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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Secondary School Art!


Year 4 would like to say a big thank you to Mr Burns at Astor for teaching them in his studio. As part of Art Week, the children have been looking at the works of Marc Chagall. Whilst up at Astor, the children created their own representation of ‘The Concert’ by Chagall. They used oil pastels to draw the figures in his image and then a blue wash over the top. The children really enjoyed themselves and it was great to see what an art lesson at a secondary school is like!

Anglo-Saxon Masks


On Friday 9th June, Year 4 were finally able to paint their Anglo-Saxon masks they made on their recent trip to Dover Museum. The children studied a range of images to establish which colours would be the most. I'm sure you'll agree that they look fantastic!

Year 4 are authors!


Year 4 have been looking at the science-fiction genre this term and have completed their very own stories! They have worked very hard, thinking about characters, plots and settings. Once the drafting and editing process was complete, the children were able to use their best handwriting to create their final book. When the writing was complete, the children created fantastically bold and exciting and front covers and blurbs. What an excellent effort Year 4!

A day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon


On Tuesday 23rd May, Year 4 visited Dover Museum for an Anglo-Saxon Invasions and Settlement day. The day began with a drama workshop where the children acted out scene from a battle by being fierce Anglo-Saxon warriors. The children used body language and expression when in role. They then moved on to work in groups to act out different roles of Anglo-Saxon life. The groups included hunters, cooks, builders, weavers and craftsmen. The children were brilliant at staying in role and prosed for their acting skills.

The children then went into the museum where they learnt about the Bronze Age boat and looked at some artefacts from Anglo-Saxon times.

After lunch, the children had an art workshop where they made Sutton Hoo masks out of clay. They listened really well and confidently followed the instructions to create their very own replica. They can’t wait to paint them next term once they have dried.


Caitlin- “My favourite parts were making the Anglo-Saxon mask and the sword acting.”

Nadia- “ My favourite part was the clay and the drama workshop.”

Aaran-“ I like that we worked as a team. We showed a lot of courage and now know what it was like to live in the Anglo-Saxon times. “

Conner- “I learnt how to make an Anglo-Saxon helmet.”

Tim- “I learnt about Anglo-Saxons and how they protected their farms and their animals.”

Adding Fractions Is Fun!


Today, Thursday 18th May, Year 4 have been adding fractions with the same denominator. Mr Harris told us some examples using pizza and it made us very hungry. We were all very focused and hard working today. We know that presentation is very important and would like to share some of our work with you.

Can you light the bulb?


On Wednesday 17th May, Year 4 made and recorded electric circuits. They had to investigate how to create a circuit that would make the light bulb work and also one that would make a motor work. The children really enjoyed the challenges and worked well in their groups.

Poetry Workshop


On Friday 12th May, Year 4 were lucky enough to experience a poetry workshop that was run by Belgian university students visiting from Campus Torhout. The children engaged in a range of activities including food tasting, judo and learning about the RAF! It was a fantastic day full of wonderful learning opportunities, enjoyed by children and adults alike.

More Shape Properties


Today, Thursday 4th May 2017, Year 4 explored the properties of quadrilaterals. They learnt that a quadrilateral has 4 sides. They used the pin boards and bands to make a variety of quadrilaterals and looked at their properties to identify and compare them.

"When I'm older, I want to be..."


On Wednesday 3rd May, parents and carers of Year 4 were invited in for an orientation afternoon. The children looked at and discussed stereotyping with a focus on occupations. This then led onto the children thinking about their aspirations in life and what they might like to do in the future.

"I want to be a neo-natal nurse" -Caitlin

"I'm going to be an author and write stories for young adults"- Lilly

"I'd like to be a carpenter like my dad or an author"- Bailey

Properties of Shapes


On Tuesday 2nd May, Year 4 looked at the properties of kites and trapezium. They used the geo strips to identify the properties of a kite.

Science Week


During science week, Year 4 looked at how sounds change as we move away from the source. We tried to communicate with each other across the playground but couldn’t really hear each other that well. We then created our own string telephones and used these to communicate with each other.

“If you touch the string, you can feel it vibrate” Harvey H

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been learning about hundredths as fractions and decimals.

Picture 1
Picture 2

How Is Sound Made?


“We learnt that sound is when particles move ”- Harvey H

“I enjoyed exploring the school, listening for different sounds and rating them from 0-5 depending on their loudness”- Isobel

“I enjoyed testing the instruments. I liked using the tuning forks. We banged it on the table and then put it in the water and then there were waves”-Tim

“The tuning fork was vibrating”- Aaran

How is land used?


Could you be one of the Merry Men? This term, Year 4 will be looking at Robin Hood in English. We will look at various interpretations of the legend, creating newspaper reports and persuasive pieces of writing on the villains. In topic, we will be looking at how land is used across the UK and in our local area. We will be creating our own sketch maps and keys for the school and surrounding area.

Picture 1

Should The Rainforest Stay?


On 23rd January, Year 4 had a debate out saving the rainforest and deforestation. They were put into 4 groups, each one representing different people connected to the rainforest. The groups were tree loggers, conservationists, tourists and the local people.

Picture 1

Acute or Obtuse?


In Maths this week, Year 4 have been identifying acute and obtuse angles. We used a right angle finder to help us decide if the angle was acute or obtuse and then moved onto comparing and ordering angles.

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of anti-bullying week, Year 4 looked at the meaning of ‘Rude’, ‘Mean’, ‘Bullying’ and ‘Kind’. We discussed it’s meaning and then wrote scenarios where these things might happen. We were then split into 4 groups to create and perform these behaviours to the rest of the class.

Picture 1

The Rainforest


Animals can talk, animals can dance! This term, Year 4 will be looking at the rainforest. In English, we will be creating travel guides, web pages and participating in debates about the impacts of deforestation. The rainforest theme is also explored in our Topic sessions. We will be looking at where rainforests can be found in the world, their climate and the indigenous people that inhibit them.

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Children In Need


On Friday 18th November, Year 4 helped to raise money for Children in Need. The children looked at the story of Logan and the support he has received from Children in Need. They were then asked to create a mood board to represent Logan’s feelings before and after he received his support.  

Sorting Materials


On Tuesday 15th November, Year 4 looked at different materials and their properties. Firstly, the children sorted the materials into solids and liquids. Next, the children had to look at the materials and decided on the properties to describe a solid and a liquid.


Dylan-  “You can’t hold a liquid”

Ellie- “You can pour a liquid”

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Picture 2

Bonfire Week


On Tuesday 1st November the children designed and created Wanted posters to help King James I find Guy Fawkes before he could blow up the Houses of Parliament! The afternoon, was filled with more firework based art projects. The children studied ‘The Rocket’ (1909) by Middleton Manigault and discussed his use of primary colours in his work. They then went on to create their own firework pictures using oil pastels.

On Wednesday 2nd November the children had the chance to hot seat Guy Fawkes. This task required the children to empathise with Guy Fawkes and consider whether to ask ‘open’ or ‘closed’ questions in order to find out more information about him. No doubt the children will agree that the afternoon was the best one of the week….toffee apple making! The children went in small groups to the Design and Technology kitchen to melt chocolate, dip their apples in it and decorate with a range of toppings! A very tasty afternoon indeed!

Firework poems were the focus for Thursday morning’s lesson. The children explored the language and punctuation used in a range of firework poems and managed to find a huge range of onomatopoeias! The afternoon was an extremely noisy session where the children improvised and composed their own firework music. It began by listening to Music for fireworks by Handel and discuss how it made them feel and would instruments may have been used in the performance.

Friday was the final day of the Bonfire Night Bonanza! In the morning, the children wrote up their poems and some were shared with the class. With Bonfire Night happening over the weekend, we spent the afternoon discussing firework safety and designing our own safety posters.



Brooke- I was really happy when I did the toffee apples because we can take them home and eat them.

Nadia- I really enjoyed the toffee apple making because I have never done something like this before and it was the best lesson ever!

Macie- I liked learning about Bonfire Night because we got to do lots of art and it was really fun.

Harvey H- I liked making flame paintings by mixing paints with cardboard.

Jake- I really enjoyed making fireworks because we got to use 3 colours: blue, yellow, red.

Lexie- I really liked the toffee apples because I haven’t done anything like it in my old school.

Practising Coordinates


During the final week of term, week beginning Monday 17th October, the children in Year 4 have been learning about coordinates. They have accessed a range of activities to help them practise and develop their skills. They had to locate Roman artefacts on a grid as well playing Battleships against each other! The children were also set coordinate based tasks on Education City. 

Lullingstone Villa

On Thursday 13th October, Year 4 visited Lullingstone Villa in Eynsford. On the journey to the villa, we were lucky enough to pass under an acqueduct! 

The ruins were a fascinating sight with lots of information and hands on activities. We were able to see the layout of a real Roman villa and get a sense of what life would have during the Roman times. 

There were opportunities to dress up as Roman's and create our own mosaic designs as well as looking at the tools and materials that the Roman's used to build the villas. 

Some of us measured ourselves to see how tall we are compared to the average Roman. 

After a busy morning of learning, we stopped to have our lunch outside in the lovely weather. We had  another chance to look around and then hopped back onto the bus for our journey back to school. 


"The well was 2.7m deep!" ~ Harvey 

"I liked dressing up as a Roman" ~ Scarlett

No Pens Day!


On Wednesday 5th October, Year 4 celebrated No Pens Day. The morning began with a PHSE session. The children were given a scenario where a young boy witnessed his friend steal sweets from the newsagents. The children had to decide whether the boy should tell and adult or not. We created a conscience alley where the children had to whisper reasons for and against telling an adult. 

The morning continued with Maths where the children had a variety of problems to solve but weren't able to write anything down! They had a range of materials and resources that they could use to help solve the problem and record the answer. The activities also required communication between the children and taking time to listen and try each other's ideas. 

The afternoon was a chance for the children to take a look Roman gods and goddesses. The children were given a Roman god/ goddesses and then had to create a freeze frame in their groups for the rest of the class to guess. 

Historical Writing


We have spent the last few weeks planning and drafting our historical story. 

Today, Tuesday 4th October, we have been editing the main part of our story. We have used the teachers marking to see where we can make improvements as well as reading through our own work to find ways of improving. 

We have used word mats to help improve our writing as well as reading through it to check we have included the correct punctuation.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Building Our Own Fraction Wall


During Maths this week, Year 4 are looking at equivalent fractions. We have started off the week looking at fractions equivalent to halves and quarters. 

We have used fraction walls to help us work out equivalent fractions. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Year Four's assembly  on 23rd September 2016 looked at recycling and the items that we can recycle both at home and at school. Our Science topic this term involves looking at the positive and negative impact that humans can have on the environment.

We used recycled materials to create our pieces of art work used for the assembly. We have discussed in class what we recycle at home and will go on to looking at litter and creating a survey.

We have worked hard to practise our lines this week and the children spoke confidently and clearly to the school and their parents.

Don't forget to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

The children will be covering a range of topics over the course of the year. They have will have a chance to practise what they have learnt in Year 3 and develop new skills too.

Term 1 is all about the Romans. The children's’ reading focus will be ‘Romans on the Rampage’ by Jeremy Strong. The children are already excited as we read the first chapter together on Common Transfer Day!

Dover Castle is hosting a Roman weekend on Saturday 30th and July 31st. This would be a wonderful opportunity for your children to be submersed in the topic.