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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Comic Relief Cake Capers!

We took some time to learn about how some children are not as fortunate as they are, so we decided to help. To raise money for Comic Relief Year 1 made cakes to sell to the parents. Through following the instructions and getting a bit messy measuring out the ingredients some marvelous, scrumptious cakes were made.

Roaring Addition

Roaring Addition 1
Roaring Addition 2

In Maths Year 1 have been working hard. Some Year 1's set about ordering numbers for up to 20 Whilst others have been combining two sets of cubes to help solve the addition bones left by the dinosaurs, luckily Year 1 succeeded and escaped the dinosaurs.

Balancing Acts

Year 1 were explored a range of ways to balance using different body parts, as well as the number of body parts used to balance. Check out Chance, Callum and Sophie showing off some tremendous ways to balance.

Some tasty Science Investigations!

After finding that Paddington liked to have biscuits with his tea Year 1 decided to find which biscuit would be best for him to dunk in his tea. After setting up the investigation the children kept a close watch on what was happening to the biscuit when put in the tea (milk). 

Rain, rain go away!

Rain, rain go away! 1
Rain, rain go away! 2

Year 1 have been busy scientists investigating which materials are waterproof in order to make an Umbrella to keep our toys dry.

Book Week fun with Paddington!

Year 1 enjoyed dressing up as Paddington for Book Week. In addition to dressing up Year 1 went to the hall where they had a blast acting scenes from the Paddington Story.


Animal maths!

Help said the animals! The children in Year 1 have been busy in Maths finding two numbers that add up to 10; only then were the animals able to go free.

Year 1 became explores of the school and used compasses to navigate their way around the school grounds.

Year 1 learn about Hanukka

Year 1 learn about Hanukka 1
Year 1 learn about Hanukka 2

This term in RE we have been focusing on Judaism. This week we looked at the festival of Hanukkah. After reading how the festival came to be we explored how it is now celebrated. From this, Year 1 have produced some magnificent writing. 


Reading Bus

Reading Bus 1
Reading Bus 2

The Sun reading bus visited the school on Monday and we were able to go inside. Although it was quite small there were so many books. We each got to keep a book, which we were able to read when we got back to the classroom. Year 1 were also very lucky to be able to welcome a story teller who told exciting and wonderful stories which were enjoyed by the whole class.

Parents help out with our lighthouse project in Orientation Morning

Parents help out with our lighthouse project in Orientation Morning 1

On Wednesday Year 1 had a fantastically messy orientation morning with their parents. After seeing some marvellous spelling and writing from the children, the parents joined in designing and making lighthouses ready for Year 1’s ‘Have you been lost topic?’ next term.


Pupils re-live a day as Victorian children

Year 1 had a great day being Victorians with children coming into school dressed as if they were living in the past; even Queen Victoria made an appearance. Throughout the day Year 1 experienced what it would be like to have lived during the Victorian era as a child. 


A Visit to Dover Museum to step back in time....

Year 1 enjoyed a visit to Dover Museum where we were lucky to handled artifacts from the Victorian era. We also took on roles as different Victorian people and pretended we were working in Dover over 100 years ago.


Charlton Church exploration

Charlton Church exploration 1
Charlton Church exploration 2
Charlton Church exploration 3
Charlton Church exploration 4
We visited Charlton Church to explore what is inside. We found pews, stained glass windows, an altar, a font and much more. Year 1 also found out what events happen in a church and role played a christening and a wedding.

Dinosaur Discoveries

This term has been fun. We have learnt about shops, dinosaurs and other fantastic stuff. Here is what some Year 1’s enjoyed this term.

“Pretending to be a dinosaur and then using the puppets.”

“Measuring the classroom with our hands and feet.”

“Making hedgehogs from leaves for harvest festival.”