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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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On Thursday 22nd February 2018, Reception went on an amazing trip to Dover Castle, so we could see inside a real castle. Some of us had never been to Dover Castle before, including some of the grown ups. We explored the castle grounds and enjoyed recognising some of the features that we had been learning about such as the arrow slits, battlements and the drawbridge. Inside the castle we saw the King's bedroom, made dinner in the kitchens and sat on his royal thrones. We climbed the spiral staircases right to the top of the Keep and could see the whole of Dover; we even saw College! We also got to go in a special room in the castle. Here, Miss Davidson and Mrs Pallett read us a castle story and then we got to dress up as Knights, Kings and Princesses.

The whole trip was so much fun and even though it was incredibly cold, we had the best time! We would like to thank all the grown ups that came on the trip and braved the windy day with us.

NEWS UPDATE: Missing Goose and Golden Eggs!

This week we have had a little visitor to our classroom castle and someone has stolen the magic goose and golden egg from the scary Giant! He was not happy at all and demanded that we help him to find and catch the thief or we would become his next meal! 


We worked very hard to identify who it could have been by reading and sequencing the well known story of Jack and Beanstalk. We realised that is must have been Jack and that he had hidden the treasures somewhere in the College. However, people did not believe that we had seen inside the Giant's castle. Therefore, in Literacy this week we have been writing a description of what it is like inside the castle. We have been using exciting adjectives are all of our senses to write about the setting and tell people what it was like. 

We made castles using construction materials such as wooden blocks and lego. We looked at different pictures of castles and learnt the key features. We drew castle outlines using chalk and then painted them using sponges. Once they were dry we could add all the features we have been learning and label each one.


At the end of the week, Mrs Fotheringham came over to our classroom and said she had found something that she thought belonged to us. It was the goose and the golden egg! We carefully placed it back in the castle before the Giant returned. We had completed our first story book mission! 


Week beginning: 18th February 2018

Term 4: Once Upon a Rhyme... 


This term we are going to be reading some of our favourite traditional stories and fairy tales. We will be learning about the much loved characters in them, the heroes and the villains. Be very careful though, we do not want to make too much noise in case we wake the snoring Giant in his classroom Castle! 

Superheroes in Training

This week we have been superheroes in training. We completed a superhero assault course in PE allowing us to develop our skills in balance, jumping and landing correctly. We really enjoyed this lesson and even though some of us found jumping of the apparatus a little scary and challenging at the beginning, by the end of the lesson we were confident to jump independently!


Friday 9th February 2018

SuperTato Saves the Day!



This week we have been helping rescue SuperTato from the Evil Pea. We have been writing speech bubbles like the ones used in the story to show what SuperTato might say. We have also been making our very own super vegetables, giving them masks, capes and utility belts.

As a class, we created large class pictures that are going to be displayed in the College corridor. We used different vegetables to print shapes with paint and enjoyed looking at the different shapes that they made on the page. We also found it very interesting to see what some vegetables look like inside.


Week beginning: 5th February 2018

Super Daisy!

This week we have been learning about Superheroes. In literacy we read the story of Super Daisy whose mission was to save the children by defeating Planet Pea. We loved this story and it sparked the inner Superhero in all of us.


In maths we were looking at positional language and directions. We were working in our groups to programme the Beebot to move from the start position to the end position on the map. We had to remember to delete the previous instruction otherwise the Beebot would repeat it all and go completely off the map. We learnt the different buttons and what instructions they gave and managed to get the Beebot safely to the end of the map each time.


In PE we talked about how important it is to work together, especially when we are being superheroes. We were developing our ball skills, working in pairs to throw and catch a ball. We discussed under arm throwing and how to stand when you are preparing to receive the ball. By the end of the session, we had become really good at catching, so we played a catching game in our bug groups.


Week beginning: 29th January 2018

Space Rocket Engineers!

In this week's story, Charlie builds a space rocket with his Dad and has an amazing adventure on the moon. Reception have been using junk modelling resources and craft materials to make their own rockets. Some of us worked together and some independently to make incredible rockets and we enjoyed flying them on space adventures in the outdoor area.


Week beginning: 22nd January 2018


This week we have been reading 'Charlie and the Cheese Monster'. In this story we explored what the planets are made of, as we know they are definitely not made of cheese! In our Literacy sessions we have been using our story maps that we created last week to write our new alien adventures.


