end we were allowed to colour and  help Ralph make everyone their own badge to take home.

This term we are learning all about the different plants and animals that live and grow in our gardens. This week we have been looking at the different foods we like to eat and where these foods come from. We have made salads using different vegetables that are grown from seeds in the ground. We have been working together to name the vegetables and talked about what they look, smell and taste like. We made sure we were very sensible when using the knifes to cut the different vegetables to put in our salad. In our salads were lettuce,  cucumber, tomatoes, celery, radishes, mushrooms, peppers, spring onions and cress and they were very yummy!

Our marble treat last term was a trip to the Coastal Park in Folkestone and we had to do lots of kind things such as sharing and helping our friends to fill it. We took the school minibus and saw lots of different farm animals, vehicles and buildings on the way to the park. When we arrived in Folkestone we all walked through the trees looking at the different plants and wildlife around us. We were so close to the seaside we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks. The climbing frame was enormous! We moved around all the pieces of equipment, climbing up the ladders to the tallest points of the castle and then quickly whizzing down the slides. We helped each other to get to the top and even had a turn on the zip wire. Overall, the trip was brilliant and here are a few photographs so you can see how much fun we had.

Pebbles children raise money for Comic Relief!


Today we all dressed in our favourite red clothes to raise money for Comic Relief. During carpet time, we talked about why it was important to raise money and help lots of other people around the world. Liza helped make our faces funny for money by painting each of us with one of this year's  Red Noses. We helped raise even more money by decorating cakes with delicious icing and treats to sell at the College cake sale.

This week we have been reading a story about Miss Davidson’s friend Paddington Bear. We have been learning all about what Paddington looks like, likes to eat and where he came from. We worked together to create a large picture of Paddington using different textures and materials to add colour to his coat, hat and fur. During carpet time, we discussed how Paddington felt when left at the train station and what kind things we could do to make him happy. On Friday, we dressed in our best red, white and blue clothes for our Paddington Party. We tasted Paddington’s favourite food and realised that most of us found marmalade very yummy! Paddington must have smelt our marmalade sandwiches that we made during snack time, as he made a guest appearance which was a brilliant surprise to end our fantastic week!

Is it a bird...? Is it a plane...?

No it’s Nursery! We have been learning all about superheroes this term, both fictional and heroes in our local community. We created our own superhero masks and capes using different materials and used them in our Superhero Rescue Centre. We put ourselves on a very strict training programme during P.E, practising jumping, climbing and rolling over and under different equipment. We worked together to paint a giant Spiderman picture using cotton buds instead of paintbrushes and made superhero vehicles out of wood; we had to be very careful using the screwdriver! Our superhero centre soon transformed into our own hospital for broken dolls and toys. Here, we dressed up and used a variety of Doctors tools such as stethoscopes and bandages to mend and fix the toys. We really enjoyed looking after the dolls and working together to treat the emergencies.

A Visit from the Firemen for our "People Who Help Us" project!