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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Den Building


Year 1 had a fantastic time on the field on Friday creating their own dens for the day. We broke up into groups and begun building our dens and then used cardboard to join them together using tunnels. We had to think hard and use our D.T. skills to think of ways to join the cardboard and we got busy with masking tape, duct tape and we used pegs to connect the sheets as a roof. There was a seating area that we carpeted with cardboard, a tipi, a boat and at one point our very own Stone Henge! In the morning, we sheltered from a passing raincloud and then had great fun at the end of the day stomping it all at down to the ground to help tidy up.

Where Will Edna Go?


Edna the penguin is fed up with the cold and the fact that the only colours she sees are the black of the night, the white of the snow and the blue of the sea. So she decides to go on an adventure to explore new climates and colours of the world. Year 1 are going to help Edna on her journey around the world, they will explore the desert, but this is too hot for her and she wants somewhere damp, they will next go to the rainforest but it is too enclosed, finally they will try the mountains but Edna is scared of goats! Through their maths, reading, writing and more Year 1 are going to help Edna find the colour she is looking for.


In weeks 1 and 2, Year 1 have been learning all bout Edna’s home of Antarctica. We did our own fact finding and used this to create fact files. We also discussed Edna’s story “A Penguin Story” by Antoinette Portis. We looked at how Edna was feeling because she could only find 3 colours in her life, blue, black and white. We explored how to mix colours and make secondary colours from the primary colours. We have also started to explore the seasons in the UK and look at how the seasons affect us. We have helped Edna to pack her suitcase to take on her trip. Planning what she will need to wear based on the climate. We are going to help Edna find more colours and next week we are off to the Himalayas…… We wonder what Edna will find there?

Orienteering Fun


On 16th May, Year 1 had a Topic and PE morning doing orienteering. We had to work together in our teams to find the numbers on our orienteering map. We then had to collect the correct letter from the number to spell words. The words we found were lighthouse, Grinling, seagull and catastrophe. These words are all linked to our English work on The Lighthouse Keeper Mr Grinling and his adventures. We had a great time and were using our map reading and team skills to finish the orienteering map.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Year 1 Assembly to Parents


My name is William Shakespeare. The 23rd of April was world Shakespeare day, a celebration of my life. I was a British actor and playwright. I was born in 1564 in Stratford – upon - Avon. When I was twenty I moved to London. I had a beautiful wife called Anne and 3 children, Susanna and twins Judith and Hamnet. I died on my birthday, the 23rd April 1616, I was 52 years old. Over my life time I wrote 38 plays. Some were histories, some were tragedies and some were comedies. My actors are going to perform a play for you today. This is A Midsummer Night’s dream.

Orientation Afternoon


On 27th April our parents came in for orientation afternoon. We showed them around our new classrooms and the new building. We also worked together with them to practice weaving. This is how baskets are made and Mrs Grinling used a basket to send Mr Grinling his lunch every day. We had to weave coloured paper together to make art.


Sophia “ Toweave you have to go under then over then under then over”

Isabell “Weaving makes pretty patterns”

Cupcakes in Maths!


In week 3 we have been exploring division with Miss Tierney. She made it extremely fun as we used art in maths! We had to decorate a cupcake with different toppings. We had to be careful to make sure that each cupcake had the same amount of toppings. We had to use division to make sure we shared the toppings equally between the cupcakes. Sadly they were real so we couldn’t eat them.

Exploring Multiplication


In Maths over weeks 1 and 2 we were exploring multiplication. We learnt that the ‘x’ symbol means groups of. We used Numicon to help use create ‘groups of’ to solve our multiplication number sentences. We also used the array method to work out the number problems. We have really enjoyed multiplication.


Dylan “ I liked using the arrays best”

Ryley “ 7 groups of 2 is 14”

Building A Setting


In English we are looking at the adventures of Mr Grinling and Hamish the cat. We have been discussing what a setting is and where the setting is in The Light House Keeper stores. To help us explore our ideas for writing we made our own settings. We then used these settings to think of exciting adjectives to use in our writing and then wrote a description of the setting.