In maths, we have been exploring measuring. We have been looking at the differences between length and height and discussing the appropriate resources we might use to measure different sized objects. We have been moving around the classroom measuring different objects. We began the week measuring in non-standard units, using cubes to find the length and height. We mastered this very quickly, so were next challenged to exploring rulers and metre sticks. We were shown that we need to start measuring from the 0 and that the 0 needed to be at the end of an object. We were talking about how many centimetres long, tall or short an object was. When exploring height, we looked at the height of our friends. We put ourselves in order from the tallest to the shortest in our bug groups.


Using the computers this week, we drew alien pictures on the paint programme. We found using the mouse a little bit challenging, but persevered until our aliens were made.


We were very busy this week and we worked together to bake moon rocks. We had to weigh out each of the different ingredients and ensure they were all mixed together. They were incredibly yummy!


Week beginning: 22nd January 2018

Getting our Bodies Moving

This week we have been reading Q Pootle 5. We loved how this alien was just like our new visitor, in that he crashed his space ship on Earth. What an adventure!


In Literacy we took our new alien characters on amazing adventures and created short story maps to help us with our writing. We talked about the beginning, middle and the end of our stories and the different events and characters that they might meet.


In PE we were working in our bug groups and playing lots of different team games. We played games such as stuck in the mud and dodge the asteroids. We were much better getting changed into and out of our kits today and some of us were extremely fast!


Week beginning: 15th January 2018

Write Dance

This week we started Write Dance. We noticed that some of us found making big arm movements a little difficult so we are now doing Write Dance every Friday to help us. This week we were told the story and had to do the different actions with our bodies. We then listened to the music and did these movements with bog marker pens on the paper on the floor. We really enjoyed it even though we found some movements a bit challenging.


Friday 12th January 2018

Here Come the Aliens!

This week we have been reading 'Here Come the Aliens'. We received a letter form the author of the book asking us to design and write about some new alien characters for a new book he was writing. In our Literacy, we used some exciting adjectives to describe what our new alien was like. We used our senses to help us extend our descriptions, thinking about what it might smell like, feel like and the sound it might make.


In our art we created new aliens using paint, however this time we were not allowed to use a paintbrush. We were each given a straw and the paint was added to a little bit of water. We then used pipettes to squeeze the paint onto our paper and has to blow the paint around using our straws. It took a lot of work!


In maths this week, we have been looking at addition. We learnt the 2 symbols that we need and have special actions to help us remember. We then used lots of different counting resources to help us solve tricky number sentences. Some of us were so good at this, we were challenged to try and write our own for our friends to solve.


This week we had PE in the hall. We were extrememly good at getting ourselves changed into our PE kit and kept all our school uniform neat and tidy so we could find it again later. When we were in the hall, we talked about why it is important to warm our bodies up before we exercise.

Lexi- "to make sure we don't hurt any of our bodies"

After our warm up, we looked again at our bodies to notice if anything had changed...

Henley- "I all hot and sweaty"

Marsels- "my heart is beating really fast"

We then explored the different ways in which our bodies can move. We played a few games together where we had to move as different animals and in a range of ways. We had to crawl like insects, slither on our tummy like a snake, bounce like a kangaroo, stomp wide like an elephant, and reach up tall on our tip toes like a giraffe. It was so much fun!


Week beginning: 8th January 2018

Aliens and Astronauts

This week we have been introduced to our new class topic of Intergalactic Superheroes! An alien crash landed into our classroom and he doesn't know where he is. We thought of lots of questions to find out more about our new visitor:

Isabelle- What do you speak?

Orson- What do you eat for your dinner?

Nayara- Why have you come to Earth?

Leo- How did you get here?

Amelia- Do you need help? Are you lost?

During circle time we looked at the alien and discussed differences and similarities between us and him. We noticed that we are very different to the alien, but not so different to our friends. We compared hair colour, eye colour and talked about how we are all unique and special.

We explored colour mixing when using watercolour to paint different pictures of aliens. We noticed that the more water we add the more vivid the colour is.


Week beginning: 4th January 2018


Term 3: Intergalactic Superheroes!

An alien has landed in our classroom! He doesn’t know anything about our school or Dover. We will be teaching him about where we live and learning about where he has come from. We will also be trying to find a way to send him back home!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As the festive season is now here, Reception have been getting extremely excited. We have decorated our classrooms, made all our Christmas gifts for home and today we decorated our outdoor area Christmas Tree. We covered it in baubles of various sizes and then talked about the different ways we celebrate Christmas in our homes during circle time. Parents and Carers even shared with us different traditions and ways their children celebrate Christmas with their families through our Seesaw Learning Journey app.


Kyze's Mum told us- "This yer we have an 'elf on the shelf', each morning the elf will be somewhere different doing something silly and the boys have to find him. We then change the sticker on Kyze's door to count down the days to Christmas.


Saphira's Mum told us- "Putting decorations up on the ceiling and putting the decorations up on the tree.


Macie's Mum told us- "Macie and her sister have decorated our Christmas tree. We went to the Christmas market one weekend and saw Santa arrive in his sleigh with real reindeers, then went to see Santa in his Grotto where Macie told him what she would like for Christmas and received an early Christmas present.


Jamie's Mum told us- "We have done a picture letter to Santa saying what he would like for Christmas. We always put our tree up the first weekend of December and this year he has decorated his blue tree with me. We make homemade decorations and Jamie puts them on his tree. We also watch Polar Express, The Snowman and Jack Frost. We do the Christmas Eve Box, where Jamie will get some new pyjamas, some chocolates, a new film to watch that night and a milkshake of his choice. Once it's bedtime, we will put out a carrot, mince pie, water and milk.


Week beginning: 11th December 2017

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Today, Reception B went out into our icy outdoor area only to find that all the trays were filled with the biggest shards of ice. We explored all the different pieces, looking at the patterns and shapes. We found icicles in very amazing places, such as through the colander in the mud kitchen and across the surface of the storage tubs. We really enjoyed feeling how cold it was and the best bit was when it slipped through your hands and smashed into tiny pieces of the floor. Then we could scoop it up or sweep it with the brooms. When we came back into the warm we talked about what the ice felt like.

Issy- "it was slippery, slimy and freezing. Sometimes when it is cold it makes my teeth shiver"

Macie- Mae- "very cold!"

Jamie- "cold and smashing"

Lexi- all slippery"

Henley- "smashy and cold"

Dexter- "freezing and it feels like freezing water"

Amelia S- "it feels like water, because it melts into water in the sunshine. It was all slimy and freezing"


Tuesday 12th December 2017

Our First Nativity

Our First Nativity 1

This week was Nativity Week. We took turns with key stage 1 to show our performances to the rest of the school as our first dress rehearsal. On Thursday 7th November and Friday 8th December, Reception performed their Nativity to all the Parents and Carers. All the hard work paid off, as we sang beautifully, remembered all our lines and stage directions and managed to keep huge smiles on our faces throughout the whole performance! We spoke each of our lines slowly and clearly into the microphone (a skill which we had been practising lots) and knew that if we were on stage, then we needed to face the audience and project our voices right to the back of the hall!


The turn out of parents and carers was amazing! Miss Davidson, Mrs Pallett, the Reception Staff and all the children would like to thank everyone for coming to watch our special performances.



On Friday 1st December, Reception took part in the College Christmas Craft Day. We had a range of activities to explore and create throughout the day, including sticking with the College tradition of creating our class hoop display for Nativity week in the hall. We were very lucky to acquire the help of Mrs Georgiev to support us in making our delicious Gingerbread cookies in the morning, which we then decorated with icing and Christmas sprinkles in the afternoon. We also made special baubles for our parents and carers to hang on their Christmas trees (but those are a surprise present). We decorated the class Christmas trees, pretended to bake Christmas cakes and make Christmas dinner in the Home Corner and even made a beautiful calendar for our families to have up all year round.

There was lots of paint, lots of tinsel and most importantly lots of GLITTER! The whole day was fantastic and the children left very excited for the Christmas festivities to commence.



Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

On Thursday 30th November, Reception experienced their first glimpse of real snow! The weather that morning created lots of excitement in the classroom, so it made sense to discuss winter and the changes we may start seeing in our environment. We discussed what might happen in winter and that if we have a really cold winter we may get snow! So, we worked together to create some winter magic in the classroom. We made snow! We were then able to explore what it felt like, talk about the different animals that live in snowy places and make snowmen, balls and mounds with it. It was so much fun and for some of us, it was the first time we had ever seen anything like snow before!

The Jolly Christmas Postman

This week we have been reading the story of 'The Jolly Christmas Postman'. We turned the writing area into a post office, with letters, envelopes, stamps and a magical Christmas post box. In Maths, we have been continuing our work on 3D shapes and identify the different shape parcels in the Jolly Postman's bag. In Literacy, we have been learning how to write a letter. We know to start our letter with 'To Santa' and to always use our manners when we are asking for presents. We finished our letters by saying who the letter was from. When outside on the bikes, we have been delivering the post to the different story book characters and ensuring that the write number goes to the correct house. We have thoroughly enjoyed writing our letters to Santa and as we have been such good boys and girls, we really hope he brings us all our amazing presents.


