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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Wonderful Work


Alex did some incredible writing giving reasons for and against zoos.

He used some brilliant adjectives and conjunctions and thought really hard about why zoos might be a good or bad thing. He was able to take his work to show Mrs Fotheringham and was rewarded by choosing some skateboard toys out of her reward box!


Well done Alex!


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Term 5 - WOW Day! - Born to be Wild!


This term our topic is called Born To Be Wild! We are going to be learning all about Africa in topic and Habitats in science. Yesterday was our WOW day! We went on a very special journey, we made some passports which we needed to give the people on the plane. Then, we thought about the things we would need to pack on a holiday to Kenya. After lunch, we 'flew' on a plane all the way to Kenya! We watched a safety video to make sure that we are safe during the flight. When we landed in Africa, we learnt a song in Swahili called Jambo Bwana.
Lenny - It was really fun
Danny - I am really excited to learn all about Africa.
Electra - It was exciting because we learnt about the different animals in Africa
Ryley - We saw lots of houses on the way to Kenya.
Eppi - It was a wonderful day.
Isabell - We saw the airplane land in Kenya and it was a little bit bumpy on the rough landing!

Book Day Characters

Year 2 Solved Problems by Sharing


Science with our families

Dodging and Weaving

Is that a ten or a one?

Split Pin Knights


Today (15th September) 2B worked really hard all afternoon to create their own split pin knights. Our topic this term in Castles and we have been thinking about the different types of castles that the Normans built. The children really enjoyed designing their own knight and every knight was different!