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Welcome to Year 1


Mr Uden

Miss Kippen

Miss Saxby

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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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If you see something you like, or wish to share some good news about your child's achievements at College, why not send us an email message by clicking this link:

Selected comments will be shared on our "Good News" page

"I do!"


In term 6 year 1 have been learning about Christian weddings and baptism. We decided to have a wedding in school. All the children were given a role and worked hard to research what their role entailed.


Marshal “I was the best man and had to give the bride and groom the rings”

Terry “I was an usher and had to tell people where to sit”

Nickalus “I was the vicar and had to marry the bride and groom”


We held the wedding in 1K and then went to 1U for our reception.


Elouise “I enjoyed being a wedding guest and doing lots of dancing”.

Mason “It was fun to be the groom”

Caitlyn “I was a bridesmaid and got to wear a pretty dress and carry flowers”

Our Marble Treat


1K have worked very hard to be polite, listen to adults, line up quietly and walk around the school nicely. As a result, they filled their marble jar and decided they wanted to be their treat to be a visit to Connaught Park.


Sophia “It was a lovely day out”

Harrison “We had so much fun”

Dylan “I liked laying in the sunshine”

Shayla “My favourite was playing on the slide”

Ivy “I liked bouncing on the zip wire”


Well done 1K Keep up the good work.

Orientation Afternoon


On Thursday 23rd June, our parents in year 1 came into school to learn with us. In 1K we were learning about the French painter Henri Rousseau. He painted jungle and rain forest scenes. We learnt that he never left France and all of his ideas came from the gardens of Paris and picture books. We work with our parents using water colours to create our own rainforest pictures.


Nicklaus- “My mummy made funny patters with the paint brush. My favourite rainforest animal is the Jaguar”.


Aaron- “My mummy is very good at painting”.

Fruit and Seeds


On Thursday 22nd June we were learning all about fruit and seeds.


Elouise “ Fruit has seeds in, so when the animals eat the seeds they move about. When they go to the toilet the seeds go into the ground to make a new tree”.


We looked at different fruits and did observational drawings of the different seeds in different fruits.

Should we save the rainforest?


On the 21st  June 1K became news reporters. We have been learning about the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. We were making arguments on why we think we should save the rainforest and not cut down the trees. We had to write out arguments in literacy and then report them in the news room.


Jessica- “Being a news reader was fun. I think we should save the rain forest because then the animals have somewhere to live”.

Grow Your Own


On Thursday 16th June we decided that our sunflowers had got a bit big for their pots. We went up to the garden and carefully re-potted them into bigger pots.


Byron – “We need to replant them so there is space for their roots to grow” 

Aaron  - “I like getting the soil on my hands” 


We put our sunflowers into bigger pots and put sticks in to tie our sunflowers too.


Terry “ They are really floppy and need some help to stand up”.

Dividing Coconuts


In the week beginning Monday 13th June, 1K have been learning about division.


Jessica – “division is easy it is just sharing numbers”.

 Fifi – “ I am good at sharing”.


We have been learning to share objects using division number sentences and word problems. We shared the coconuts between the monkeys. We also worked out if lizard has 6 bananas and he wanted to share them with his 2 friends they would get 2 bananas each.


Nishen – 6 divided by 3 = 2”

Samba Carnival


On Thursday 9th June, we  also had a samba carnival like the carnivals in Brazil. We listened and danced to carnival music. We also made Brazilian carnival  masks.


Jayden – “ We made masks, it was fun, I used feathers and gems and coloured paper to decorate mine.” 

Courtney – “ My mask is purple with foam and gems. I drew eyelashes using felt tips so it looks pretty”.

Multiplying Monkeys


In week 1, 1K have been very busy. In maths we have been learning to multiply using assays. We made grids with monkeys who we are learning about in our topic ‘Brazil’. We also put windows onto shanty town houses.


