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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Time for Maths!

Time for Maths! 1
Time for Maths! 2

During the first week of Term 6, Year 2 have been recapping all that they know about time. They were able to apply their knowledge to a variety of activities to become time-telling experts!


Conner used a dry-wipe clock to draw on the hands to show the minutes and hours, he said “he liked learning how to tell the time, now I can see if it is nearly lunch time!”


Lexie applied her knowledge to complete an online computer game! Lexie said “I loved using the laptop. I got to play on a really funny game that helped me understand how to tell the time.”

Year 2 ask: "How are you feeling today?"

Year 2 ask: "How are you feeling today?" 1

In PHSE, we have been discussing emotions and feelings. Year 2 have come up with lots of ideas about how to help people who are feeling extremely sad because they miss somebody. Here are some of Year 2’s lovely ideas:


Mark – ‘You could make them a cake.’

Jake – ‘You could share a hot chocolate and marshmallows with them.’

Myleene – ‘You can give them something to remind them of the person that they miss.’

Brook – ‘Have a cup of tea with biscuits and have a chat.’

Lilly – ‘Make a snow globe with the person’s picture in.’

Dylan – ‘Give them some colouring-in to do.’

Harvey – ‘Take them out for dinner and talk about the person that they miss.’

Isobel – ‘Give them a hug!’

Liam – ‘Ring them up.’

Scarlett – ‘Cheer them up with a joke!’

Kenyan Pottery Design

Kenyan Pottery Design 1

In Design Technology, Year 2 have been designing African pots. They had to consider the shape and incorporate a Kenyan theme. Lilly created a design that was linked to all of the Kenyan artwork she had seen. Lilly said “I enjoyed looking at the different items from Kenya and then using them to create my own patterns. I decided to use lots of different prints in my design.”

Move like a Meerkat!

Still image for this video
Today, our PE lesson focussed on moving like Meer Kats. We watched a clip from the Lion King and tried to copy Timone’s moves. We hope you enjoy our dance!

Music Makers!

Still image for this video
This week in music, we have been focussing on recording our ideas on paper and then using our notations to perform.
Van Gogh group enjoyed thinking of different ways to represent their rhythms and beats as it helped them remember how to make sure their performance was varied and interesting! We challenge you to move to our beats!

Hockney Group is mastering Maths!

Hockney Group is mastering Maths! 1

This week Hockney group have been learning how to partition numbers in Maths using different resources and methods. In the picture the children are using base 10 equipment to help them partition and add. The group commented that using base 10 has helped them feel more confident in adding bigger numbers.

"Zoo" - Charater Hot-seating

Still image for this video
This week, Year 2 have been getting into the minds of the characters from Anthony Browne’s ‘Zoo’. They have enjoyed investigating the illustrations to see what extra information they could glean from them. They have discovered that first impressions are not always correct and the behaviour of some of the characters in the book appear to have an effect not only on those around them but also on the animals. Here is a selection of videos of some members in Year 2 taking on the role of the main characters.

Year 2 Animal Antics in PE!

Still image for this video

During this PE session, Year 2 focussed on linking animal movements together to create their own sequences. Each group had to move to the beat that was clapped out by the rest of the class. Their target for the lesson was to make sure that they worked effectively with their group to plan and review their work.


Dylan said: “PE was fantastic and I really liked it! I loved the warm up and I got to show my class the sequence that I had made. I like working with my friends and I like sharing my ideas.”


Harvey said: “I liked moving to the rhythm! I always feel proud in PE because I get to learn new things and I get to work in a team with my friends.”


Year 2 hope you enjoy their performances!

White Cliffs Pupils take a walk on the wild side with their Kenya Topic!

White Cliffs Pupils take a walk on the wild side with their Kenya Topic! 1

This term , Year Two are finding out all about Kenya and taking a walk on the wild side!


Today, Summer and Brook worked really hard to figure out the best position for the African animals on their map. They had to consider each animals preferred habitat and make sure they didn’t place any animals near a predator!


Brook said: “My topic lesson was really fantastic. I got all my work right! I was shocked and proud because I done it on my own.”

Summer said: “My topic was extraordinary and fun I was so proud of my work and I like being able to show everyone my work.”

Palm Sunday Freeze Frames

Palm Sunday Freeze Frames 1
Palm Sunday Freeze Frames 2

In RE, Year 2 have been learning all about Palm Sunday. We found out why Palm Sunday is important to Christians and how it is celebrated. We created a freeze –frame of what we imagined it was like when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Fun with Fabric Testing

Fun with Fabric Testing 1
Year 2 have been investigating which fabrics make the best curtains. Everybody had to test a collection of materials to find out which ones let the least and most light through, by placing the fabric over the top of a flower pot and looking through the holes in the bottom. The children then had the opportunity to present their findings to the class

"Paddington Goes to the Zoo" - Drama Workshop

Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2

On the final day of Book Week Year 2 had the opportunity to work with drama teacher James Middleton. The aim of this session was to develop the children’s understanding of a story about Paddington Bear. They explored key illustrations from the story ‘Paddington Goes to the Zoo’ and created freeze frame pictures to help tell the story.  The children had a lot of fun and worked brilliantly in their groups to retell aspects of the story.

Pirates at Play!

Pirates at Play! 1
Pirates at Play! 2
Pirates at Play! 3

Year 2 have had fun role playing being a pirate. After discussing the roles aboard a pirate ship, the children took turns being the pirate captain and ordering their crew to complete their duties on the pirate ship. They had to ‘Heave ho!’, ‘Batten down the hatches’, ‘Scrub the desks, you dirty sea dogs’ and drink rum!!!

Road Safety Superstars!

'Year Two have been out and about in the local community, learning how to cross the road safely.  They have had hand's on training, provided by Amanda Seller as part of the Small Steps Initiative.

Here are some comments from the children about their experience:

"I like Road Safety Training because it teaches me how to cross the road" - Bibhutee

"I love doing Road Safety Training because we learn how to be a safe pedestrian" - Jake

Book Week fun with Co-ordinates!

Book Week fun with Co-ordinates! 1

Year 2 had a lot of fun during book week reading Paddington Bear stories and celebrating ‘Britishness’!! During one activity the children had to create a map explaining the landmarks Paddington had visited in London. They used coordinates, compass directions and their writing skills to produce detailed descriptions of Paddington’s day out and shared their work enthusiastically with Mrs Fotheringham.

Sharing Writing with Mrs Fotheringham

Sharing Writing with Mrs Fotheringham 1

Year 2 pupils have been showing Mrs Fotheringham their writing that has been done as part of their RE studies. Conner said "I am very proud of my writing. It is nice to show people how much I can write!"