Special Meals


On 20th April, Year 1 were exploring how special meals are used as part of religious celebration. We set our own special table in the classroom and wrote about our own personal experiences of special celebration.


“When it is my best friend’s birthday and we all had a special table. We had a table cloth with petals on it The petals had glitter on.” Eppi

Picture 1

This term year 1 are finding out what happens when you get lost. They will be exploring how a light house works and the adventures of The Light House Keeper Mr Grinling. He is plagued by the pesky seagulls. They will be learning about maps, what we use them for, how they help us find where we are going and we will also be making our own maps. In PE we will be exploring the skills needed to play tennis. We are also going to explore how plants grow and attempt to grow our own beans.

Year One Goes To Sandwich


We went to Sandwich because we have been looking at the Great Fire of London in our topic lessons. We wanted to look at the houses because they were like the ones in London in 1666. We noticed that the houses are made of wood and squashed together. Some of the roads were paved with cobbles. After we had a walk around Sandwich we had a lovely picnic on our picnic blankets. We even had a visit from Superworm! Once we had finished eating we went to the park. We had a fantastic day.


Henley- After lunch we all liked playing in the park.

Summer- I liked going down the slide and I liked going down the fireman poles because I was having a really good time with my friends.

Kimberley- We went to the park.

Maison- I enjoyed looking for wood on all the houses.

Igor- I played with Danilla on the swings.

Mercedez- Thank-you Miss Lavender for pushing us on the roundabout.

Ethan- The houses were close together.

Kenley- The houses had golden decorations.

Ky’anna- Some of the houses were made of wood.

Olivia- The windows at the top were poking out.

Charlie- The streets in Sandwich were narrow like the streets in 1666.

Jasmine-When we had lunch the flowers were beautiful.

Electra – The houses were very close together and some were made of wattle and dwarb.

Ryley – When we were stamping on the floor the worms thought it was raining.

Jacob – Yes and the worms came up so the birds could eat them.

Dylan – It was very fun because Danny, Harley, Alex and I were playing on the turtle and it made us dizzy.

Danny – I liked going on the roundabout and pushing other children.

Sophia – I like it when the houses were all squished together.

Lenny – We went down a tiny alley called Holy Ghost Alley.

Alex – Mr Elgar got stuck in the small alley.

Danila – I was climbing on the blue climbing frame.

Isabell – I was playing with the swings and helping to push Ruby.

Faith – Saw the Jetty on the Tudor houses.

Gerry – The houses used a Jetty to make more space in the room upstairs.

Demi – They had to pay (taxes) for the bottom bit of their house so they made it smaller.

Tommy – I saw carvings on the doors. One was a dragon.

Paige – the doors were heavy and made of wood.

Harley – I liked playing on the slide.

Caleb – I liked playing on the turtle because it went up and down.

Celise – Walked in a line because the streets were so small.

Ruby – I really liked the roundabout.

Kyle – The streets were very narrow.

Lexi – I liked playing on the baby swings.

Tingling Taste Buds


On 16th March Year 1 were exploring their taste buds. We have been studying senses in science this term. We tried a variety of foods including honey, olives, radish, lemon and prawn cocktail crisps! We had to put the foods into groups depending on their taste.

Jacob – "The honey was sweet."

Electra – "The lemon was disgusting."

Alex – "I liked the lemon."

Paige – "The radish was really spicy!"

Lenny – "The radish was very hot."

Faith – "The olive was salty."

Year 1 Marble Treat!


Year One had a fantastic time on their marble treat trip to Kidz Planet this week. As a reward for our excellent behaviour and filling our marble jar, we got to choose our own activity and we asked to go to Kidz Planet. There was alot of excitement on the journey and when we were there we couldn’t wait to get our shoes off and go and play.