Week beginning: 27th November 2017

This week, Reception have been exploring 3D shapes. We have been learning the different names and identifying a range of everyday objects that match these shapes in our classroom and outdoor area. We have been counting each shape's vertices, edges and faces. As well as using this vocabulary, we have been exploring nets, junk modelling and playing a shape matching game on the interactive whiteboard.


Week Beginning: 20th November 2017

On Friday 17th November Reception supported Children in Need by dressing in their pyjamas, slippers, onesies and dressing gowns all day. We decorated our cakes using the vibrant Pudsey yellow icing and spotty Smarties and even delivered a special pink spotty cake for Mrs Fotheringham.

All our hard work over the past few weeks has led to our marble jars being full up, meaning we get to organise a special treat. This time we all chose to watch a movie and have milkshake and popcorn. We watched 'Trollz' in our pyjamas and had a fantastic afternoon dancing and singing along to the film.

This week we have been exploring parties and how and when we host parties. We talked about different times we have had parties, such as birthdays and Christmas. As we are supporting Children in Need at the end of the week, the children decided they wanted to host a Pudsey Party. We talked about all the things we need to make a really good party; games, cakes, hats, special food, party clothes etc. In Maths, we explored weight, scales and the language of heavy and light. Some of us even started to look at weighing the Numicon and making the scales balanced by finding different ways to make 10. In Literacy, we have been writing numbered shopping lists for all our ingredients to make our cakes. We have also been writing a set of instructions to help us to bake our cakes.


Week beginning: 13th November 2017

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget  1
Lest We Forget  2
Lest We Forget  3
Lest We Forget  4

On Thursday 9th November 2017, Reception attended the rest of the college in a special Remembrance Service led by our wonderful Year 6 children. We discussed why we take part in an act of remembrance every year and why it is important to remember all those amazing and brave soldiers who have risked their lives for us. We created poppy wreaths to present during the service and observed a 2 minute silence.

We will always remember and never forget.



We're Going on a Leaf Hunt

This week we have been noticing lots of changes in our environment and this has led us to talk about Autumn and the seasons. We have been looking at the different colours we can see, what has happened to the leaves and the different things that animals might do in the autumn. In Literacy, we have been using the internet to find a picture of Autumn and typing a sentence to explain some of the changes that we have been noticing. In Maths we have been finding one more and one less from different objects and numbers. We know that to find one more we have to add one, and to find one less we need to take one away.

As part of our learning we were very lucky to take a trip to River Rec. We all had to wear our favourite wellies, including the grown ups! We walked all the way and collected lots of amazing coloured leaves of all shapes and sizes. Some of us were very lucky to even find some pine cones, twigs and cog nuts cases.

We all had an amazing time and would like to thank Mrs Pallett for organising our wonderful Welly Walk.


Week beginning: 6th November 2017

Bang! Pop! Fizz! It's Bonfire Night!

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We discussed the different ways we celebrate Bonfire Night by reading the story 'Lights in the Sky' in our new outdoor area. In maths we were learning to estimate how many fireworks we thought we could hear in the music. We were then estimating and guessing how many objects we thought were inside the parcels in the class post office. In Literacy, we were writing different words to describe the fireworks. We used all of our senses to describe what the fireworks look like, what they sound like and what they might smell like. We created different firework pictures using different coloured paint and glitter. We printed different shaped fireworks using cotton buds, toilet roll tubes and brushes.


Week beginning: 30th October 2017

On Thursday 19th October 2017, Reception celebrated and explored Diwali.

We read the 'Lighting a Lamp' story which helped us to learn how people celebrate Diwali. We discussed similarities and differences between Diwali and festivals we celebrate such as Birthdays and Christmas.

We created Rangoli patterns using different coloured rice and designed our own Mendhi patterns using handwriting patterns we use in Literacy.

During Diwali, special sweets and drinks are made. We made coconut Barfi, which tasted just like the middle of a 'Bounty' chocolate bar. It was very sweet, but we all enjoyed it very much. To wash it all down, we made a mango smoothie as a class. We looked at the mango, talked about the colour, texture and smell of it before and after we chopped it up. We added yoghurt, milk and then put it all in a jug to blend it with a hand blender. We then poured it into our cups and it was delicious! Some of us loved it so much, it gave us mango moustaches!


