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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Wow Day - Term 6 - Travels around the World


This term Year One's topic is going to be 'Travels around the World'. We will be covering stories and traditional tales from different continents in English. In topic we will be looking at the globe and maps and pictures of the earth. In science we will be looking at different animals, different climates and weather around the globe. The children also expressed an interest in hearing some different languages. 

On our WOW Day, the children first made a passport, which is going to help us travel around the world this term. Then we tasted a range of fruit from around the world, including pineapple, mango and prunes. Next we painted some pictures of different trees from around the world. Last on our WOW day we listened to 'Let it go' Frozen and 'How far I'll go' Moana in a range of different languages. The children really enjoyed listening to the different languages on songs that they are so familiar with.


This week (17th May) the school have had some playground markings added to both of the children's playgrounds. Over the course of the afternoon the children kept coming out of the classrooms to look at the progress made by the painters. Some of the children even chose to watch the painting instead of going out onto the field during their playtime. We all watched as the painters used a flame to melt the paint onto the playground. The children loved watching their playground markings being made!

The Lighthouse Keeper 


In Term 5 our book focus is 'The Lighthouse Keeper'. We acted out one of the Lighthouse Keeper stories that is all about Pirates. The children were very eager and energetic about their acting and were happy to play the role of Pirate in their drama.


One of our favourite Lighthouse Keeper books from the series was 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch'. In this story the pesky seagulls steal Mr Grinling's lunch and him and Mrs Grinling have to think up a plan to stop them. The children had some excellent ideas about what they would have done to stop the birds. We made some sandwiches just like the ones that Mr Grinling had in his sandwiches.


We have been looking at seeds. We all read the instructions on the packet of seeds and then were able to follow the instructions as a group. We planted cress. The cress seeds came home a few weeks later and the children were keen to show them to their parents. The children could also remember the things that we needed to help the seeds grow. 



We started looking at multiplication and what that word means. The children now can tell us that multiplication also means times or lots of something. They learnt that 3 lots of 5 means the same as 3 x 5. They were able to look at their questions and decide that they needed a 5 Numicon piece and that they would need 3 of them to work out their answer.  Over the course of the week the children transferred their ideas from Numicon into arrays (dots) on their page. They are all now very good at their arrays. Great work Year 1.

Wonderful Work


These two children did some incredible writing retelling the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Catastrophe in Week 1 of Term 5. As well as writing some super adjectives and conjunctions they remembered their capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. They took their work to Mrs Fotheringham who rewarded their hard work with a prize each from her box. Well done to them!

Picture 1 Logan and Archie

Term 5 - WOW Day - Wonderful Town of Dover


On Wow Day Term 5  Year One started by drawing a mini St. Radigunds map. Each of us made a house that we placed on a map of St Radigunds. We had to place the house, not where we lived, but where we want to live, either by the triangle centre, the shops, the hospital or the school. Reasons for choices ranged from 'I like going to the shops' to 'I want to live near school so I am not late!'


Also on Wow Day we followed a treasure hunt. It was to help us get used to look at and reading maps. At each cross on the map we found a part of a photo of Dover. Some of the photos were old and some were new but we had to find all the pieces to make the pictures.  We did this very well and enjoyed building the picture puzzle and also doing the hunt for the pieces.


The last thing that we did on Wow Day was used a pulley. This term we are going to be looking at the Lighthouse Keeper Stories and built a pulley to show how Mr Grinling got his lunch every day. We had to deliver some food to the children who were at the bottom of our lighthouse. We enjoyed using the pulley just like Mr and Mrs Grinling.



Term 4 Science - Our Senses


This term we have been using our senses. This week (Week 5) we have been using our sense of smell.

We had to decide what the smell, that was hidden in the bottle, was. We had the smells of vanilla, lemon, mint and coffee. We were able to work out what all the smells were and we made a graph based on which were our favourites.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Fabulous Artwork


Today we had a look at a painting from 1666's Fire. We tried our best to draw the houses and the flames but we only used our pencils. In the picture we could see houses, people, animals, horses and carts. We found it tricky sometimes to only draw what we could see.