Jasmine and Mercedez really enjoyed the train ride and Harley was great at climbing. Jaydon found the football pitch near the top and was practicing his goal scoring whereas Kyle enjoyed firing the cannons at the aliens. After a busy morning and a hectic hunt for our shoes, we returned to school well and truly worn out! What a fun filled morning we had.

Julia Donaldson Book Reviews


This week (commencing: 06/03/17) Year 1 have been enjoying the fun filled stories written by Julia Donaldson. From, Room on the Broom to Superworm, we've heard them all. We created our own Superworm inspired character and then began to think about our favourite book ready to write a book review. We found out that a review is a way of sharing our opinions; saying what we like or dislike about a book. We all put in our best effort and wrote some fabulous reviews.

Book Week


This week (commencing: 27/02/17) Year 1 have been on a journey into the topsy-turvy world of Mr Man and Little Miss. We have a fantastic time all week designing and describing our own Mr Men characters, planning a story and making improvements on the computer and finally designing our front covers. Our creations were then printed into our very own class Mr men library. We have had great fun reading our own stories to each other and sharing our writing.


On the Friday we had such fun dressing up as our favourite characters, such as; Mr. Bump, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Princes and Mr. Grumpy.

Pudding Lane Maths


To link with our London’s Burning topic we have been spending our pennies in The Pudding Lane Bakery (before it burnt down)! We each had a bakery item that we had to find the right pennies to pay for. Some of us were counting using 1p’s and others moved onto counting in 2’s using 2p’s. We showed the amounts using numicon first. Next we are going to work out how much to buy more than one item.


Charlie- "I am proud that I can count in 2s."

Igor- "For 6p its 5p and a 1p."

Jasmine- "I can show the numicon shape for 10p."

Year One are learning,

Year One are learning,

About the Great Fire,

About the Great Fire,



Julia Donaldson,

Julia Donaldson.


This Term Year One are building upon their knowledge of written work in order to develop their writing skills across all areas of the London’s Burning topic. We learn to sequence the events of the Great Fire in Topic lessons, as well as developing an understanding of time and events in Maths. The fire famously started in The Pudding lane bakery, where we will be making purchases to help with our work on money and addition.

We look at the fabulous books by Julia Donaldson and will create some great characters of our own in English lessons as well as being catapulted into the topsy-turvy world of The Mr. Men and Little Miss during Book Week.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Quex Park Trip


Today (27/01/17) Year 1 embarked on a journey of discovery. We went to Quex Park Museum and Gardens to look closely at animals and find out more about explorers and scientists. We learnt about the story of Percy Cotton, an adventurer who was attacked by a lion in Africa, in an exciting story telling workshop. We got the chance to get hands on with a real lion's paw and then explored the museum and all the artefacts. Some of us were a bit scared of the animals at first but we soon learnt that taxidermy was a great way for Victorians to show people in U.K  what amazing creatures lived in other countries. After a tasty lunch we roamed around the gardens and got a chance to look around a Victorian Garden, just like the ones we have learnt about in Topic this term.


Here are some of our thoughts on the day-

Ella- I liked touching the lions paw and lion’s fur because it was nice and soft but his claws were a little bit sharp.

Summer- I liked colouring in the museum. I drew an African village.

Henley- I liked the Jungle Book part. I saw Shere Khan and Baloo the bear.

Jasmine- Hannah was Percy's wife, she liked collecting butterflies.

Charlie- I like the lion where it had attacked the buffalo, there was blood. I found out the names of the animals by looking at the numbers. I saw a waterhog.

Maison- I liked playing outside in the Victorian Garden.

James- My favourite part was when I saw the lion's bones.

Kimberley- I liked the museum and the butterflies.

Kenley- I have found out what the bones of and elephant looks like.

Ethan- We had a look around the garden and hid in the den.

William- I liked where we looked at the lion and told the story.

Lilly- I liked feeling a real lion’s paw.

Igor- I can see lots of different monkeys.

