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Welcome to Year 6

Samphire Class


Mr Stafford

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Year 6 reflect on their time at White Cliffs

It's been a busy time for our Year 6 pupils and now they are moving on to their Secondary Schools and we wish them all the best for the future.


The children wanted to say how they felt about White Cliffs and how the College has helped them, not just with learning, but with their own emotional development. These videos help others to share the pupils' experiences; they have said how they feel in their own words and we congratulate them on the personal and academic progress they have made this year.

Memories of White Cliffs - Part 1

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 2

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 3

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 4

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 5

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 6

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Memories of White Cliffs - Part 7

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Reward Trip


On Friday 15th July 2017, Year 6 choose to go to the cinema and McDonalds as a reward for their hard work effort and achievements over the year, in preparation and completion of their Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs).

Adinkra Batiks


As part of our learning about African culture, linked with our Topic about Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid, we have learnt about Adinkra symbols and designed our own. They each have a personal meaning behind them and represent something about our character. We used hot wax to create the design, before painting with dye and leaving them to dry. The wax was then ironed off to leave the final product.  Here are our creations.

Pfizer Science Jamboree 


On 8th June 2016, Year 6 were invited to attend the annual Pfizer Science Jamboree which takes place at the Discovery Centre in Sandwich.  Pupils were treated to an interactive science show, followed by 3 practical workshops, led by local professional scientists.


‘The Pfizer science jamboree was incredible!  We learnt many things I’d never even heard of before.  We even did an experiment with pigs lungs – it was disgusting but really fun too.’ – Bryony

‘We got to see how hard it can be for people with asthma to breath and get enough oxygen in their bodies.’  - Ryleigh

‘We got to see how a 3D printer works and play with Scalextric…’ – Clayton

‘The science show was very exciting and included lots of fire. We learnt about the elements needed for fire and how to keep stay safe.’ - Josh

‘The science jamboree was brilliant.  We were given a pedometer to count how many steps we take each day and I now wear mine to school.’ – Holly

‘It was amazing to hear, see and discover all the incredible things scientists do for a living.’  Loud bands, chemicals, exploding, fizzing… it was such an awesome experience that has inspired me a lot.’ - Olivia

‘It was so good; I wish I could go next year as well!’ – Ella

Viking Exhibition 


As part of our learning with our student teacher, Miss Humphries, we designed and made Viking artefacts in clay.  We held an exhibition and invited people from each class to come and view our work – it was a fabulous afternoon.  They asked questions about our designs and we were able to share many aspects of our learning about Viking life, sharing the stories we have read and performing a song we’d learnt.  - Olivia, Kane and Avril

Book Week


During book week, we had a lot of fun doing numerous activities around our focus story by Beatrix Potter, which was Pigland Bland.  We discussed the themes in many of her stories, identifying similarities and differences between characters, settings and story plots.  Our main task was to create our own story in the style of Beatrix Potter, using anthropomorphism to give human attributes to animal characters.  We were able to extend our vocabulary for effect and use of semi-colons in our description, just like Beatrix Potter does. (Olivia & Aleisha)



We came up with our own hashtag slog to spread our message of using the internet safely and responsibly. Have a look at our hearts to see what we came up with.


‘Today has helped us check- up on our friendships and make good anything that needing sorting.’ – Wiktoria

‘It was fantastic to design our own hashtag love heart. #besafe’ - Jack

Safer Internet Day


As part of Safer internet day, Year 6 took time to share encouraging messages with each other, as if writing on an online profile, celebrating the positive ways in which the internet can be used to share together and make memories.  The stickers worn on our backs will be kept and shared later in the year, mirroring the online ability to look back at past comments and remember happy times. 


‘It’s been the best day since safer internet day 2015.’ – Briley

‘It’s nice to know people care for you and what you do.’ – Ruby

‘It can be easier to understand a message when you simplify it. #keepitsimple’ – Bryony

‘It was good to have a chance to spread our thoughts about each other and encourage each other.’ – Aleisha

Save the rainforest!


Year 6 have been writing letters this week to Ms. Rudd who is the secretary of state for energy and climate change. They are worried about the Amazon Rainforest being destroyed and the effects it has on both the people and animals that live there.


Briley- "Ms. Rudd should be helping to save the rainforest because the animals and tribes are losing their homes. Many plants that provide medicine are also being destroyed and this will affect lots of people."

Tilly- "I think it's not fair that Ms. Rudd pays companies to cut trees down and set the rainforest on fire. Instead she should be putting a stop to this."

The Amazon Rainforest


This term Year 6 are looking at the Amazon rainforest based on the journey of rivers. So far they have looked at the sheer size of the rainforest, they have learnt that is covers two and a half million square miles and has 400 unique tribes. Year 6 are looking forward to learning more about it.


They are also reading 'Journey to the River Sea' by Eva Ibbotson in guided reading. Olivia and Ryleigh said "It is about a girl called Maia. She has been living in boarding school because her mum and dad died in a train crash. She then has to go and live in the rainforest. We have been writing diary entries as Maia and have been talking about her journey and her feelings about going to live in the Amazon Rainforest."

Remembrance Day


On Wednesday 11th November, Year 6 led the whole college in an act of Remembrance. A number of poems were read and perform recalling the events of our past and the importance to never forget how people lost their lives trying to save others.  Year 6 formed the first poppy wreath by standing today as a memorial against which all other class wreaths were then laid and a two minute silence was observed.  We reflected on the message of hope and new life which is represented in the poppies we wear, as these flowers were found on Flander’s fields where many of the battles took place.


It was interesting because we are learning about something that has really happened, and we need to respect those who have fought for us and made sure we are able to be here today. – Aleisha


It was really good writing our own poems because we could express how we feel about people who have become the fallen, so that we could live. – Mason


The poems make us feel thankful for the freedom that we have. – Ryleigh


Healthy Friendship


We took part in a workshop morning entitled Healthy Friendships run by an organisation called Victim Support.  We worked in groups to come up with drama about a given situation of how someone may behaviour, either at home, at school or in the street.  We discussed how these situations would make the people involved feel and identified appropriate people we know we can talk to if we need to.  We were given the task of designing an app that someone could use to help manage their emotions.


It was really fun because we got to act out our drama and think about how we would feel.  I really liked designing my own app – Macey


It changed how we got along as a class, not that we were getting on really badly before… but it helped us know how to stay friends. - Wiktoria and John


We wrote down how people would feel on these large sheets of paper… this helped us to think about how other people would feel. – Connor


It was good to work as a team in our drama, bringing us together… and know what is good to do in our friendships. – Briley and Ruby


Battle of Britain


As part of our World War II topic, year 6 took a visit to the Battle Of Britain Memorial, just down the road from us in Capel-le-Ferne.  We were given a guided tour of the site by the centre manager and booked into the brand new 'Scrabble Experience' in their newly built visitor and education centre.  There was opportunities to watch film clips, use their high tech multimedia learning zone and dress up in war time costumes.  We learnt real life stories about local people in the war, and looked for people who shared our surnames on the wall of remembrance.

“Due to this being our last year at White Cliffs College, we have been considering our future aspirations and dreams. Here are some of our thoughts and ideas.”