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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Sand Art Expressions

Sand Art Expressions 1

Year 4 discovered that there are many different and unusual ways that we can be creative and artistic. We had a go at making sand art by using sand and light boxes. Have a look at some of our fantastic work.

"It was fun to have a go at sand art!!"  - Marlee

Science explorations

Science explorations 1

Spring is nearly upon us and Trinity, Kelis and the rest of Year 4 have been discussing the different types of plants and flowers we will be able to see very soon.

We have been thinking about the various properties of a leaf and how we can recognise them. We have been looking at the stem of the leaf, the shape, smell and vein pattern.

“I had fun sorting true and false cards with Kelis. We had to choose if each card was true, false or if we didn’t know. I think we did well - Mr Brand was amazed!” – Trinity

Comedy and Tragedy masks

Year 4 have been looking at the ancient Greek theatre.

In ancient Greece, open air theatres began as places to hold festivals to honour the gods, after a while the Greeks also performed plays just for entertainment.

There are two main types of plays in ancient Greece, comedies and tragedies.

We have been looking at comedy and tragedy masks and their origins. 

“We have found out the comedy and tragedy masks are still used today to show where a theatre is. “said one child.

Pupils were asked to design their own comedy or tragedy mask for the class to evaluate.

“Mine is a comedy mask” said Miraya “You can tell because it has a big smiley mouth and happy eyes.”


Travel Guides

In English we have been looking at Travel guides. Travel guides are used to attract people to a certain place or country.

Pupils have written their own.

What do you think? Would you like to go to Greece?


Discover our unique, local cuisine, taste our delicious freshly caught seafood and the delicious, jmspectacular seafood such as crab, muscles, fish and prawns. 

Visit our magnificent blazing, golden, sandy beaches with your partner and go for a romantic stroll.



When you’re feeling down take off your shoes and sink your toes deep down into the sand and stroll on the shores, whilst gazing across at the picturesque sea and the horizon. 

Or, you can jump into the sapphire coloured sea to cool off from the burning heat in complete tranquillity and relaxation.

Are you feeling adventurous? If so gear up to conquer mount Olympus and meet and greet with the gods up at the summit. 





This iconic landmark of Greece sits royally as the only standing building of the Acropolis, an awe-inspiring attraction, a temple dedicated to the god of wisdom and war, Athena. You really must visit this temple it will stun you the way the marble pillars tower over you supporting a truly beautiful ceiling aligned with carvings to stun you further. Stroll around the marble floor in complete tranquillity watching and gazing over the city of Athens. 



Delphi is a wonderful and gobsmacking archaeological site and museum, featuring some of maybe the most stunning artefacts found of the ancient Greek time period.

The sanctuary of Delphi is located in Dhokis in one of the loveliest and impressive landscapes of Greece. When in Greece this beautiful range of artefacts is a must see!

There is also a reconstructed temple of Athena and the sanctuary of Apollo as well as the museum full of richly decorated marble statues and artefacts. 




Co-ordinate Conundrums

Co-ordinate Conundrums  1
Co-ordinate Conundrums  2
In Year 4 we have been learning more about coordinates.  We practised plotting and reading coordinates, and also improved our neatness and accuracy when drawing them.  We learned how to use our coordinates skills in a game of Battleships, using pencil and paper rather than a computer screen!