Tyler- I liked going on the school trip because I liked eating lunch with everyone.

Dylan – I had a super good school day.

Lenny – I liked seeing the stuffed monkeys on the little branches.

Ryley - I like the museum because I liked the giraffe.

Danila – I liked seeing the garden. It was good for running and playing.

Jacob – I liked the lion eating the buffalo.

Sophia – Percy uniform was ripped at the back because he was attacked by a lion.

Electra – I liked writing the story about Percy’s adventure in Africa.

Demi – I liked looking at the lion king and queen.

Celise – I liked the monkeys.

I liked the pictures of the Powell – Cotton Family.

Seth the Spaniel


On Tuesday 24th January year 1 had a very special visit from Seth the Spaniel puppy. He is one year old and came in with his human Kelly, who is a veterinary nurse. We had a lovely morning with Seth giving him his annual health check. Kelly taught us how to use the stethoscope to listen to his heart; how to check his teeth; how to look after his paws and how to scan for his chip if he got lost. We also talked about what foods are poisonous to dogs and other animals to make sure we are feeding him the right things. We asked Kelly lots of questions about how we can look after our own pets at home. Seth had a brilliant time as we all made a fess of him and he even managed to clear up the crumbs of toast dropped at breakfast club. Thank you for coming to visit us Seth and Kelly.


“ I touched his head” – Celise

“I checked his ears were nice and clean” – Isabell

“I was stroking on his back and on his head” – Tommy

“We were looking at his teeth to see if they were nice and shiny” – Faith

“We counted Seth’s teeth. Puppies can’t brush their own teeth” – Gerry

Write Dance


This term Year One have been using the Write Dance scheme in P.E. We are working on our dance moves in order to help our gross motor skills. Then, we use the moves that we learn in the dance and put them to practice on paper. We have learnt a volcano dance already.


Summer- We make big volcanoes by drawing with pens in two hands. We did it on the floor! First we had to draw our mountains, then we had to draw rocks coming out of the sky. Then we had to draw some stripy shapes, it was the lava. It is fun because we get to dance a lot.


Kimberley- We have to draw the rocks and the rain. For the rain we have to draw lines. We listen to music and you have to do mountains dancing.


William- You had to do the rain at the end of the dance. You had to sprinkle your fingers up and down. On the floor we went up and down with our pens. We drew volcanoes.

The Traditional Creation Story


On Tuesday 17th January we carried on with our exploration of creation and the traditional creation story. We have learnt a song to help us remember what God created on which day. We had to work together in a team of 3 to create a collage of the creation story. We each had to create one day within our group. We all worked together and have enjoyed making our own version of the Christian creation story.

Why Do We Have Friends?


On Thursday 12th January Year 1 have been think about why we have friends. Here are some of our ideas.


Electra – so we don’t feel lonely.

Gerry – So we can play.

Sophia – So we don’t feel sad.

Jacob – I have lilly to play with me so I don’t feel sad.

Ryley – So when we fall over they can help.

Demi – SO they can cheer us up.


We then started thinking about our friends in the classroom and what made them a special person, what they were good at and why they were our friends. We wrote about each other telling our friends what we thought they were good at.


Jacob is good at maths – Danila

Harley is good at English – Danny

Faith is good at cheerleading – Sophia

Dylan is good at pie face – Kyle

Sophia is good at cutting – Faith

Danila is good at building lego – Jacob

Electra is good at being brave when her teeth fall out – Gerry

Lenny is good at boxing – Tommy

Kyle is good at doing races – Dylan

Celise helps me when I fall over – Ryley

Gerry is good at hide and seek – Demi.

Making Our Own Bird Feeders


On Wednesday 11th January Year 1 made bird feeders. We have been observing the different birds that live in our local area and discovering what they eat. We knew it was getting colder so we made some feeder to help our birds find food and therefor stay warm.

Our Differences


We have been looking at our differences and what is different about us to those in our class. Here are some of our thoughts and ideas.