This week we have taken part in Art Week alongside the whole College. The chosen artist was Hannah Tompkins who specialises in print-based designs around William Shakespeare and his plays. Reception were given 'The Tempest' to read and explore across the week and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience!


In Maths we explored pattern and created different repeated patterns using colours, shapes and resources. In Literacy, as well as reading the text we acted out different scenes, created magical storms with handwriting patterns and wrote a list of amazing adjectives to describe the dangerous storm.


The afternoons were devoted solely to art. We drew portraits of William Shakespeare, made theatre masks and took part in a whole College canvas painting. Our chosen media was Action Art, which we absolutely loved. First, we hunted around the classroom looking for different objects and textures we could use to paint a storm picture instead of using paintbrushes. We then rolled these different objects through paint to create a magical dangerous storm.


We would all like to thank Mrs Bagshaw for organising such an amazing and fun-filled week!


Week beginning: 16th October 2017

Bend and Stretch

In PE today we talked about the different ways our bodies can move and stretch. We followed 'Cosmic Yoga' on the interactive whiteboard and took part in 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We had to move into lots of different positions and poses which required balance, flexibility and movement.

Friday 13th October 2017

Look at my amazing writing!

Look at my amazing writing!  1

We would like to share a special mention to Gijs who did some amazing writing this week. He wrote about his target which he would like to achieve when he is 5. He heard lots of sounds when segmenting each word in his sentence, formed fantastic graphemes and remembered to use finger spaces and a full stop. Miss Bourner was so impressed she asked Mrs Pallett to take Gijs to see Mrs Fotheringham, who gave him a very special award and prize from her prize box.

Fantastic work Gijs, well done!

Something's Changing Outside...

Today, Leo found a 'helicopter' on the playground during lunch time. He was very keen to bring this into class and show all his friends. When Leo showed everyone, we all became very excited and began to talk about the helicopters and what else we noticed on the playground.

Amelia "There are lots of leaves on the floor. That's because it is nearly winter"

Issy "We are in Autumn now. All the leaves are all crunchy and crispy"

We then talked about all the different changes we have noticed around us at school, on our walk to school and at home.

Dexter "You can find conkers next to Shatterlocks and a massive leaf next to Bunkers Hill"

Ollie "The leaves are all falling off the trees"

Marsels "It's getting really windy and raining all the time"

Leo "when you get a conker yeah, you have to drill a hole through it and get a shoe lace. Then you can play a game and whack them at another one"

This discussion inspired some of us during 'plan do review' to create autumn collage pictures. We chose our own resources and materials from the Messy Area, including tissue paper, shiny paper, crepe paper, and glitter. We struggled to think of colours, until Lexi asked if we could go outside and look at the leaves. Miss Davidson took some of us out onto the playground and we looked at the different colour leaves, the shapes, patterns and collected them all up to bring inside. We then chose red, orange, brown and some green materials to collage with and added our leaves and helicopters too. We cut different shapes using the scissors and used the spatulas to paste the glue on when creating our collages.

Week beginning: 9th October 2017


Week 6: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

In Maths this week we have been learning to apply all the skills that we have been learning across this term. We engaged in different activities that allowed us to use our learnt skills such as ordering numbers, matching numerals to quantities, forming numerals, sorting and making pictures with 2D shapes, and exploring the Numicon resources. We enjoyed showing off all the things we have learnt.

Tyler "I've made 16 with a 10 and a 6, and I can make 22 look. I've got a 10, a 10 and a 2"

Amelia "I've made 11 and 12. I've got a 10 and then a 1 or a 2"

Dexter "Look Miss Davidson, I've put them all in order but its backwards, like a rocket blast off!"

Week Beginning: 9th October 2017


Star Reader of the Week

Star Reader of the Week 1
Star Reader of the Week 2

A very big well done to Macie-Mae and Toby-Marcus for reading above our year group target of 10 minutes.

Congratulations on getting your bronze award badges.

In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds 'p' 'i' and 'n'. We have been tracing over large chalk graphemes in the outdoor area using water and paintbrushes, before trying our very best to form each one correctly in our handwriting books. We have been using the special RWI rhymes to help us make sure we form each one correctly. Here are this weeks rhymes:

p - 'down the pirates plait and around his face'

i - 'down the insects body and a dot for his head'

n - 'down nobby and over his net'

We have attached a document containing all the Read Write Inc rhymes and a link to the correct pronunciation of each phoneme, so that you can help support your child with reading and writing at home.


Week beginning: 2nd October 2017

RWI Formation Rhymes

...and in a dark dark house some skeletons lived.