Marita – “I like doing my times tables, 2 x 3 = 6 and 3 x 3 = 9”


Exploring Trees


On Wednesday 18th May children in year 1 were exploring trees. They were sorting tress into categories of evergreen and deciduous. They looked at the properties of the leaves on each tree and used this information to sort the trees. “Evergreen trees say green” Byron,  The leaves are thick and they break” Jessica, “The leaves are shiny” Marissa. “Decidous trees the leaves are bendy” Jessica, “the leaves are bigger” Fifi, “the leaves fall off in winter” Elouise.

Christian Saints


On Tuesday 17th May year 1 children continued to look at the Christian saints. They explored the work of St Francis of Assisi and his love of animals and the environment. They used a cardboard tube, felt and paper to make a model of the Saint to celebrate his life and work.

Fun with Food


On Friday 13th May year one practiced the skills needed for preparing food. They had to mash potatoes “Harrison said that he needed to use his strong muscles to mash the potatoes”. They also tried peeling carrots and cutting cucumbers. Caitlyn said the peeling was hard but she would practice. We also discussed the importance of hygiene when preparing food and that we needed to wash our hands before we started preparing food and also wash up all our tools when we have finished.

How to use a compass


On Thursday 12th May Year 1 were learning to use a compass. They had to label the points of a compass and then use a map and compass to trek across the playground to find Hamish the cat who was hiding in a golden box.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Assembly


On Friday 6th May year 1K performed the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ in their assembly to parents. Mr Grinling the light house keeper is very cross because the seagulls Tom, Fred and Bert keep stealing his lunch. Together with his wife Mrs Grinling and Hamish their cat Mr Grinling comes up with a plan to trck the seagulls into eating mustard sandwiches so they never steal his lunch again. The children worked very hard practicing their lines and acting. They also made their own puppets to use and made plastic lighthouse cups and practices weaving Mrs Grinlings baskets to show to their parents. Dylan said afterwards “ That was fun. can we do it again?” 

Monarchy Day


On Thursday 21st April, 1K made sandwiches because we have been learning about the light house keeper and how the scavenging seagulls stole his lunch. We decided that it because was Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday we would help to celebrate with our own picnic in the playground eating our own sandwiches we had made. We are all very happy in the sunshine and waved our union jacks  proudly.

Our Lighthouse Trip!


In term 5 the children in year 1 will be exploring the light house keepers lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. On Tuesday 19th April year 1 went on a trip to South Foreland Light House to see what it was like for the light house keeper and his family. They learnt that the light house keeper was Mr Knot and his wife and that they had 13 children. They also discovered that the light house was 170 years old. The children had a tour of the light house and had to draw light house pictures as well as carrying out daily activities that they light house keeper would have to do. These included washing the windows, signalling in Morse code and  waving flags at the ships to pass them messages.  

What does capacity mean?


On Monday 18th April. The children in year 1 began to discover the meaning of capacity and describe capacity using the mathematical vocab full, empty, half full and quarter full. The children had time to explore how to fill different sized containers with different amounts of water and then recorded this in their maths books.

Year 1's Engineering Skills


On Friday 15th April the children in year 1 discovered their engineering skills when they made light houses. They had to cut and glue two cups together and decorate with stripes, create a rocky base and remember to make the light shine bright.

Washing Hands


On Thursday 14th April Year 1 were exploring how important it is to wash you hands with warm and soapy water to get rid of germs and keep them healthy. The children had to cover their hands in Vaseline and dip them in glitter and sprinkles. They then had to wash it off. They soon realised how many germs they get on their hands and how much you have to scrub your hands to get them off!

Quarter of Quantities


On Tuesday 12th April year 1 were using fractions. They were finding ¼ of different quantities. The children were using chocolate cubes and sharing them among the scavenging seagulls from the book The light house keepers lunch.

Ladybird Spots


This week we have been learning to double numbers. We had to use counters to create spots on a ladybird. Then we doubled the spots so the ladybird had the same number of spots on each side.  

Achieving Our Goals


In PSHE we have been looking at achieving our goals. We all set ourselves a goal at the start of term and concealed them in a box. We are going to look at them at the end of term to find out if we achieved our target. We have also been looking at how to solve problems. We used drama to try to understand how we could tackle issues such as sharing, being fair and being kind.