Faith – I am a girl and Kyle is a boy.

Celise – Lexi has freckles.

Electra – Danila comes from Latvia.

Lexi – Miss Kippen has yellow curly hair.

Lenny – Dylan has small teeth.

Kyle – Electra has glasses.

Tommy – Lenny has brown hair short at the back.

Demi – Celise has blue eyes and I have brown.

Danny – I have darker knuckles than Harley.

Dylan – Me and Ryley have different colour eyes. Mine are brown, Ryleys are blue.

Isabell – We both have brown hair but Faith has a fringe.

Caleb – Danny has black hair.

Jacob – I have brown hair.

Danila – Caleb has brown eyes.

The Creation Story


In RE this term we are learning about creation. On 10th Tuesday We first wanted to understand what create means and what it feels like to create something. Not only through the physical process but how it makes you feel afterwards. We were given a bit of plastercine, a pipe cleaner, 3 feathers, 2 googly eyes and a straw and had to create our very own creature. Here are some of the amazing creature we came up with. We are very proud of them.

Victorian Timeline


On Monday 9th January we were looking at Queen Victoria. We are learning about the Victorian times this term and wanted to know more about the monarch who reigned. We learnt lots of interesting facts about her and used these to create our very own timeline of her life from 1819 when she was born until 1861 when her beloved husband Albert died breaking her heart.

Back in Time – The Victorians


This term year one are going ‘Back in Time’. They will visit magical worlds in Literacy by examining traditional tales and fairy stories and learn about life in Victorian Britain They will become scientists like Charles Darwin and examine birds of the British Isles whilst discovering how to lead like Queen Victoria. In RE we will create and explore how Christians believe the world was created. Our handwriting will get better and better as we practice our letters through write dance and fine motor skills. In art we will work together, sewing and stitching to create a class masterpiece.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Father Christmas Came To Year 1!!


Today, Friday 16th December, Father Christmas came to visit! He parked his sleigh on the roof, and wiggled down the chimney into the office. He made such a mess. He came to visit the children to find out what they would like for Christmas and to deliver our Christmas cards from other children in the school. We all said hello and some of us even had a cuddle too!


Merry Christmas from Year 1!

Christmas Party Day


On Wednesday 14th December, we had our Christmas party. We played lots of party games, including pass the parcel, in the classroom! We then went into the hall and ate lots of party food and then played lots of dancing games. We had so much fun with the whole of Key Stage 1 and we went home very hyper for our mummies and daddies!

Numicon Orientation


On Monday 12th December, Year 1 invited their parents in for the afternoon to learn about Numicon and how we use it in lessons. We learnt that we can use Numicon at home even though we don't have the shapes; we could make it with our pasta, peas or even toast! We had lots of different activities to do including adding, subtracting, weighing and pattern making. Now our mummies and daddies can help us with our homework!

Away In A Manger


Year 1 have been practising their Nativity performance for weeks and finally on Wednesday 7th December, we were able to show all of the pupils and even our mums and dads in the afternoon. We retold the story of the grumpy donkey, who was called Maurice, that lived in the stable where Jesus was born. Maurice's stable had lots of unwanted visitors when he was trying to get some sleep! But eventually Mary and Joseph arrived and had the baby Jesus. All of the animals were very pleased and even Maurice was less grumpy than before. Year 1 performed amazingly; they knew all of their lines and sung the songs beautifully. They made us all very proud!

Christmas Craft Day


Today, Friday 2nd December, was Christmas Craft Day and Year 1 had a wonderful day! We have really concentrated and used lots of different skills to make our Christmas crafts. We had to paint our Kings bodies and then their heads, then we had to stick on our beards and hair and decorate our Kings so they looked royal and glorious. Then we started making our Filipino Parol; these are a traditional Christmas decoration in the shape of a star from the Philippines. We had to make the tassels using crepe paper and pipe cleaners and then decorate the stars with brightly coloured cellophane so the light can shine through them and make beautiful patterns. We had so much fun listening to Christmas songs and doing all of our crafts.


