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This year the Junior Road Safety Officers are Mitchell, Skie, Freya and Ashley.


Hello I'm Mitchell, I will be a good JRSO because I'm friendly, kind and safe around the roads.

Hi I'm Freya, I am going to be a good JRSO because I like to help children cross the roads. I will complete my roll as JRSO properly and safely.

Hello I'm Skie, I am going to be a good JRSO because I will make the school and the environment safer.

Hi I'm Ashley, I am going to be a good JRSO because I will help people stay safe on the roads.


Junior Road Safety Conference

On Wednesday 11th October we went to the JRSO conference at the Folkestone Council Offices. We learnt about lots of different areas of road safety such as 'Ditch the Distraction', 'Bviz' and 'Safer Places to Cross'. This year we are going to teach the whole college about being Safer on the road.

2016 - 2017 JRSO News:

Presentation Time


This year Lily, Amy and Kacper have worked very hard to raise awareness of road safety across the college. They have been presented with certificates to thanks them for their help in supporting road safety.’

Amy – ‘ It has been a great opportunity for us because we have learnt lots about being safe on and around the roads, we have taught other children about road safety and I hope I have inspired them to want to be a JRSO’s in the future.’

Kacper – ‘It has been great fun and really exciting teaching other children how to be safe on the roads’

Lily – ‘I have really liked being a JRSO and I have really enjoyed meeting and talking to lots of people that can teach me about road safety’

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Junior Road Safety Officers.

Junior Road Safety Officers. 1


This year’s Junior Road Officers (JRSO) are Amy, Lily and Kacper, these are the children that will be spreading the word of road safety.They will be attending a conference on Monday 17th October along with all of the other primary schools from the Dover and Folkestone area. At the conference the children will choose 3 of topics offered to them, they will choose the term in which we educate the rest of the school about the topic.


“I will be a good JRSO because, I look after and watch other people in the college and I like talking in a group and I think I will have lots of great ideas to share with the rest of the college.”


“I am a good JRSO because, I am a good listener, I’m kind and I’m careful when crossing the roads.”


“I will be a good JRSO because I will help people to be safe on the roads and teach them the rules of crossing the road, look, listen and cross and not to be silly on the roads.”

B-Viz Day 2016

B-Viz Day 2016 1


On Friday 25th November  Lily, Kacper and Amy are looking forward to holding a non-school uniform day, to make everyone as bright as they can be.

Junior Road Safety Conference

Junior Road Safety Conference 1


On Monday 17th October Lily, Amy and Kacper went to the Shepway district council offices for their conference along with lots of other schools. The children were given 55 different presentations they were:

  • Cycling helmets
  • Safer place to cross
  • Seatbelts and baby/child restraints
  • Distractions
  • Bviz

All of the children had to choose their favourite to then go on to teach the rest of their school. The children chose:

  • Bviz
  • Cycling helmets
  • Seatbelts and baby/child restraints

Amy, Lily and Kacper really enjoyed their day at the conference and are ready to get started with the planning of events within the college.

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