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Welcome to Year 5


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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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The Mayor Concert


On Tuesday 21st June, Year 5 attended an amazing music day, and to tell you about their day, they have worked with Mr Stafford to create a Padlet page describing what they enjoyed most about their day. Follow the link below and read all about it!



Year 5’s topic on Paddington involved them looking at the history of mass immigration to the UK as one of the significant turning points in British history. 


We compared Paddington’s experience of arriving in London with the experiences of real-life immigrants in the 1950s, and we also thought about how Paddington was able to make friends and fit in to his new life.  We tried to imagine what life would have been like for immigrants arriving from the West Indies and we wrote letters back home.


We also practised using different sketching techniques to create texture, in this case Paddington Bear’s fur.  Here are some of our brilliant pictures …

Kensuke's Kingdom


As part of our work on Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo, we spent a brilliant afternoon discovering how to use sand and light boxes to create amazing pictures.  We were inspired by the illustrations in the book, and focused our designs on waves and orang-utans. 


We also used a similar light against dark technique in our sketch books but, instead of light shining through sand, we made a dark background with charcoal and then ‘drew’ in our design with a rubber.


It was an “awesome lesson”!!

Arty Maths: Painty Percentages!


On Monday 25th April, in order to understand how tenths and other common fractions relate to percentages, and how they can be used in practical context, Year 5 have been mixing paint very, very carefully.


We have been investigating the practical uses of percentages by mixing paint shades according to specific percentage mixes.  We started by mixing a primary colour paint with white paint in specific percentage proportions.  We used a clear plastic sheet over a 10 section grid to make sure we used the correct amount of each colour paint.  Each section of the grid represented 10%.  Once we had systematically worked through a range of different mixes, we then moved on to mixing secondary colours using colour mixes of our own choice. 

The Royal Air Force Military Band


This term Year 5 had the huge privilege of attending a concert given by the Royal Air Force military band at The Duke of York’s Royal Military School.  We didn’t quite know what to expect, but we were treated to an absolutely fantastic afternoon of brilliant musicians playing a wide range of music for us to enjoy and sing along to.  Some of the music played included the Star Wars theme, a selection of Queen tracks, and orchestral versions of Uptown Funk and … Let it Go!


“It was really cool (except for Let it Go)!”  Marlee


“It wasn’t what I expected – it was much better than I thought it would be.  I thought it would be serious with people playing quite old fashioned stuff, but instead it was good fun.”  Rylee


“I thought it was amazing when they played Star Wars because it sounded exactly like it, and when they played Uptown Funk everyone enjoyed it and it was really cool.  When they started playing Let it Go everyone started singing, which was really funny!”  Tally-May

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Terrific Tiling


In maths this week Year 5 have been learning more about translation of shapes.  We created tiling patterns that needed to be repeating patterns without any gaps between the ‘tiles’.  It was tricky, but we ended up with some fabulous designs!

Visit to Canterbury Cathedral


Year 5 visited Canterbury Cathedral and had a wonderful day learning more about Anglo-Saxons and the fascinating history of the Cathedral.  We dressed up as Anglo-Saxons as part of our guided tour and acted out the story of King Aethelred and Queen Bertha, and Archbishop Augustine’s arrival in England.


We spent some time in the Education Centre finding out how hi-tech 3D printing can be used to create replica artefacts, trying some runic writing with quill pens and using our maths skills to tackle a tricky 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Cathedral.  We also managed to fit in lunch, enjoy some quiet moments in the very special All Saints’ Chapel, and squeeze in some sketching time at the end of the day!

Dancing on Armistice Day


Year 5 are continuing their regular rehearsals of their singing parts for the public performance of Dancing on Armistice Day.  Newly created by BAFTA-nominated writer Martin Riley and Kent-based composer David Burridge, this cross-channel musical drama tells the story of children caught up in conflict. Described as “epic, intimate and ultimately hopeful, it involves adults and children, actors, choirs and musicians from Kent and Dunkerque”.  We are very priviledged and excited to be taking part in this wonderful production.



Years 5 and 6 had a brilliant afternoon freshening up their knowledge about how to stay safe when using the internet.  Huge thanks to Mandy from Kent Police for coming to talk with us again!

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Picture 1
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