Summer- "I liked making the parol the best because I could use lots of different colours."

Jaydon- "We really had to concentrate to make the star decoration because it was small."

"Ky'anna- "I liked making the Kings."

Tommy- "My King's got a Mohawk!"

Demi- "I put lots of gems on my King to make him look special."

Pizza Express!


1K went to Pizza Express today (Tuesday 29th November) for their class marble treat! The children were lucky enough to be able to make their our own pizzas and then take them back to school for their lunch!! They had a lovely day and would like to thank the Pizza Express staff for all their help today.


Electra- "We used 2 fingers to push the dough to make the crust."

Demi- "We threw the dough in the air to make a circle."

Lenny- "We used the back of a spoon to spread the tomato sauce."

Isabel- "We spread cheese on, it was made of cows milk."

Gerry- "It was mozzarella."

Ryley- "157 tomatoes make one can of sauce."

Harley- "Flour."

Gerry- "Yeast."

Demi- "Water."

Caleb- "Oil."

Paige- "It made me happy."

Dylan- "The dough was soft."

Faith- "The dough was squishy."

Traffic Light Biscuits


This week (week beginning 21st November) Year 1 were told that on Friday, they could make traffic light biscuits, to link with Be Bright Be Seen day. But Miss Kippen and Miss Lavender didn't know what to buy for them or how to make them! Year 1 were brilliant at helping them figure it out. On Monday, in English, Year 1 wrote a shopping list for Miss Kippen and Miss Lavender telling them exactly what they needed; they decided we would need biscuits, chocolate, Smarties and sandwich bags to put them in as well. Then on Wednesday, Year 1 wrote the instructions for their biscuits using bossy words and time connectives! And finally it was Friday and we were allowed to make our traffic light biscuits. We sandwiched two biscuits together and then added a layer of chocolate on top to stick our Smarties down. We only needed the red, yellow and green Smarties because they are the colours of traffic lights. We had lots of fun making them and were really happy to take them home!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt


On Thursday 24th November, Year 1 had a wonderful trip to the Gulbenkian Theatre to see 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching the puppet show, and even knew to join in with most parts because we've read it this term!

We came into school and didn't even take our coats off because we had to leave so early. We ordered our lunch, put on our hi-viz and we were on our way! We were so excited on the minibuses, and we had fun looking at different transport that we have learnt about this term as well.

When we got to the theatre, we had to wait to be shown to our seats, and then we all settled down for the show to start.


Gerry- "I am excited because this it's my first time to the theatre."

Jacob- "I am happy to see the puppets."

Jaydon- "We need to sit quietly with our hands still. It's important otherwise we won't hear."

Mercedez- "Everyone was laughing at it. The people were pretending the puppets were real."

Faith- "I liked it when they came into the crowd."

Lenny- "I liked it when the mum said 'What's a bear noise?' and Bertie said 'miaow'."

Alex- I liked the noise when they walked on the mud."

Ethan- "My favourite part was when the baby jumped in the water."

Summer- "It was scary when they looked for the bear near me."


We all really enjoyed the theatre, and would love to go again. It really tired some of us out and we needed a little nap on the bus on the way back to school!

Stretch-ability and Flexibility


On Tuesday 22nd November, Year 1 were being scientists and investigating different materials. We wanted to find out which one stretched the most and which one bent the most. We learnt the scientific word for bendy was flexible. We had lots of fun testing the different materials.


Charlie- "The pipe cleaner bends the best. It stays in shape as well."

Mercedez- "The play-doh rips apart when you stretch it."

Henley- "The stick bends a little bit but goes back."

Subtraction Stories


This week Year 1 have started learning about subtraction. We used the Numicon shapes to help us understand the subtraction stories and then we started writing our own sums using the right signs. We also learnt a new word for subtraction; we know that we can use the word minus as well.

