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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Year 5's Big Performance!


On Tuesday 20th June, Year 5 had the amazing opportunity to play their musical instruments as part of a huge orchestra in Dover Town Hall. They have been having lessons from Mr Brimson, who travels from Astor College each week, and have practised really hard.


Kimberley “I thought it was exciting!”

Daisy “I think it was a good opportunity and really exciting, but at the same time it was quite scary because there were people who had been playing for three years or more and people who had more experience than us.”

Kendall “When we first got there I was worried, but when we sat down and started played I was alright.”

Lily “I was surprised how many children were there and all the different instruments.”

Abigail “It was amazing, being in an orchestra and playing my instrument was a great opportunity.”

Kelsey “At the Town Hall we had to learn a new song, Frozen, and we had to learn all the notes and it was very hard.”

Survannah “At first I was really nervous but then when we started playing I found my confidence and joined in.”

Amy B “At first it was quite nerve-wracking and I had butterflies, but then when we started going I just naturally blocked everyone out and managed to do it.”

Lucy “I thought it was amazing opportunity, being in the spotlight. Everyone was watching, all the parents were there and everyone could see what our passion was and how we reacted to the instruments.”

Rhianna “It was extremely loud!”

Eli “We would like to say thank you to Mr Brimson.”

Year 5 tackle some tricky Maths-y Art


To explore their work on square numbers, perspective and the Ancient Mayan rainforest, Year 5 have this week (6th March) embarked upon a tricky piece of art work. They are designing their own pictures of the Mayan jungle which must include foreground, middle ground and distance. However, they also have to ensure that each element in the picture represents a square number, eg one volcano, one stream or pathway disappearing into the distance, four leaves of a certain type, sixteen leaves of another type. They can have frogs and birds and other creatures, but only if they have a square number of them! Watch this space for pictures of their work as it develops…

Ancient Maya


Year 5 will be following in the footsteps of the Spanish Conquistadors to discover the mysterious civilisation of the Ancient Maya. We will be unlocking the secrets of their society by investigating artefacts and learning some of their folktales. We will also be learning about the history of chocolate, and how it really was a ‘gift from the gods’ for the Maya. We will be experiencing a live theatre production of Joseph and His Technicolour Dreamcoat; learning about how Christianity has spread around the world; using our knowledge of perspective to create paintings with foreground, middle ground and distance; and practising evasion in PE.

Picture 1

Crime and Punishment


In our History topic work, Year 5 will be travelling back through the ages to discover the punishments inflicted on people since Roman times. We will be finding out whether criminals are different now to what they were in other periods of history, and how criminals have been caught and dealt with. In English, we will learn about the tragic and terrible story of The Highwayman, and will be able to recite the poem by heart and perform it expressively. We will try to decide whether The Highwayman was a hero or a villain by understanding more about how laws worked.

Picture 1

Year 5’s (Almost) Antarctic Adventure


As part of our work on Ernest Shackleton’s Amazing Antarctic Expeditions, Year 5 experienced the thrill of tobogganing at Folkestone Ski Centre this week.  It wasn’t quite as extreme as Shackleton’s extraordinary slide down the mountainside on South Georgia Island on coiled rope in the dark, but we had lots of fun anyway!


We were also able to practise using some of our Forces science vocabulary from this term to describe the slip and slide of the toboggans (especially after the bases had been lubricated) and how the friction between the toboggan and the ski slope eventually slowed us down.


These are some of the things the children had to say about their experience:


“I love life right now!” squealed Kacper.

“At first I thought it was scary, but it turned out brilliantly!” panted Survannah.

“It’s great fun!” beamed Eli.

“It’s cool!” said Kimberley, with a big grin.

Year 5 have been very 'animated'!

Click on the picture below to see the finished product from our collaboration project with Astor College!

Still image for this video

Our Class Shopping Trip!


On Wednesday 19th October Year 5 went to Westwood cross, to look at gender stereotypes in boys and girls clothes and shoes. They looked at the clothing in Primark, Marks & Spencer’s, DW Sports and Debenhams, they found that in all of the shops the women’s and girls’ clothes were more expensive than the men’s and the boy’s. When looking at the shoes in most cases the girl shoes had slippery soles and were not likely to stay on their feet if they were to play sport of do any kind of adventurous activities. Two of the groups found a boy’s and a girl’s coat that was almost identical apart from the girls had white fur inside with an elasticated waist, whereas the boy’s jacket was straight with a black fur lining. One of the groups notice that the way in which the clothing was laid out in the shops, meant that the girl’s would have to go further into the shop to find coats and trainers however this was generally the first thing that you would see in the boys department. The children were also treated to a McDonalds by Mrs Fotheringham so that they could look at the gender stereotypes in the toys that are given away with the ‘happy meals’ every child received a Troll and an activity pack from the new film Trolls, interestingly both the boys and the girls in year 5 equally enjoyed playing with them.

Year 5 Learning To Make A Beautiful Noise


Our Year 5 children are now 5 weeks into their year of instrumental lessons.  Their initial enthusiasm is unabated and the noises coming from the hall are becoming more beautiful by the week! 

Year 5 Parent Orientation Afternoon


For this term’s parent orientation afternoon we demonstrated to parents and carers how we can weave different areas of the curriculum together, using our skills from one subject to great effect in another subject.  In this case we had an arty-mathsy RE lesson!  The RE learning objective was to understand how Jewish people welcome a new baby into the family. 


We all thought about what WE do when a new baby is born (celebrate, give presents and maybe have the baby baptised).  We also thought about where our own forenames come from – often we are named after a special relative, or friend or even a famous person that our parents liked.  We learned that Jewish people have two forenames, and one of them is a special Hebrew name, which have special meanings.


We did some research on the computers to find out whether our own names were originally Hebrew names (we don’t have any Jewish children in our class) and what they meant.  Then ….. and here’s the mathsy arty bit …. we used the skills we have learned recently to draw the names in single point perspective to give the design a 3D effect.

Amazing Animation – collaborative project with Astor College


The Year 5 children are incredibly lucky this term because we are working with Astor College’s Art Department on a six week animation project on the theme of outer space.  


In the first week we created our characters using card and split pins (so that we can move their body parts when we film them). 


In the second week we created some out-of-this world backdrops using paint and collage.


Next week we will be creating storyboards to plan what will happen in our animation so watch this ….. space! 

Arty Maths – Prisms in Perspective


Year 5 have created some outstanding art work to meet the maths  learning objective: identify and create 2D representations of 3D shapes.


We used the work we’d done in maths about the parallel and perpendicular edges and faces of prisms to help us understand how to draw prisms in perspective.


We had already had a go at drawing cuboids in perspective earlier in the week, so we understood how to create a ‘vanishing point’.  We learned the basics by watching this video:


Why not have a go at home?  All you need is paper, a pencil and a ruler.


“I love these types of lessons!”  Kacper

“Exciting and interesting!” Elizabeth

“A great lesson – thanks for teaching us.” Freddie

“It was enjoyable.” Abigail

“It was enjoyable and fun.” Kelsey

“It was very awesome!” Kady

“It was really fun – you should try it!” Survannah

What we are going to learn...


In Term 1, Year 5 will be learning about Henry VIII in our history topic, the planets in our solar system in science and our class book will be the wonderful ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine.