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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Leavers Prom


On Wednesday 19th July, we had our Year 6 Leavers Prom. The children were all really excited to dress up and spend some time with their friends before the last few days of school. There was a lovely sit down meal with cheesy garlic bread to start, followed by lasagne and chips for main, and finally (most people's favourite) an ice cream factory for dessert!


Amy - "The food was extraordinary! My favourite part was the ice cream factory. It was so nice to see all of my friends dressed up and having a good time."


Brayden - "The teachers were very kind  and awesome. Thank you to everyone for helping to organise it."

Our Class Visitors


On Monday we were visited in class by Louise Orchard who works for the British Gymnastics Association and is a Gymnastics Coach.


‘Louise was inspirational because gymnastics was her dream; she trained hard from an early age to become good at it and got to complete Nationally and Internationally alongside others who have gone onto represent our country in the Olympics. It is good that now she uses her knowledge and ability to coach other people in the sport.’ - Jess


‘We learnt that to be good at sport you have to be dedicated – she made time to trained every day after school, putting in 13 hours a week. If you keep practising your skills, you can go really far.’ - Brayden


‘It was interesting to hear the life story of she became a gymnast and has devoted her life to developing her own abilities and now helps others to do the same.’ - Lily


On Tuesday we were visited by Tracey who is a manager at Martin & Co Estate Agents.


‘Tracey was awesome because she explained her job in detail, her interest in property and how it has changed her life. She shared what she has achieved since buying her first flat when aged 17 and how she had progressed to now own the house of her dreams.’ - Tally-May


‘We learnt about the three different parts of Estate Agency: sales, lettings and investments. At first I thought there wasn’t much involved in this kind of job, but now I understand there are lots of different roles for people in the company and how they all work together to make a sale or look after a property. I was amazed at how technology is now involved, not just in taking pictures, but creating 3D virtual tours of properties for you to view from anywhere in the world.’ - Brandon

Nelson Mandela


This term, Year 6 have been learning about Nelson Mandela and the Apartheid regime in South Africa.


‘Nelson and the ANC party stood up to the white people in their country who were in charge and being unfair to the black people. Even though he went to prison, he never gave up and people around the world got behind him to support his campaign. After his release, he was voted by the people to become the first black president. I have learnt that I should stick with something even if it gets difficult.’ – Michael


‘Nelson Mandela is inspirational because he went to prison and said he was prepared to die for what he believed in. I agree with him that all people should be treated equally.’ – Marlee


‘Nelson Mandela was great because what he did helped to change the world!’ - Blaine



As part of our learning, we read the sad story of Journey to Jo’berg which tells the story of two children who walk from their townships to town to fetch their mother after their baby brother fell ill.


‘Tiro and Naledi were very courageous and brave to get the help that was needed, meeting many new friends along the way, working out who to trust and who not to trust. Even though they were very young, they acted responsibility and showed great maturity. The actions saved Dineo’s life.’ – Brayden

Viking Artefacts


"Year 6 have designed Viking artefacts in which make in clay. Following our learning about Viking invasions to England, we researched different Viking styles and designs which are found on everyday objects such as: cup, plates, bowls, badges, broaches, medals, decorative weaponary etc. Many of these designs were surprisingly very detailed consider they were craved by hand.


To work with the clay, we needed to mould and shape it which wasn’t always easy as some clay was harder than others. Many of us rolled a flat slab from which we cut out our designs before marking in our patterns. Not everybody’s went to plan because some designs were very ambitious in their detail and for some, their 3D shaping was more different to achieve.


Everybody was able to make something and we all reviewed the process, identify what went well and how we would do things differently next time."


- Written by Brayden and Marlee

SATs Are Over!


On Friday 12th May, Year 6 went to Connaught park as a reward for their hard work during SATs week. Although there was time to relax and enjoy the park, we also learnt essential skills for our trip by planning the day’s activities before hand, shopping and making our own picnic lunch and organising and carrying everything we needed for the day.

Marlee – "I am very grateful to whoever picked Connaught park as an idea as it was such a fabulous day!"

Amy – "The best part of the day was going into Aldi in small groups to buy lunch for everyone."

Ethan – "My favourite part of the day was playing a football match overseen by Mr Grylls."