The Victorian Times


Our topic this term is the Victorians. We have been learning all about life for children living in the Victorian times. We made peg dolls, Victorian children would have made and played with their own peg dolls too.

In maths we have been learning to count in 2’s 5’s and 10’s. We have played different games to help us learn our times tables and we especially like to use the splat board to turn the different times tables different colours.

Yummy Gingerbread Men!


In year 1 we have been looking at fairy tales. We wrote out own recipes for making gingerbread men and then followed these instructions to make real gingerbread men.

Straw and Order


The donkeys and the cows were arguing about who should be allowed to stay in the stable. Judge Grumps was getting very annoyed with them so the narrator decided to tell them the story of Jesus. Judge Grumps met lots of characters including some cool shepherds, some dancing sheep, the bickering innkeepers, an angel choir and some self-important wise men. All the characters were amazed by the peace and love that the baby Jesus brought to the world, so much so that all of the squabbling stopped.


Key Stage 1 loved practising and performing their play to the whole school and their parents.

Our trip to Dover Transport Museum


Year One's topic this term has been 'Transport', to help us with this we went on a class trip to the Dover Transport Museum. We saw lots of different types of old transport, police cars and fire engines to name a few.


Ksawery - 'I loved going on top of the old bus'


Mia - 'I liked pressing the button to make the trains move'




In year 1 we have been practicing our number bonds to 10. We hid counters under cups and had to guess how many were hidden by counting how many were left and using our number bonds to work out the answer. We also used peg boards to show our number bonds to 10 using different coloured pegs. Finally we had to give a lady bird 10 spots using our number bonds to create patterns on the lady bird.


In PSHE we have been learning about listening and how to be a good listener. We discussed how it made us feel if people didn’t listen to us, why it is important to listen to others and how to show others we are listening to them.


In science we are learning bout materials. We had to sort materials based on their properties. Hard or soft, rigid or bendy and shiny or dull.



How do you count?


This week Year 1 have been exploring different ways to count. We tried counting in 2’s and counting in 5’s. Counting in 5’s was very tricky.   

Picture 1

Fun with Fossils

This week we have been learning about Mary Anning.

Roving Reporter Lloyd: “It has been fun learning about Mary Anning because I found a fossil too and really enjoyed twisting the clay to make one, I can’t wait to paint it next week”

Picture 1

Year 1 continued to explore dinosaurs this week and found out about Mary Anning an important palaeontologist in Britain. Lilly-Mae produced outstanding work and explained who she was to the rest of the school in celebration assembly.


Picture 1


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Ksawery worked really well at home and completed his home learning activity finding how many long objects are.

“Measuring was fun , we used cubes and then a ruler to find how long things in the classroom were. It was hard to use a ruler at first but you have to remember to put the thing at 0 and not the end of the ruler” Alexxus


Balancing in PE
Picture 1

“I liked doing balances this week in PE. I enjoyed using all parts of my body to create interesting shapes” – Lilly-Mae

Roving Reporters update for 1U

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Dinosaur Dentists

Year one children have been exploring subtraction. They were dinosaur dentists and had to extract the correct amount of marshmallow teeth from the dinosaurs mouth to work out their subtraction number sentence.

Elouise. “ I made a long spikey dinosaur out of play dough”


Mason “ We used shapes to build a dinosaur”


Courtney “ I built a 3D an Ankylosaurus out of wooden shapes”


Harrison and Fifi “ We dressed up as film stars during child initiated learning time”.


This week our roving reporter Nishen has reported on starting year 1.


“ I have really liked reading the story Tyrannosaurus drip. SO far year 1 has been really fun. I like playing with my friends outside. In science I liked building a crazy animal using the computer. In maths I could show Miss Kippen that I could count by sticking the right number of stickers on a page and counting them. I really like year 1!”


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College Councillors


Our college councillor in 1K is Jessica.

Picture 1
Our College Councillors in 1U are Charlie and Lilly-Mae
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Roving Reporters

Our roving reporters in 1K are Nishen and Sophia.

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