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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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Pupils perform at the Stone Hall as part of the PlayDay Event

Pupils in Year 5 joined other children from primary and secondary schools across Dover to form an orchestra on over 200 people in a specially organised ‘Play day’.  Having prepared a number of pieces in their instrumental lessons with Mr Brimson in college before the event, pupils were able to perform these and other taught songs and a composition made on the day, led by musician Matthew Sharp.  Parents were able to come along and listen to a final performance of all that had been achieved over the morning.


It was amazing to be part of something much bigger than we have in college. 


At first I didn’t feel very confident playing my part, but once we ran through the pieces a few times, I realised I could do!


Some of the other pupils from other schools, especially the secondary schools, were really good and maybe I could become as good as they are if I continue to practice.


Some of the music teachers from other schools were really helpful, making sure we had the right music and knew what to play.  I would love to continue playing the clarinet if she was my teacher in the future.

Lego Designs explode in Year 5

As part of Year 5’s DT project on ‘Shelters’ we had to learn the skill of creating an ‘exploded diagram’.  We found out that an exploded diagram shows how and where different components fit together in order to make a final product.  We realised that exploded diagrams are used a lot in the instruction manuals of construction toys like Lego, and so we designed our own unique Lego mini-figures using an exploded diagram.


Why don’t you have a go at our Lego Mini-fig Challenge?  Print off everything you need by clicking the green link below!

Year 5 Spice It Up!

As part of our history topic on the Ancient Mayans, Year 5 learned how to prepare and cook a healthy Mayan-style spicy snack.  This linked in with some narrative writing we had done on how Spanish Conquistadors discovered  Mayan temple ruins in Mesoamerica, and the sort of things Conquistadors would have seen, smelt and eaten in the rainforests.


We were all very brave and accepted a good helping of chilli peppers in our snacks!


Afterwards, we wrote a set of recipe style instructions on how to prepare the Mayan snacks, and we took the opportunity to practise using some specific writing skills and techniques (such as fronted adverbials, brackets and embedded subordinate clauses).

The Politeness of Paddington!

As part of our College Book Week about Paddington, Year 5 spent some time thinking about politeness, and in particular the traditional British ways of being polite.


We hunted through the story of when Paddington first met Mr and Mrs Brown to find examples of the characters showing politeness to eachother.  For example, speaking gently, saying please and thank you, a gentleman raising their hat, trying not to be troublesome to eachother.  We then thought about why people are polite and what impact it has, both on them and the people they are being polite to.  Year 5 identified some examples and wrote about them to form part of our corridor display on British politeness.


After talking about it for a while, we realised that


“you have to be polite to work well as a team”


“it feels nice if people are polite to you”


“being polite helps new people fit in”


“people like you more if you’re polite”


We found it interesting that Paddington was an immigrant who had stowed away on a boat to come and find a better life in Britain.  It made us think a bit more about how people who move here from other countries must feel alone and worried, and how being polite is really important to make new friendships.


We decided that Wiktoria in our class is a bit like Paddington, because she came to Britain from Poland (though she brought her family with her!) a couple of years ago.  Wiktoria confirmed that the first English words she was taught by her dad were ‘please’ ‘thank you’ and things like that, because her dad realised how important those words were to fit in and make friends.


None of us realised that a Paddington story from the 1950’s could teach us so much about life in Britain today!


Year 5 learn about Yusuf and Alex

As part of their RE work on Islam, Year 5 watched an animation about two friends, Yusuf (who is Muslim) and Alex (who is not). 



The boys play together, but Alex is curious about what Yusuf does when he visits the mosque, so Yusuf takes Alex on a visit there.  Year 5 learned that the lives of the two boys are very similar in lots of ways, and that the only real differences are that


“Yusuf has a different religion and his mum wears different clothes”


Year 5 say,


“Watch the cartoons, so you can find out all about Muslims”


We also looked at the patterns in mosques, and we created our own patterns.  Some children had to create the patterns by colouring in symmetrically, and others had to create their own unique patterns by using squared paper, a pencil, ruler and really good geometry skills! 


We learned that Muslims do not depict animals or people in their artwork because they believe it would be disrespectful to their god, Allah who created them.  Instead, they use the most incredibly intricate geometric pattern work for decoration.


If you want to create your own Islamic style pattern, you can print off blank colouring sheets here:


Remember:  Keep it neat, and keep it symmetrical!

Social Action Project Finals 2015


Over the past year, pupils have participated in Vision Excel workshops to design and promote a social actionproject to meet a need they have identified in our local community.  Following our in-school finals, representatives of the local council, business and charities votes through two winning teams who then represented the school at the Grand Final.  These were: BMX Family, who appealed to turn a piece of unused land on Beaufoy Terrace into a bike track, and Sunday Sipper, who were proposing to hold a weekly games and coffee afternoon for older people within our community who may feel isolated or lonely.  Pupils were praised for understanding the needs of their immediate area and clear communication of what they would need in order to see their projects come to life. 

Social Action Project Finals 2015