This week we have been exploring the funny bones stories. We have been sharing a range of different stories and talking about the characters and the story events. We then discussed the fact that our characters were skeletons and that we are all made of different bones. We learnt the different names to some of bones such as the spine and our ribs (we found the pelvis particularly funny!). We then created our very own skeleton pictures using straws which we cut to different lengths for each of our bones. Some of us also drew skeleton pictures using black card and chalks.

Week beginning: 2nd October 2017

On Wednesday 4th October, Reception joined the rest of the College in participating in No Pens Wednesday. For this we were not allowed to use a pen or pencil for the whole day and had to engage in a range of different activities. Initially, some of us found it a little challenging, as we really enjoy writing and drawing lots of pictures. However we developed a new range of skills through out this day and had lots of fun. We used technology such as the tablets and computer to draw different pictures and practised our scissors skills when cutting and sticking. We also took part in our first Guided Reading sessions. We read stories in groups, focussing on the different illustrations,  retelling them to our friends and acting them out in our role play areas. We improved our fine motor skills by making handwriting patterns with our fingers in the sand and creating models and 'cupcakes' with the play dough. Throughout the day we took part in a Song Times and shared different songs and rhymes with the rest of the class.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed No Pens Wednesday and cannot wait to take part again next year.


Week 5: We're Going on a Shape Hunt!

This week we have been Shape Spies and have been exploring 2D shapes. 

We have been talking about the different shapes that belong in this group and learnt the names of each of the shapes. We now know that 2D shapes are special because they are flat. When looking at different shapes we counted all the sides and the corners for each one, some even went up to having 8 sides! We enjoyed exploring outside and looking for different shapes within our school environment.  We created shape pictures, printed with shapes, matched and sorted different shapes and explored what happened when we put different shapes together .

Isabelle " a rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides"

Dexter "3 trapeziums makes like a recycle sign. It's a hexagon, because it has got 6 sides and has got 6 corners"

Edie "when we put 2 squares together it makes a rectangle"

Jake "a square has 4 straight sides and they are all the same"

Week Beginning: 2nd October 2017

Star Reader of the Week

Star Reader of the Week  1
Star Reader of the Week  2

A very big well done to Dexter, Leo, Destiny and Orson for reading for 15 minutes and therefore winning the star reader award for Busters Book Club. They all read 5 minutes over our year group target of 10 minutes.

Congratulations on getting your bronze award badges.


Week 4: Developing our number and phonics

This week we have been exploring numbers 1 to 10. We have been learning to use the resource Numicon to help us to identify numerals and their value. We have been counting out different amounts to 10 and even counting each other. In phonics, we have been learning the beginning of our Letters and Sounds programme; 's' 'a' and 't'. We have been practising forming them, thinking of words which have them as initial sounds and sorting them. We are enjoying phonics and have been learning little rhymes from Read Write Inc to help assist us in forming each grapheme. Here are this weeks rhymes to help us:

s - 'slither down the snake'

a - 'around the apple down the leaf'

t - 'down the tower across the tower'


In the afternoon we participate in child initiated and this is our favourite time to explore the outdoor environment. Here, we have been investigating and creating autumnal collages using natural resources, practising our gross motor skills such as balancing and jumping, and developing writing and number skills within a different environment.

Week Beginning: 25th September 2017

Learning for Life: Why do we need to brush our teeth?

During Learning for Life this week, we talked about the importance of brushing our teeth. We discussed how many times a day we brush our teeth and why it is incredibly important to brush them twice a day. We looked at some pretend teeth and talked about how we must brush our teeth in a circular motion to make sure we get all the plaque and bacteria. We then took turns and waited patiently to try and use the giant toothbrush to clean in big circles. Miss Davidson then explained to us that because it is very important, we have to brush our teeth at school. We were then all given a special toothbrush to use at school.

Week beginning: 18th September 2017

Term One: Magical Marvellous Me.

The Reception children have all settled in amazingly well during our first 2 weeks and we are now beginning our term topic. We are going to be talking all about ourselves, our families and the different things that we enjoy. We are going to be exploring our senses and learning the various parts of our bodies. We are also going to be beginning Letters and Sounds Phonics and become familiar with numerals from 1 to 10.

Week beginning: 6th September 2017

Our Learning Environments

Welcome to White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts!

Reception staff are keen to meet all our new children and we cannot wait to see how far they blossom across this year. We encourage you to check our website regularly for wonderful updates of our learning and activities and invite you to take a sneak peak at our exciting learning environments all ready and waiting for our new children.