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Welcome to Year 4

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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Sports Week


Well what a week it has been! We have used every part of our body in a huge range of sporting activities.

On Monday 27th June, we played squash, bench ball and a fitness challenge. Both the children and adults were very tired by the end of the day!

On Tuesday, we discussed the importance of a healthy diet and keeping ourselves active. Do you know how many fruit and vegetables we should eat each day? Which ones are your favourite? Our sporting activities included shot put, javelin, discuss and long jump.

On Wednesday, we worked in our school houses to compete in a team marathon. We had to see how many laps of the school field we could do in 12 minutes. It was tough but we all tried our best and worked together as a team. We also completed an obstacle which was made more difficult because of the wind! In the afternoon, we had a samba workshop but everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We learnt different moves including the bolero and the samba.

Thursday gave us the chance to practice our curling skills in the school hall. We worked together as a team, supporting each other and giving tips on how to improve our aim.

On the final day of sports week, Miss Kirtley took the class for a very competitive session of dodgeball.

All the staff and children in year 4 would like to say a big thank you to Mr.Uden for organising sports week and making sure the equipment was set up every morning.

Orientation Afternoon


Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members who joined us for the orientation afternoon in Year 4 on Friday 17th June.

It was Greek themed as this term’s Topic is Ancient Greece. We designed and created Greek comedy and tragedy masks using mod rock. The children enjoyed getting messy but the adults didn’t seem so keen!

There was also the opportunity to try some Greek food which included feta, hummus and olives. The vegetable sticks and pitta bread were well received but there were lots of unhappy faces on the children that tried the olives! Well done for trying them though!

On the final day of term, Friday 27th May, the children were able to paint their Sutton Hoo masks that they made during their trip last week. They also spent the day making and baking bread! The school smelt wonderful and there were many jealous classes! The children also had the chance to write thank you letters to the museum using  the Anglo-Saxon alphabet.

Anglo-Saxon Class Trip


On Tuesday 17th May, Year 4 went to Dover Museum for an Anglo-Saxon day. We arrived nice an early which meant our day began with a tour of the lower level of the museum. We were able to observe a range of Anglo-Saxon artefacts; many of which were found locally.

After that, we went on to a craft workshop where we were able to make Anglo-Saxon masks out of clay. Hannah gave us a step by step guide and then let us loose to create our own. What a success they were! Miss Pitcher is giving us the opportunity to paint them next week as it takes up to a week for them to air dry!

Our next stop was a drama workshop with the vivacious Ian! We learnt the importance of body language and communication in drama. We worked in small groups to create different letters and shapes using our bodies.

The workshop was followed by a quick stop for lunch and then into the higher levels of the museum for a talk about the Bronze Age boat. We learnt some interesting facts about the boat and then spent the final part of the afternoon looking around the museum.


What a great day we had and thank you to all the staff that helped. Watch this space for our painted mask!

Monarchy Day


On Thursday 21st April 2016, Year 4 celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday and what fun we had!

The day began by deciding who our King and Queen would be. We followed tradition and made the eldest boy and girl King and Queen of Year 4 for the whole day!

We discussed the role of either the King or a Queen and what duties they are expected to carry out. The children had a chance to write their own laws and put them forward to the King and Queen. Sadly, the suggestion of ice cream for breakfast was denied by the Queen due to fears of rotting teeth!

At the end of the morning, the King and Queen elected their body guards and assistants to help them at playtime and serve them at lunch.

In the afternoon, we went on to learn more about the Queen herself and how she is now the longest serving Monarch.

We found at that she has ‘sat’ for her portrait to be painted over 130 times! Miss Pitcher displayed a portrait of the queen for us to sketch and also one of Buckingham Palace.

What a great day we had and we would like to wish the Queen a very happy 90th Birthday!

Noisy Experiments


Later on in the week we had a very noisy Science lesson! We were researching how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating. We had the chance to play a range of instruments and discover how there sounds were made.

We then went on to explore how sounds were made when pulling back a ruler on the edge of a table and plucking an elastic band.


"When I pull the ruler down it vibrates"- Georgia

"The tambourine makes a sound when I shake it"- Kira-Lee

"The cymbal vibrates when I bang it!"- Amy

Rainforest Sketches


In Art, we chose a rainforest animal to sketch. We carefully looked at the photo for areas of shading and opportunities to smudge the pencil for effect.

More about the rainforest...


We have continued our work on the rainforest this week.

In English we have been conservation campaigners, discussing the devastating affects of deforestation on the rainforest. We have created our own webpages to encourage people to support our campaign as well as colourful and informative posters. Be sure to look closely at our webpages as they have lots of important information about deforestation and how we can help to save  the rainforest.


~Please come and visit us in Year 4 if you want tips on how to help save the rainforest~

Orchestral Sounds


As part of music this week, we have been looking at orchestras and the different types of instruments that make up an orchestra. We have listened to different sound clips of instruments and matched them to the correct instrument.


“It sounds really low” – Oscar

The Amazon Rainforest


This term’s topic is about the rainforest. We have spent time identifying where rainforests are on a world map and researching the Amazon rainforest to create our own travel guides. We have looked at how travel guides are written and used this knowledge to decide how to write our own. Year 4 cannot wait to learn more about the rainforest.

Christmas Craft Day


As part of out Christmas Craft day, we looked at Russian crafts. We have designed and made Dymkovo toys that are a traditional toy in many parts of Russia.

In RE we have been thinking about important festivals in the Christian church year.  We worked in groups to make a drama about being tempted, having learnt about Jesus’ time in the wilderness which is remembered during the period of Lent.  The important message in our dramas were ‘to not give in to temptation and to make our own decisions!’

This term we are learning about the Romans.  We are enjoying our reading of our class reader ‘Romans on the Rampage’.  We have considered how the Roman Invasions affected different people by writing in the role of different characters.

Year 4 has a day out to visit Lullingstone Villa. 


Survannah: We got to walk about the Roman ruins of a house and see the different rooms. 

Freddie: Some were deeper than others because they had underfloor heating.

Abigail: There was a well in one room.

Amy B: And there was a breath taking mosaic on the floor of the dining room – it must have taken ages to make it.


Holly: My favourite bit was learning about the Roman Gods.  We were able to find pictures of Gods we had learnt about in class, and learn about other Gods who were named after the planets.


Georgia: My Favourite bit was looking at all the things they used to make which have been dug up and found.  These include nails, hammers, needles, a weighing balance, keys and a studded shoe. 


Daisy S: I liked making the mosaics on the magnetic table.


Lucy: I liked dressing up in Roman costumes.


A very enjoyable day was had by all, reinforcing and extending our learning about what like would have been like for Romans living in Britain.