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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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WOW DAY - Term 6


Hunter Gatherers Come Together!


Year 3 returned after half term rather strangely dresses and had a very non-typical day of learning.  As Stone Age children, we retold a story called Boy by James Mayhew, understanding there would be no books to read from, or TV and internet to watch stories, much like we are used to today.  We acted it out and made some rather loud and strange noises as required to bring the story to life.  For maths, we came up with our own code to represent numbers and used chalk and pastels to mark make as we attempted calculations. 


Our afternoon was spend understand more of what life would have been like and the limited communication methods available in the Stone Age.  We looked at some first-hand pictures of real cave art from Miss Samson’s travels to Thailand and create our own scenes using simple colours, reflecting the nature of the coloured chalks and dyes available.


Pupil comments:

‘It was strange coming back to school in costume rather than in our uniforms’

‘It was exiting to learning differently and not use any pencils, computers or lights.’

‘It was exciting as we have to go scavenge and find things like cave men and women do.’

‘The day was very different and Mr Stafford sounded weird in the way he spoke like a caveman.’

‘Some of our learning felt like we were playing, especially when we acted out and retell the story of BOY.’

Push and Pull


This term in year 3 our science topic is forces and magnets. Last week, we designed an investigation that looked into friction and the differences between different surfaces.


We found that thick carpet created more friction for the wheels on our wooden car. We have also used magnets to sort objects into magnetic and non-magnetic, and have discussed the reasons for this. 

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A new arrival to Year 3!


One afternoon we had a knock at our class room door.  When we opened the door to see who was there, we found a small bear propped against the wall.  He had a note with him that said: ‘I have been looking on your school website and saw that you are all kind and happy children.  Please would you let me join your class?’  Ever since, Paddington has become a member of Year 3, moving between our two classes, and joining in with our learning. 

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WOW Day - Term 5 - Relocation Relocation Relocation


This term, year 3’s project is looking at relocating and exploring (Relocation, relocation, relocation!) We are using Paddington Bear to inspire our work.
For our writing we discussed the thoughts and feelings of Paddington on his arrival in London from Deepest Darkest Peru.
We then planned a journey in maths to bring Paddington back to Dover, looking at the time and duration of different activities.
In the afternoon we took on the role of explorers in P.E. as we orienteered across the field.





This week Year 3 have finished their chocolate topic for this term by researching, designing, making and evaluating their own chocolate bars. Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have researched and discussed what makes great packaging for a chocolate bar and have tried to implement this into our own work.


Jessica “I have really enjoyed decorating my chocolate bar as we have been using lots of bright colours”


Elouise “My favourite part was designing the chocolate bar and adding in diamonds to make my chocolate bar stand out”


Courtney “It was quite tricky to measure and make sure the sections were the same size”


Marita “My chocolate bar is called Toffee Stix and it stands out because it has lots of different designs on it and it has bright colours”


Dylan “I enjoyed making chocolate bars because I want to be like Mr Willy Wonka”

Picture 1

Migration Workshop - Term 4


In our migration workshop, we learnt about the reasons why some people move from one country to another to live. They can either move because they want to of their own free choice, or because they are forced to.

We learnt the terms: refugee and asylum seeker, and watched a clip from Paddington to understand that he came to our country seeking a better life after his home was destroyed because of a natural disaster.

We thought about the things he would need when he first arrived. This is what we have drawn in our suitcases.

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World Book Day


We loved the opportunity on World Book day to dress up as some of our favourite characters.  Can you spot where some our choices can from?

Being A Good Samaritan


In RE, we have been learning about the identity and behaviour of Jesus disciples, and the example set that Christian’s today follow.  They didn’t have a uniform like we do in college; it was their words and actions which set them apart as being different.  Here are some photos of our acting out of the story of the Good Samaritan, which shows Jesus new command in action: that we should love one another.

World of Pure Imagination


When Year 3 returned to college in Term 4, they discovered the college had been transformed into Wonka’s factory, and quickly found themselves being invited to take up work as resident Oompa Loompas, complete with their very own authorised ID badges. Together, we worked creatively to grow our ‘world of pure imagination’, setting the scene to embark on our discovery of how chocolate is made, and where is comes from.

Our Own Robot Stories


In English, we have used our reading of the Iron Man as the basis for creating our own robot-like creatures and creating our own a stories, as well as inventing our own robots to help us in real-life, describing their main features and appeal.  Here is some of our writing.