Jesus' Baptism


On 8th November, year 1 were learning about the baptism of Jesus at the river Jordan. They listened to the story of how Jesus asked john to baptise him and after his baptism he saw a white dove sent by God. We then wrote what we had learnt about Jesus and baptism on a white dove.


"A baptism washes away all the bad things." - Lenny.

"Jesus was baptised in a river." - Dylan.

"John baptised people who had bad thoughts and got rid of them." - Tommy

"Jesus went into the water to get baptised." - Melanie

Making Patterns


On Monday 31st October, Year 1 starting making repeating patterns in maths. First we made patterns by clapping, tapping and stomping, then we made these patterns using different Numicon shapes. We had a lot of fun seeing if our partners could copy our pattern as well.


"My repeating pattern is, clap, clap, clap, jump, clap clap clap, jump" - Kyle

"Jump spin jump spin" - Celise

"I did clap, knees. Clap, knees, clap knees" - Danny

"My pattern had a clap, tap and a stomp in it!" - Ethan

"I did a clap, clap, tap, clap, clap, tap." - William

The Great Year 1 Bake Off


This week, Year 1 earned their marble and as a result got to bake a cake.

We planned the whole session from start to finish and even walked down to the supermarket to buy our ingredients.

First we had to find a recipe, we found out that we can use books and the internet to find a recipe. Finally we chose a suitable one online and had to look at the list of ingredients. We wrote the list down.

Next we had to work out how much the ingredients would cost. The recipe was only for one cake and we needed to make 21! After some tricky maths and use of online shopping websites, we found out that we would need approximately £50 to bake all of the cakes!

Then we had to go to the office and ask Mrs. Ward for some spending money. Whilst at the office she asked us to buy some washing powder too!

We walked down to the supermarket in small groups, we had to be safe on the road and used crossing when we could, looking left and right, checking for cars.

At the supermarket we found out that the ingredients were spread around the shop and had to find the baking isle for flour and sugar, the butter was in the fridges and the eggs were stored on their own shelves.

Then it was back to school to start baking. We carefully weighed out ingredients, cracked eggs and creamed the butter and sugar together until it was all mixed together. We lined cake tins with paper and pouring in our mixture. We had already set the oven to 190°c. The cakes went in for 20 minutes and then has to cool down on a rack.

Once the cakes had cooled time it was finally time to ice them. We spread the icing carefully and then added sprinkles.

The last thing we had to do was decorate cake boxes ready to take them home to our families.


Tommy- We put flour, eggs and sugar in.

Summer- At Aldi we bought the ingredients, we had to look for the eggs, I knew where they were.

Henley- We went to the shops to get ingredients.

Maison- We has to squash the butter and the sugar.

Ella- Before we made our cakes we washed our hands and then we started to weigh the butter and cream it together.

Liam- The first part we had to mix the flour and sugar and butter, the butter was hard to mix.

Tyler- When we went to Aldi we had to cross the roads. We looked left and right then we could cross if there were no cars.

Dinosaur Habitats


This week (October 9th-14th) Year 1 have been working extremely hard on an art project. We have made shoe box dioramas of dinosaur habitats.

First we had to cover the outside of our boxes with tissue paper. Then we created the inside, thinking carefully about what we have looked at in topic and English this term and included, forests, water weeds, volcanoes and rocks to suit the dinosaur habitats. WE drew dinosaurs from observation using oil pastels and then carefully cut them out and nestled them in their surroundings.


Kenley- I drew a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Jasmine- My dinosaur has a nest.

Ella- Those bits are water shooting out of the ground for dinosaurs to play in.

Laiton – I made a dinosaur house.

Lenny – I have a pterodactyl

Demi – Mine has a pond.



The children can see our dinosaur exhibition along the KS1 corridor outside our classroom’s.

3,2,1, Action!