Rylee – "We walked to the top of Connaught park where we looked out at the view over Dover and we were able to identify our new school building and the yellow building at Astor college."

Lily – "We received our amazing reward trip because of our 100% attendance and effort during SATs week."

Jess – "We took tennis nets from college and were able to set it up with more space to take turns to play tennis using the skills taught in PE lessons."

Brayden – "While shopping we decided the items to buy and guessed the total price before going to the tills to pay. We were given money to buy the items, and had to return the change with our receipt."

Levarnie – "Having bought our lunch, we also then had to make our own sandwich."

Brandon – "We wrote a shopping list in class before leaving college and split it up into groups so we each bought something towards our picnic."

Through our topic this term, we have looked at how our country’s identity and leadership structures changed significantly following the Viking invasions. Key individuals have had different opportunities and influences on the whole or part of our country for the duration for their rulership, however long or short. We have used this concept to consider what our priorities would be for our country if we were in charge for a day.

Palace Theatre Trip


Tuesday 7th March 2017, Year 6 went to the Palace Theatre in Broadstairs to watch Moana, with tickets obtained through the Into Film initiative. As this is a little independent cinema, we were personally greeted at the door and given a brief introduction and synopsis of the film before it began. This was really helpful, as our task on our return to college was to write a film review.


We took the opportunity to stop off at a park for a picnic lunch on our way back to college, as our class marble jar reward.


Through our discussion back in class, we identified the themes and wider learning from the film include:

  • the role of individuals of help/rescue others
  • social responsibilities and moral obligation
  • following of your dreams / calling
  • self-discovery – learning your identify / who you are
  • self-belief – in your character and abilities
  • stealing has consequences
  • you can learn from your mistakes
  • you need to calculate the risk involved in your actions and choices
  • choosing wisely whose advice you listen to
  • determination – to overcome difficulties
  • perseverance – to not give up!


Can you spot any of these ideas in our summary and review of the film?

Dissecting a Heart!


On Thursday 2nd March 2017, Year 6 were guided through the process of dissecting a heart to see the key features. Instruction was given on working safely, including how to handle and use a knife, how to put on and remove gloves appropriately and maintain hygiene.


Jacob: I was able to see the left and right ventricles and atrium, as well as the aorta, inferior vena cava and pulmonary veins.

Rylee: I felt different textures: some parts were cold, wet and soggy, while others were hard.

Kailee: I was anxious about dissecting the heart. I watched as my friends cut the heart open to discover the different chambers, veins and the aorta.

Blaine: Don’t be afraid to cut the heart as it does not do anything because it is just an organ, like a piece of meat: it was a very interesting experience.

Leo: In touching the heart, it felt a bit like a sponge.

Scarlett: I learnt about the layer of fat which surrounds the heart to protect, and how to be careful when you are cutting.

Marlee: This was an amazing experience which we learnt a lot from!

Brayden: I learnt that the things we’d previously learnt in class about the heart were true – we could see the features of the heart in real life.

Nuria: I learnt that blood can be left in the heart after it has been removed from an animal.

Tally-May: I learnt that you can poke your finger into the main arteries and veins in the heart.

Dylan: I learnt that it is important to wear gloves to protect your hands from touching animal blood, and wash your hands afterwards.

Getting To The Heart Of It!


We approach that time of year where our focus shift a little to ensure we’re ready for what will soon be to come! As we navigate our body’s circulation system and function of our physical heart, so too will we explore ourselves, taking time to reflect and learn about what drives and motivates us. We’ll appreciate different authors and the influence of literature, explore issues of decision making, and consider the rights and responsibilities of ourselves and others, locally and globally.

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Online Safety Day – 7th February 2017


Across college on Tuesday 7th February 2017, we have joined in the global celebrations to mark Safer Internet Day. We are uniting together to be the change to make the internet a better place.


"We are creating our own wordles about online safety, showing that we know the dangers online, but know what is best to help keep us safe." - Blaine

"We have spoken about making sure you have permission from people before putting photos or images of them online, and to check it doesn't give away their personal information." - Tally-May

"We are making our own emojis to show how we are feeling. We understanding the importance to think carefully about the words we use and images we upload to the internet." - Brandon, Scarlett and Michael.

"Think about the images you post online because they might embarrass people and even stop you getting a job in the future." - Ethan

"Watching the Safer Internet day film was interesting because we heard different people’s opinions about the same images." - Brayden

"We each make our own interpretation of what we think is happening, what people might be thinking and how they might be feeling." - Kiki

"It was good to watch how each person respected each other’s views and did not try to correct or tell each other they were wrong." - Levarnie

"We learnt that things can often be very different from what they may first seem." - Jacob

Anti-Bullying Week


As part of our Anti-Bullying week, Year 6 have been writing anonymous kind messages to one another. This activities comes out of our discussions that recognised that anti-bullying is not just about not doing certain things which are unkind; anti-bullying is also about choosing behaviours which helps everyone feel welcome and enjoy being part of our community.


Here is how some of us reacted:


I was surprised to be told I am helpful, kind, funny and cool. I am curious who said this about me. - Brandon


I was really pleased with my note. It made me feel excited. I am so happy and greatful. Whoever it was has made my week. Thank you. - Lily


I am very happy with my friends comment and it has made my day. - Brayden


When I heard about my note, I thought the person who wrote it is really kind. I did wonder how or why they think that I'm a good singer? - Michael


I am very amazed by the lovely letter I received. It was very, very excited at the words written about me; it really brightened my day. I am speechless because the letter was so beautiful and kind. - Nuria


I was very surprised that I was told that I am funny, but I'm definitely a good friend. - Leo

A Journey Like No Other!


Following the journey of Maia, a young orphan girl, we will delve into the life and culture of the Amazon rainforest. We will develop an understanding of rivers, and explore how these can be represented through music, dance and 3D collage. We will seek to make sense of the natural world through exploring systems for classification and spend time considering our aspirations and future life choices available to us.

Picture 1

Sketch Maps


As part of our local study of Dover, we have drawn our own sketch maps, identifying the important features around time.  We understand how Dover is a town that has developed around the river, where the land is flat at the bottom of the valley.  The town has expanded as residential areas have been build up the surrounding hills.  We have used our maps to help understand bombing statistics during WWII.



Year 6 this term have been creating their own World War II films with Mrs Bates and Mrs Chapman from Astor College.  It has helped me a lot as we have worked in teams, deciding who would do what and making sure we each had something valuable to add to the project.  It has been a great experience. – Michael


We have chosen various themes in WWII: soldiers in the trenches, land girls, evacuees etc.  We did a little research to give us ideas for our setting and characters before making them.  Our animations are made using freeze frames, moving the characters or prompts very slightly between each image. –Jessica


I found the filming quite difficult as you had to create 25 photos for every second of film, which took time and patience, but I’m really looking forward to seeing the end result. – Tally-May



On 13th December, Mrs Webb (a Christchurch University Tutor) led a lesson for us, telling us all about her little boat ‘Firefly’ which was used in the Dunkirk Evacuation. She has tracked down its story, including finding out its original owner who responded to the call of Admiral Ramsey to assist in the evacuation of troop, and in the story of a veteran who recognised the boat as being the very one he was evacuated on all those years ago. Every year the surviving boats meet up and every 5 years, they make the journey back to Dunkirk as a way of remembering the events of those 9 days in which 338,226 men were rescued.

Dover Castle Class Trip


On 17th November 2016, Year 6 had an alternative day of learning outside the classroom.  We went to the cinema and watched Alice through the looking glass in 3D, as part of the Into Film festival.  We were treated to a McDonald’s lunch before heading back to Dover Castle for a guided tour of their secret wartime tunnels and Operation Dynamo experience.


Kelis: "I loved going to the cinema, McDonalds and Dover Castle all in one day. Although we were learning lots, I didn’t have to write anything down. It was really interested to learn about real events which happened in Dover in the past and what it would have been like for people living at that time."


Dylan: "I enjoyed going to Dover Castle because I’ve learnt a lot about Operation Dynamo and having only recently moved to Dover, I had never been to the castle before. I understand why Hitler told his troops not to bomb it, as the castle is magnificent and I appreciate why he wanted to live there himself if he’d succeeded in taking over England."

Interviewing an Evacuee from Dover


On Remembrance day, we were fortunate to interview Mr Chandler who is the dad on Mrs Boxall, who is one of our Federation Directors.  He told us about his experiences during WWII in being evacuated from Dover.  It was amazing to hear about his new life and the friends he made, while enduring some of the hardships of being away from home.  We wrote personal thank you letters which were collated together and sent to them. 

