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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Orientation Afternoon


On Wednesday 22nd June, we welcomed Year 2 parents into the classroom for orientation afternoon.


Maddie- ‘Orientation afternoon was brilliant because we got to make lots of fun things. We made windmills and completed word searches. It was really fun! I loved having Nanny in for the afternoon!’

Alesha- ‘It was so much fun because I got to make a windmill with my dad and he helped my friends as well. I loved our marshmallow treat because I love marshmallows and chocolate.’

Reduced, Reused or Recycled?


In today’s science lesson (15/6/16), Year 2 investigated which everyday items could be reduced, reused or recycled. First, they had to identify the material of an object, sort objects into groups and then give examples of reducing, reusing and recycling different items. Afterwards, each child suggested a way that they can make a good decision about their rubbish to make our environment a greener place.

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Happy Birthday!


On Friday 10th June we celebrated the Queen’s birthday. In the morning, we got to do lots of arts and crafts. We made our own crowns, designed a hat for the Queen, made birthday cards and decorated bunting for the tea party in the afternoon. At the tea party, we ate loads of cake and some yummy sandwiches. We sang the National Anthem. It was such a fantastic day! – Poppy, College Councillor

The Good Samaritan


Today (2/6/16), Year 2 had the opportunity to create their own masks to use in their role-play of ‘The Good Samaritan’. When listening to the story, they discovered the meaning of a ‘true neighbour’ and they were shocked when they realised that people didn’t help the injured man. In the end it was the least likely person that helped him.

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Monarchy Day


In celebration of the Queen’s birthday, Year 2 coloured a portrait of the Queen in the style of Andy Warhol using the patriotic colours of red, white and blue.


‘We also used column subtraction to calculate the year the queen was born. I worked out that she was born in 1926. We spent the afternoon finding out lots of facts about the queen.’ – Jasmine

‘Happy birthday to the Queen!’ – Leah

‘We hope the Queen had a jolly good day!’ – Chance

Born to be Wild


Year 2 are ‘Born to be Wild’ this in Term 5 and will be going on safari around Kenya. Whilst taking care not to be eaten by any dangerous animals they will learn all about the African wildlife, along with the climate and customs. To support their Kenyan safari the children will be looking at zoos and how they are depicted through the Anthony Browne book ‘Zoo’. They will also have the opportunity to research and create animal fact files, investigate and use measures and enhance their understanding of number.

Year 2's Investigating


Today (21/03/2016) Year 2 investigated which materials would make the best curtain. Each group worked as a team to hold the material up to the window and decide which let in the least and most amount of light. Year 2 concluded that chiffon would not make a good curtain as it has lots of holes so it lets in the most light. They thought that the silk was the best choice as it was a darker colour and had less holes so it didn’t let much light through.


Hannah – ‘I liked working as a team to find the best material for a curtain. There were lots of materials to sort through and I enjoyed sorting them out.’

Gymnastics Fun!


This week, Year 2 continue to perfect their gymnastics skills and learnt how to jump and land safely. Each group came up with their own routine that included three jumps and everyone had a go jumping off of the springboard.


“I loved jumping off the springboard. It helped my jump really high!” – Hannah.

“Today’s lesson was brilliant! We got to use the springboard and work with our friends.” – Maddie.

“PE was so fantastic because we jumped off a springboard. I’ve never used one before!” – Taigan.


Shape Sorting


Year 2 have been sorting objects in a variety of ways.


Harvey said ‘I love maths, I really enjoyed sorting objects and thinking about the different categories that they could go into.’

Gracie-Mai said ‘Maths is so much fun! We don’t just learn about numbers and we get to work in groups to figure stuff out.’

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Christopher Columbus


In this lesson, Year 2 discovered what life was like on-board a ship during Christopher Columbus’s epic voyage. They found out what country he discovered and used a globe to explain why he did not end up in Asia as he had hoped.


Each group worked together to create a freeze-frame to show how the sailors would have felt after finally seeing land after 35 days at sea!

