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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Our Marble Treat adventure at Connaught Park!

We went to Connaught Park for our class marble treat, and had great fun in the sunshine and enjoyed a picnic on the grass before playing on the park. After we were tired out from climbing and swinging, we went for quick walk around the park so we could take part in a scavenger hunt. We had to find all sorts of natural things, such as, leaves, rocks, dandelions and twigs. Although we didn't find any actual treasure, we all had a great time and can't wait to earn our next treat!

Stone Age Stitching

As part of our Stone Age project we have learnt how Great Britain has changed since the Stone Age.


Did you know that in the Stone Age they didn’t wear shoes with hard soles like today but wore a sort of slipper made from animal skin. We have made some of our own Stone Age shoes.

First we had to draw around our feet on felt, then we cut the templates out and pinned the upper parts to the sole. We had to be very careful using the pins and needles. Threading the cotton through the eye of the needle was very tricky but we all managed to do it!

Once our fabric was all pinned we started to stich all the way around the outside and they were finished!

Here are some of our thoughts……

Zack- They’re really baggy and not comfy.

Georgia- They don’t stay on properly and my feet will be cold.

Daisy- It’s too thin.


Although we had fun making our shoes we don’t think they would be very useful nowadays!

Hip-Hip-Hooray for St. Georges day

Thursday 23rd of April is St. Georges day. We have learnt about St. George the Patron Saint of England and made red rose badges to wear to show that we are proud of St. George and to live in England. We held a parade in the playground and waved the Union Flag, part of which is made up by the cross of St. George.


Here are some reasons we are proud of this country.

Survannah- I have a warm house to live in and its cosy.

Lucy- We are kind to people who are not as lucky as us.

Maciej- We stand up for what we believe in.

Kelsey- We can go to school.

Year 3's Visit to Dover Museum and Bronze Age Art Experience

At the beginning of this term Year 3 enjoyed a visit to Dover Museum where they began to explore the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages in preparation for the weeks ahead. They got messy with clay in a Bronze Age art session, sculpting their very own boats and learning about what would have been transported across the channel in the Bronze Age.

After a morning of sculpting, Year 3 were able to get hands on with artefacts, learning about the differences between the three ages and finally they had an afternoon to explore the museum and especially the Bronze Age Boat Gallery.

Caveman Capers in PE

This term we have been exploring dance in P.E. and we have been dancing like cavemen. Some of us have been deer leaping  and some of us have been brave hunters crouching with bows and arrows. In groups we decided how we wanted to perform our dances some of us wanted our audience sat in a round. Lucy said ‘ I can improve my deer poses by pointing my toes’ and Daisy will improve her performance by trying not to giggle!

Year 3 Book Week Story Quilt

We have been looking at Paddington for book week, especially his visits to London. As a class we each made a square for a story quilt. First we had to design the patterns, then cut them out and stitch them onto the felt using a needle and thread. Some of the things Paddington saw are Big Ben, The Tower of London and a London bus. Not forgetting his marmalade sandwiches and sticky buns!

The Iron Man Shadow Puppets

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As part of English and our Science Topic we made puppets out of transparent, translucent and opaque materials and used them to re-tell the story of The Iron man. The opaque materials worked best as puppets because they didn’t let any of the light through.

Take a look at Year 3's beautiful Lightbox Sand Art...

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