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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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End of Term 1


"This term has been fill of ups and downs because we didn't know the expectations from the teachers, but now we understand how much effort we have to put in to get the job done. We have been extremely lucky to have all of the space and all of the cool online homework. We have been introduced to lots of things, such as Google Classroom, which is amazing, our red books, our new classroom and, best of all, our teachers."

- Amy B

Year 6's Sedar Meal


"On Friday 13th October, the class and I had brilliant fun; we had a Sedar meal. Mrs Bagshaw set us into groups of 3.

1- to prepare the table.

2- to prepare the name tags.

3- to prepare the meal.

We sat down once everything was ready was set and we read the prayer. We drank the grape juice and ate everything on the plate. Once we tried the salty water, everyone ran to the bin and the cold tap!" - Georgia


"It made me feel a bit weird eating a religious meal that I've never seen before, but I enjoyed being part of something new." - Maciej


"I liked drinking the wine (it was actually squash)" - Rihanna

Light and Dark


"This term in Science, we have been looking at light and dark. On Thursday (12/10/17) we had a science experiment where we had to try and make a rainbow by using a torch, white paper and a transparent prism. It took our group a few times to actually make the rainbow show up, but when we went into the Gallery, we were able to see one on the floor. It was made from the sunlight going through our prism." - Zack


"With the torch, we made a very faint rainbow, one that you needed to have really good eyesight to see, but when we used a natural light beam, the rainbow was much bigger." - Lucy


"When the light split through the prism, it was called refraction. This term we have also made a periscope. We had to put the mirrors at a 45 degree angle in order to make the light reflect correctly. We used it to spy on our class mates. Periscopes would have also been used during WW2, and this ties in perfectly with our Topic this term." - Daisy C

PE Skills


"One chilly day in September, my class and I went out to do PE on the playground. We were going to practise some skills for dribbling in basketball; this we didn't know how to do." - Freddie


"The drills were really fun and it's a way of showing our expressions in basketball. My personal favourite was the tackling because we got to feel good about winning and get better if we were losing." - Kady

Orientation Afternoon


On Wednesday 27th September, Year 6 invited their parents in to the College for Orientation Afternoon. We were able to show our parents around our new Year 6 Suite and introduce them to some of the things that we will be learning this year. We also had tables set up to show them different schemes and tools that we will be using to help us with our learning this year. We showed our parents our Google Classroom pages and how we will be set different activities, dependent on which topics we have been struggling with in class, as homework to help boost our knowledge and confidence. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

3D Maths


This week in Maths (wk beginning 25th September), we have been looking at 3D shapes and nets. Our biggest challenge was to try and make these shapes, especially making sure we put the tabs in the correct places. Before we had a go at drawing the nets, we practised making them with interlocking squares and triangles. You can see us doing this in the photos below.


"I needed to use 6 squares to make a cube." - Nikita

"It was quite difficult to make sure the tabs were in the correct place. You couldn't put too many on the net because then they would have overlapped and it was hard to stick the shape together." - Georgia

World War 2 still life sketches


This afternoon, Friday 8th September, we had the opportunity to get hands on with some real life history. Our target was to create tone and texture using pencil, we were able to do this by changing the amount of pressure we applied to the pencil, the direction of the strokes and the speed in which we were moving our pencils. We learnt lots of different pencil techniques including: cross hatching, blending lines and use of side strokes. First we began using quick sketches, Mrs. Bagshaw set the timer and we had 5 minutes to sketch what we saw, then after the time was up she moved the objects around and we had to go again. This meant that we had lots of practice creating different textures. 

The objects that we drew included: gas masks, a type writer, a warden's helmet, plants, old books, photographs and mementos and a flag. After our initial sketches, we moved onto combining them to a final composition. We're going to put these on display in our Year 6 Studio.

Air Raid Recovery


On Friday 8th September, an air raid damaged the local church and it was Year 6's mission to build a scaffolding structure to help the recovery and rebuild of the church. Of course, we were only building a model structure, but we had three very important criteria that we had to abide by; the model must stand alone, it must be at least 50cm tall, and it must hold a cup of water (which we were using to represent the cement mixer).

It was a bit tricky and some of us definitely needed to make a few improvements to our models, but we had fun working as a team and gaining an insight to this term's topic.