The Junk Orchestra


On Monday  22nd January, Year 3 were visited by the Junk Orchestra.  We were led by Alan, a professional drummer and percussionist, to create our own music, thinking how the instruments he had made from recycled materials made sounds from the jungle, telling the story of the changing weather and movement of animals.  He had instruments made from cut up dustbins, fire extinguishers and gas bottles, he made shakers using metal bottle tops, chimes using the inner part of car wheels, and spinning bicycle wheels.  He made a flip-flop-o-phone using different lengths of hosepipe and you played it using an old flip-flop.

Crash, Bang, Wallop!


Our topic this term is called Crash, Bang, Wallop and joins up our understanding of sound, light and performance through learning about the theatre. We have looked at the music of STOMP! and created our own music in this style using everyday objects in the classroom.  We considered the different types of sound each object made and how the rhythms we used come together so we are working as a team in time with each other.  After a while, we actually started to sound quite good, combing sounds to make a performance.

A Trip To The Castle


Year 3 went to view Deal and Walmer castles, applying all they had learnt about the physical geography of our local area and considering the reasons why the castles were built in their locations. We were fortunate to speak to an Archaeologist who was working at Deal Castle who told us about some additional trenches which used to exist between the castle and sea, adding another layer of defence protecting the castle from attack. We also passed the famous ‘teddy in the window’ as we walked along the seafront between the
castles. It was a clear day so we were able to see the windfarm out at sea by Broadstairs, and we could even see across the channel to see France.


Here is what the children have to say…
I learnt about the secret tunnels around Deal castle and the spy holes used to shoot through. – Angel
Our trip was so good. I learnt people would have tried to attack at night, otherwise it would have been easy to see them coming ashore. – Colby
I learnt from the Archaeologist that there used to be trench which ran all the way from Deal castle to Walmer Castle. – Archie
I was able to see how Walmer castle is protected by the trees and woodland which surrounds it. – Keita
Our trip was amazing – we got to see the murder holes above the entrance to Deal castle where the enemy would be attacked from above, even pouring boiling water on them. – Travis
I liked being able to feel how difficult it would have been to attack by climbing the up the beach because walking on stones is hard work. – Jake
I learnt that they kept all of their weapons and ammunition in the centre of the basement where it would be safest. – Ksawery
I liked seeing the teddy in the window which Mr Stafford has told us about, and seeing the letters and postcards sent to him. ‘Jozef
I liked see the people walking their dogs along the path by the seafront. – Pati
I liked learning where Walmer Paddling Pool was so I might visit it with my family. – Jamie-Leigh

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of Anti-Bullying week, we carried out two main activities: one designed to make a difference to an individual, and the other designed to make a difference to our whole school community.  We wrote anonymous notes of kindness and encouragement to others within our class.  Here is what some of us thought when we read the note written to us.
Shannon – It made me feel cheerful because it was nice of someone to have written to me.
Skye T – I felt a little embarrassed because this person likes me and wants to play with me, and I don’t know who it is.
Lloyd – It made me happy because the note was so kind.
Jake – My note told me that this person thinks I’m really nice and I help people – this makes me feel a little proud of myself.
Simo – I was surprised at my comment – I wasn’t expecting it to say what it did.
Angel – I feel encouraged because of the words in my note.
Charlie – It gave me courage to follow their advice.
We also created posters to put up around the college with famous quotes to encourage others to think positively and help each other out.

Art Week


During Art Week, Year 3 were inspired by the Shakespeare play: A midsummer night’s dream. Having watched, read and rewritten our own versions of the story, we designed and created our own forest scenes in order to print using cardboard relief. Some of our designs turned out better than others depending on the detail and accuracy of our cutting.

Analysing Roald Dahl


In English, we have been learning about Roald Dahl and have read The Enormous Crocodile, George's Marvellous Medicine and The Twits.  We have created our own story maps to retell a story, written our stories and dialogue between characters, and debated whether Mr Kranky's idea to go into business mass producing George's Marvellous Medicine was ingenious, crazy or greedy.  

Lots of Maths!


In maths this term, as well as learning lots about number, place value and doing calculations, we have learnt about 3D shapes.  We had to make 3D shapes using straws and plasticine, deciding how the number of edges and vertices needed and the faces to be created and put together.

Model Shadufs


Having learnt about famous inventions and achievements of the Ancient Egyptians (which include telling the time using shadows or water, creating paper using papyrus, creating a written number system and learning about the human body to name just a few), we set about making our own model Shadufs. These were a mechanism used to lift water from the River Nile to water or irrigate the land.  Our design had to work properly so that when we pulled the bucket down, the weight at the other end caused it to rise again.  Although it was a challenge, everyone succeeded!

Ancient Egyptians


In Term 1, Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We have used our learning about Gods and Goddesses to think about what type of character we are and what special abilities or superpowers we have or would like.

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