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Fun in Gymnastics


Throughout this term we are focussing on developing our gymnastic skills. In this lesson, Year 2 came up with lots of ways to travel using their hands and feet.


Charlie said: ‘I really enjoyed this lesson. I liked working with my friends.’


Hannah said: ‘I loved everybody’s performance. I enjoy sharing work with others.’

Safer Internet Day


On Safer Internet Day, Year 2 wrote messages in a heart to share positive messages about the internet.


Frankie wrote in her heart: ‘I love the internet because I can see my friends and download games and watch stuff. If you are unsure tell an adult!’


Below are examples of the children’s messages and ideas on how to make the internet a better place.

Our Special Visitor


Linked to their Science topic ‘Growing Up’, Year 2 had the opportunity to ask questions about babies. The children absolutely adored having the chance to meet Mrs Hornsey and her new born baby. During the session, Mrs Hornsey answered numerous questions and Year 2 found out that Mr Fox was the baby’s favourite toy!

Orientation Afternoon


Year 2 were joined by their parents for a wonderful orientation afternoon!


Children and parents worked together to make a moving skeleton and create their own Funnybones character, based on their designs.

See below for wonderful examples of work that Year 2 have produced this term.

When finding out about spring, the class wrote lovely poems that captured what it is like in spring time.

When investigating autumn the children were tasked with writing a short description or a long list of adjectives that described the season.

When finding out about summer, Year 2 imagined they we on a summer holiday and wrote postcards about their fictional experiences.


Callum – ‘I really enjoyed writing my postcard. I liked imagining warm weather and doing fun activities. I can’t wait for summer!’

Hannah – ‘I loved writing on my leaf, I liked thinking of lots of WOW words that describe autumn.’

Halli – ‘I thought my poem about spring was awesome. I wrote so much and I got to look at cute pictures of baby lambs.’

Tricky Origami


Today, Year 2 had to complete an origami task through seeing, listening and trial and error. Having tried three different ways of learning a new skill, Year 2 had to decide which method they preferred and why.


Everybody tried really hard – even if they found the method a bit tricky!

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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter


Our topic focus this term is ‘The Four Seasons’. The children have written their own question about what they would like to find out this term.

Here is a selection of things that Year 2 would like to know:


‘Which season is October in?’ – Hailey

‘Which season comes after autumn? – Frank

‘Is it sunny in spring?’ – Frankie

‘Which season is the wettest?’ – Bill

‘Why is there blossom in spring?’ – Alesha


Be sure to check back to find out what we discover!

To start the term, Year 2 have been investigating time and they have learnt how to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. Today, they have been sequencing and comparing clocks and putting the times in order from earliest to latest.


Van Gogh maths group really enjoyed the activity! Jasmine said ‘Maths today was really fun! I have really enjoyed learning how to tell the time, now I know when it is nearly lunch time!’

Straw and Order


The donkeys and the cows were arguing about who should be allowed to stay in the stable. Judge Grumps was getting very annoyed with them so the narrator decided to tell them the story of Jesus. Judge Grumps met lots of characters including some cool shepherds, some dancing sheep, the bickering innkeepers, an angel choir and some self-important wise men. All the characters were amazed by the peace and love that the baby Jesus brought to the world, so much so that all of the squabbling stopped.


Key Stage 1 loved practising and performing their play to the whole school and their parents.

Colouring Competition


Year 2 took part in a Christmas colouring competition held by Tesco, and we were one of only three schools in our area to take part! And Alesha won 2nd prize! She will be receiving a voucher from Tesco worth £20 and will have her picture on display at the store for Tesco's customers and staff to see. Well done Alesha!

World map puzzles


Year 2 had to use all of their knowledge and skills developed this term to complete their final Topic activity. In small groups, they were tasked with putting all the pieces of the world map back together.


Frankie said: ‘It was such a great lesson. I had to use all of my continent facts to make sure that I had put my pieces in the right place. I enjoyed working with my friend because I like working in a team.’

