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Here are some details of our school. For more information, please click the green " School Prospectus" link  above to download a PDF file of the full school Prospectus. 

If you have any difficulties, please contact the School Office on 01304 206174 to have a printed copy sent to you.


Foundation Admission Arrangements

During the summer term before your child starts school, we invite parents and children to an informal meeting with their class teacher and an opportunity to look around the College. We hold a Teddy Bear's picnic which enables the children to spend time in College in a very informal way and meet the present Foundation class.


The School Day:

8:45 Gates open and children come into classrooms

8:55 Morning lessons begin

10:00 Collective Worship

10:15 Morning Break

11:45 Lunch sessions begin

2:10 Afternoon break for Key Stage 1 Children

3:15 End of the College day

Any child arriving late MUST go to the main entrance and register at Reception


Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is run by experienced staff and is open from 7:45am every morning. The cost at present is £1.50 per session. Please ask for more information from the College Office before bringing your child to Breakfast Club 


Absence from School

If your child is absent from College for any reason, it is essential that you let us know by sending a note or telephoning the College office before 9:15am on the first day of absence. If your child needs to leave College during the day to attend an appointment, please let us know beforehand.

If the decision is made not to open the College as a result of bad weather conditions, a notice will be put up outside the College as early as possible to let you know that College is closed. We shall also inform parents of closures on the school website where appropriate.

Local radio will be notified and information will be broadcast on:

Radio Kent - 96.7 and 104.2 FM

Invicta Radio - 102.8 and 103.1 FM


Lunchtime Arrangements

School dinners are cooked fresh every day in our newly refurbished kitchen by Independent Catering. The present cost of each meal is £2.00 per day. There is always a vegetarian option and fresh fruit is always available. A menu is available from the College Office. Alternatively you can provide your child with a packed lunch in a named lunch box or bag. White Cliffs is a healthy school and we ask that you do not put fizzy drinks, chocolate or sweets in lunch boxes. We actively promote healthy eating through the curriculum and through events held during the year. If your child might be eligible for free school meals, please pick up an application form from the College Office.


Water is available for all pupils throughout the day.

The college has attained the nationally recognised "Healthy Schools" Status.


Conduct on the College Site

Whilst we encourage parents and families onto the College site, we do ask you to adhere to the following guidelines:

- Dogs must not be bought onto College premises.

- Please do not let younger children ride bikes or scooters around the site.

- Alcohol and illegal drugs must not be brought or consumed on the College premises. If anyone is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs then it is our duty to report the matter to the appropriate authority.

- Smoking or vaping is not allowed anywhere on site.

- Swearing and arguments between parents will not be tolerated and verbal abuse towards any staff will result in a ban from the College site.

- CCTV is in 24 hour operation throughout the College site