Term 2


This term, we are continuing our World War II but turning our attention from our wider understanding of the Battle of Britain, to our local understanding of the impact of World War II to our local area.  Our topic is titled ‘Hidden Mysteries’, as we will dig deeper to uncover the significant role Dover played in the war effort and remaining evidence of this that still exists today.

No Pens Wednesday


'On No Pens Wednesday, we didn't pick up a single pen or pencil.  To do our learning, we had to talk about it rather than write it down.  We cut out pieces in order to play battleships, explaining our moved in turn using coordinates.' - Tally-May


' I loved playing battleships.   I have asked to play it again because it was fun and I could win!' - Danny

Battle of Britain Memorial Visit


On 4th October, we visited the Battle of Britain Memorial which is not far from Dover, in Capel-le-ferne.  In two groups, we had a guided tour of the site from the manager Jules, and went into the Scramble Experience. 


'Jules introduced us to BOB the dog and told us how pets were important to comfort the pilots when they returned from air combat.  He showed us replica planes and explained how the different between Spitfires and Hurricanes. We saw a statue of a pilot and the memorial wall.  Some of us tried to look if anyone with our surname was listed on the wall.' - Harrison 

'The best bit of the day was the scramble experience - you could dress up as pilot; their uniforms were really warm because it gets really cold in the sky.  There were interactive games to play which helped our learning, including telephones we could dial and listen in to RAF instructions.' - Brandon

'There were touch screen TVs that we could load up information and watch video clips of real veterans talking about their experiences in the Battle of Britain, and how some had survived plane crashes, losing their friends and coping away from their friends and family.' - Leo

'It was nice learning without having to write everything down (although Sir asked us to do this when we got back to college).  Some people recorded messages about the day while we were having lunch, using the Ipad.' - Rylee


Our Class Periscope


This term we are learning about light.  We made a class periscope which we used to go around the college to see how effective it is.  In celebration assembly, we shared with everybody how it works, by light reflecting off mirrors at 45 degree angles, allowing us to see around corners.  We asked if anybody has spotted us, and unfortunately they had! 

'It was fun going around the college to try out the periscope.  We tried spying into other people's classes and even the staffroom, but the fact there was a group of us, gave it away quickly!'  - Kelis

Global Goals


As part of the World's Largest Lesson which took place on 18th September, we worked in groups to campaign for one of the Global Goals.  Some of us made posters, while others prepared a persuasive speech to record to make a short film. 


'It is important that we know how to keep our planet healthy and safe' - Marlee

'It was great being allowed to research our global goal and put it into our poster to help others know why these things are important.' - Michael

'We learnt it is important to look after our planet and global community as not everybody has the things we do, or thinks about the consequences of their actions.' - Levarnie


To find out more, please click on the web link:

War Art


We have looked at WWII artwork by an Artist called Henry Moore.  He drew scenes of people taking shelter during the war.  He kept it simple, using few colours, bring out the different shades of light and dark.  We made observations of his style in our sketch books, before using chalk and pastels to have a go to imitate his style.


Written by Nuria

The Jewish New Year


In RE, we are learning about the Jewish religion.  We have learnt about Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year.  Jews look back and reflect about the year which has just gone, and think of how they want the year ahead to go.  The eat apples and honey as a symbol of ‘a sweet year’!  We have each written our own goals or aspirations for the coming school year.


Written by Rylee and Harrison

Britain's Biggest Battle


This term, we are learning about Britain’s Biggest Battle.  Although this is about the Battle of Britain which took place during War World II, there are many other things people ‘battled’ with as life had to change considerably following the Prime Minister’s announcement that we were once again at War with Germany.  We are reading Carrie’s War, which is about the experiences of two young children who were evacuated.  They had to leave their mother, boarded a train with their teacher and class mates and set off to begin a new life in the safety of the countryside. 


We have listened to the audio of the Prime Minister’s announcement and identified the changes instructed by the government.  We have researched the countries involved in WWII on the two sides known as the Allies and Axis.  We have written diaries and letters home, exploring the new situations the children would have encounters and how they would have reacted to these.


Written by Tally-May and Harrison