The Great Fire of London


This Term (Term 4) we are going to be learning about The Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. We are going to be understanding what life was like in those days, where London was and how the fire started and spread. We are also going to use what we are learning in Science (senses) to help us with our understanding of the topic.

Picture 1

Amazing Work!


These two children went to see Mrs Fotheringham today (8th Feb) as they had done some beautiful independent writing. They were able to use their phonics and finger spacers to help them in their work. Well done to them!

Picture 1

How To Share


We have been looking at how to share. We started sharing cubes into little piles of 2 to see how many each friend got when we shared sweets. When we got the hang of this we started sharing our cubes into piles of 4 and 3 for if we had more friends. We also have been using these skills practically. We needed to tidy the sticks away equally and used our sharing skills to do this.

The Tin Forest


This week (29th January) we have been looking of the story of 'The Tin Forest'. In the story an old man makes a forest and animals out of tin. Then wished that the animals would come to life. In art this week we created some of the characters from the story and then put on a puppet show for Miss Hopgood.

What Fantastic Work!


Today (25th January) some children did some extra special work in their writing books and they got to go and see Mrs Fotheringham. Mrs Fotheringham was so impressed with their work that they were allowed a special sticker and were allowed to choose a prize from her box. Well done!
Picture 1

Looking At Nets

This week (21st January) we have been looking at 3D shapes and their faces. We got the big 3D shapes and unfolded them into their nets to be able to see the faces more easily. Then we refolded them into their shape and named them. We were amazed by the shapes folding and unfolding! 

How Can We Record?


As part of our ICT this term we have been looking at different ways to record. Today (16th Jan) we started recording some of our favourite toys from the classroom and took photos of our toys. We had to set them up as if we were half way through playing with the toys. Some of the pictures look brilliant, well done Year 1.

Term 3's Topics


This Term (Term 3) Year 1 are learning about the Victorians and comparing toys, schools, kitchens and the lives of Victorian children compared to ourselves. In Science we are going to looking at the differences between seasons, the weather they bring and the things that happen in each season.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Christmas Craft Day


On Christmas Craft day, 1st December we made lots of different things. We made elves for our hoop ( which hangs in the hall), we made a long paper chain which is up in our classroom, we did some Christmas themed painting and we made lovely Christmas cards which look like a Christmas tree.

What Will Keep The Lego Man Dry?


Today (27.11.17) we did an experiment in science. First we predicted which of the different types of paper would keep the Lego Man dry. Then we did the experiment. We put a Lego man in a pot and made a roof using different types of paper. Then we dripped water on top to see which of the paper made him the best tent. We decided that the newspaper made the best tent because it was shiny only the outside of the paper got wet and it kept the Lego man dry.

Different Ways To Draw


This week, (13th of November) we did some Art where we had to try different types of moving. We did colouring on paper at windows, using a train to drag a pencil and we even tried drawing upside-down!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt


This week 1st November we have been looking at 'We are going on a bear hunt'. In PE we made our bodies into the different actions from the stories. We were tall like the forest and splashed trough the river and the oozy mud. Mrs Fotheringham even came in to see what we were doing because we'd been shouting 'We're going on a bear hunt' so loud she wanted to join in!

Picture 1

Dinosaur Diets


This week (9th October) we have been looking at the different diets of dinosaurs and how we know this. Some of us wrote what we thought about the dinosaurs and their diets and some of us sorted the dinosaurs into their categories.

Number Bonds


This week (2nd October) Year 1 have been looking at number bonds to 10. We used Numicon to make 10 and then wrote the number sentence that does with it. Here are some that we made. 

Orientation Afternoon


This week (18/09/2017) Year 1 had their Orientation Afternoon. It was lovely to see so many parents come to spend time with their children and see what they were learning in school. We spend some time working on a worksheet with out parents and then we were able to show them our environment. 

Numicon Patterns


This week (11/09/17) year one have been looking at patterns. We have been able to see 2,3 and 4 repeating colour patterns with numicon pieces. We also were able to do this in our independent learning time with pegs, bears and lego.