On Wednesday 5th October Year 1 had the opportunity to become film producers for the day. We planned, made and directed our own stop motion animations inspired by the story Tyrannosaurus Drip that we have been reading this term.


First we had to create our film stars, we all chose a character from the story, coloured them in neatly and attached them to lollipop sticks to create puppets.


The next session we had to create a story board. In English this term we have been using story mountains to help plan our story telling and so in our groups we sequenced the story of Tyrannosaurus Drip from the beginning, where Naughty Comp stole the Duckbill dinosaur egg from the nest. All the way to the end where the scary T-Rex's met their watery end.


Then it came to filming. We used the Ipads to film the animations using the Lego Movie Maker App. We set the scene and used props to tell the story. Stop motion works by taking a snap shot picture and then playing the photos quickly. We had to move our characters a bit at a time so it made them look like they were moving.


We all had lots of fun, some of us would like to make films and animations as a job when we are older, just like they do on Shaun the Sheep and Frozen!

Maths - Getting to know Numicon


This term Year 1 have been very excited to use the new maths resource, Numicon. We have been making pictures and getting to know the shapes, playing guessing games and filling the holes in order to count objects,  ordering from smallest to tallest, as well as matching patterns and numerals. We really like the bright colours and this week we have been starting to use the number rods to develop our understanding of numbers to 20.


Jaydon- "I can put a 3 on here (a ten numicon) and it’s 13."


Melanie- "The pattern goes blue, blue, red, blue, blue red."

Wingham - Year One Dinosaur Safari


On Monday 19th September Year 1 made the brave adventure to discover dinosaurs at Wingham Wildlife Park.  We were very excited to see all of the animals and look at their similarities and differences.


In our topic, ‘Stomp, Chomp, Roar’, we have been looking at the different types of dinosaur and can already name some different kinds, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus. We were amazed at just how big the dinosaurs were. We looked carefully -but not too closely!- at the different features, including, legs, plates and teeth. Some dinosaurs had sharp teeth for ripping meat, whereas others had short teeth for chomping leaves.  We dug for fossils in the dinosaur cave, discovered a nest and even had a chance to take a ride in a safari jeep!


In Science we have been investigating animals. We saw lots of different animals, some with fur, some with scales. Some had wings like birds and some had tails like the lemurs. We learnt about habitats and thought about where in the world different animals lived.


Ethan- "I liked seeing the T-rex because he was scary."


Liam- "I saw the red panda’s being fed. They eat flowers and fruit."


Summer- "I liked the journey in the mini busses!"


Melanie- "I liked to see all of the dinosaurs with my friends, they were all different colours."


Charlie- "We liked the lemurs! They had long tails and climbed on top of Mrs Ward's head. We think they liked her hair."

Keeping Clean


On Friday 16th September, in PSHE Year 1 worked together to look at germs and where we pick germs up from. We looked at how easily germs can be spread if we don’t wash our hands properly and many germs are on our hands. We thought about what germs can do to us if we have poor hygiene. We then thought about the best ways to wash our hands and get rid of the germs. We realised that by using soap we can keep ourselves safe from germs and scrubbing under our nails helped to get out dirt that we can’t quite get to.

What we are going to learn...


Year 1 are stomping straight into a dinosaur topic in September! We will be finding out more about Tyrannosaurus Drip and his swamp munching friends, and thinking of a new ending for the story as well as researching and finding facts in non-fiction books about the real dinosaurs that walked the earth. In history, we are going to find out about why dinosaurs looked different,  some with big sharp teeth, others with short stumpy legs and thinking about what their features would be good for, before we start to think about how we know so much about dinosaurs by looking at the first palaeontologist Mary Anning.

We had great fun during our Transition day and have already been writing some of our ideas down about what we would do if dinosaurs came back to life now!

Reception children spent the day in Year 1 to see what it was like. They had a great and messy time making dinosaurs out of paper plates ready for displays. They also wrote about what they would do with a dinosaur if they came back and created dinosaurs out of shapes.