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Welcome to Year 5


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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Reflective Cityscapes


This week, year 5 have been learning more about lines of symmetry by drawing their own reflected cityscapes. The children used square paper to reflect their own designs across horizontal and vertical mirror lines and some children even challenged themselves further by reflecting along a diagonal (oblique) line of symmetry.
The children used the squared paper as a guide to ensure that their reflections measured the same distance across each of the mirror lines.

Our Class Assembly


This term, we have been learning all about the fascinating story of Thomas Becket and the circumstances surrounding his rather controversial death in Canterbury Cathedral. As a class we discussed key points presented within the story and rewrote our own version, which we presented to the rest of the school in our assembly. We also looked at the geography of city of Canterbury and examined how different it could have looked in Becket's time, drawing our own maps to illustrate our ideas. 
We are looking forward to finding out more about the history of Canterbury and Thomas Becket when year 5 visit Canterbury Cathedral later in term 2. 

3D Shapes


In Maths, we have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes. We looked at various combinations of shapes that could be made by using 4 coloured interlocking cubes and then drew them in different positions. Looking directly down at a shape was called a 'Birdseye' view and looking up from underneath, we referred to as a 'Worms eye' view.