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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Exploding Volcanoes


In Topic this week (29th November) Year 4 carried out a volcano experiment with the help of Miss  Church. On Tuesday, the children worked in small groups to create their volcano. The equipment needed was a small plastic bottle, card and different coloured paints. The following day, once the volcano had dried, the fun began! We went outside to carry out our experiment. First, we had to fill half the bottle with water. Next was the vinegar and finally the bicarbonate of soda. As you can see from the photos, the children really enjoyed the lesson! 

Class Assembly


This week (20th November) Year 4 have been planning and rehearsing their class assembly on the theme of Road Safety. Miss Pitcher came up with the outline of the script and the children then developed it. Throughout the week, the children have been discussing props that can be used and working hard on the delivery of their lines. Wednesday afternoon was a prop creating session. The children worked in creative teams where they designed and created the props they had chosen for the play.
Once the class have performed their assembly, we will post the fantastic work of the ICT team so you can remind yourself of how to stay safe near roads. Watch this space!

Children In Need


As part of Children in Need the class watched a video about a young boy called Logan who has cerebral palsy. They discussed how they would feel if they were no longer able to do their favourite activities such as sports and drama. The video showed how Logan received help and support from Children in Need, giving him opportunties and experiences. The children then created mood boards to explain how Logan might feel before and after receiving his therapy. 

Anti-Bullying Week


Year 4 have been looking at anti-bullying this week. The children watched a short video clip and discussed some types of bullying and how people can be affected. The class then went on to create helping hands. On one side, the wrote names of people who help and support them if they are worried. On the other hand, the wrote kind things you can do for people. 

How Does Sound Travel?


Today, Monday 30th October, Year 4 looked at how sound travels over distances. The children discussed their theories using their prior knowledge and learning on sound. They then created their own string telephones to test out how sounds travel distances across the playground. Once back in the class, the children used scientific language to explain how the sound travel from one persons ear to another. 

Clay Work


On Friday 13th October, Year 4 spent the afternoon make coil pots out of clay. They watched an online tutorial and created a set of instructions. The children showed great resilience and perseverance during the process as it was challenging at times.

Symmetry and Reflection


On Friday 22nd September, Year 4 have been learning about symmetry and reflection this week in Maths. We are also learning about the Romans in topic so we decided to combine both skills. The Romans are famous for their mosaics so Year 4 used their knowledge of symmetry to create their own symmetrical mosaics out of coloured paper.