Friendship in our class


Year 2 have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how people feel when giving and receiving compliments. Each child added a ‘good friend’ brick to create a friendship wall which listed all of the things Year 2 thinks makes a good friend. They also had to roll a dice and then give a compliment to someone in their group and then think about how it made them feel.

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Patterns and Sequences


This week, Year 2 have been investigating patterns and sequences in Maths. Hockney group have been creating their own repeating patterns using 2D shapes.

Halli said ‘It is really fun when we get to do different activities in Maths. I liked creating different patterns and working with my partner. We used lots of different shapes like octagons and rectangles’

Term 2


Throughout Term 2, Year 2 are perfecting their skills in gymnastics! This week they have been focussing on different ways to travel, using their hands and feet.


‘I really enjoyed gymnastics today! It was great working with my partner and I loved performing to the class.’ – Charlie.

‘Gymnastics is great because it helps with my balance.’ – Frank

Y2 061115.wmv

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Trip to Tesco
Year 2 enjoyed a trip to Tesco’s, to find out about how food is stored in the shop. They were sent on quests to find vegetables that they think would make a scrumptious soup and they had to use their detective skills to discover the sorts of fish you can buy from the fish counter! They also took a trip inside a freezer and learnt which foods are stored at -18oC! 
“ I enjoyed getting to taste all of the different soup because it was so yummy! I touched a fish, it was soft and smooth. It was get to learn new things outside of the classroom!” – Poppy


“I liked the Butternut Squash soup because it was so scrumptious! When we were in the freezer, I was colder than I have ever been before!” – Cameron
Cooking Vegetable Soup
Year 2 sliced, diced and blended lots of different vegetables to create a healthy, scrumptious soup! The children used a variety of equipment including knives, peelers and graters to prepare the vegetables before boiling them in a pan. They checked for when the vegetables were cooked and then blended them together to create a yummy vegetable soup!
“I liked cooking, it was brilliant! I got to use lots of different things that I have never used before. I didn’t know how to make soup but I do now!” - Taigan
Year 2 Trip to Dover Castle
Year 2 were transported back in time and guided around the Dover Castle by Lady De Montfort. They discovered lots about medieval life such as what to wear in court, where to sleep and how to address the Sirs and Ladies! They pretended to make potage for the poor in the castle kitchens and had the opportunity to touch a knight’s chainmail! 
“It was fantastic! I got to be a jester and it was hilarious! I liked looking in the tunnels, it was really exciting to explore new places.” - Harvey

Year 2 Act it out in RE

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“I really like RE! It is so much fun! I love learning about Hindus. Today we got to act out a story about Ganesh, a Hindu God.” - Jasmine


“Acting out the story was very good! I enjoyed it very much!”- Virginia


“Their  performance was awesome. Their acting was really great! I am proud of my friends!” – Taigan

Year 2 Roving Reporters


Phoebe and Cameron



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Oliver's Vegetables


Year 2 began the term by ‘digging in’ to ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’!


So far, we have discussed all of the food that we like (or not!) and we have taken on the role of Oliver and Grandpa, to discover what it feels like to try new food. We also sorted food into different categories and debated which food we thought was healthy or unhealthy. Our Roving Reporters said:


“ I love being in Year 2, it is so fun! I really like reading Oliver’s Vegetables’. We have learnt so much about food!” – Cameron.


“I have enjoyed being back at school. I love writing!! Oliver’s Vegetables is great! I really loved acting it out because it was so funny!” - Phoebe

Little Red Hen

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In today’s English lesson, we explored the story of ‘Little Red Hen’. We acted out the story and we discussed the actions of the characters.


‘I enjoyed English today. I love acting! I thought that Dog, Cat and Rat were really lazy! But, I think Hen should have given her friends some bread. Sharing is a kind thing to do.’ – Halli.



Roving Reporter


Check out our Roving Reporter’s views on why Year 2 is GREAT!

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Picture 1

“I really loved maths today. I liked playing all the maths games and getting the answers right! I like it when we get to use different maths resources – I think it makes maths really fun and it helps me learn!” – Jasmine.