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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.
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Canterbury Cathedral


"Yesterday (Thursday 12th July) we went to Canterbury Cathedral. We did a workshop where we made stain glass windows, a certificate and a souvenir. We also lifted materials using a crane and tried building arches using different wooden blocks. Then we dressed up as Thomas Becket, King Henry II, monks, pilgrims and knights, and went on a tour to see where Thomas died and where he is buried now. We looked at where the monks lived, worked and worshipped." - Daisy S

Mr Russell's Celebratory BBQ


"On Tuesday 10th July, we went to Mr Russell's house for a BBQ. We had a chance to win a prize at a game where you had to roll the ball through a wooden pig to get points. We had a go in his Jaguar and a go in his tractor. The whole day was a blast. Thank you Mr Russell." - Amy B


"On Tuesday, the whole of Year 6 were invited to Mr Russell's house for a BBQ. We also went in his Jaguar F-type and his tractor. When it was lunch time, I had a lovely cheese burger and also a delicious sausage and with a lovely orange juice." - Zack

Water Workshop


"On Tuesday 26th June, Year 5 and 6 had a visitor from Affinity Water and she brought in equipment that transports water. We then received a challenge to transport water from a large jug to small containers using large pipes, small pipes, L connectors, T connectors and straight connectors. After lunch, we also had four fun activities like snakes and ladders and bingo." - Kacper

Cape Malay Chicken Curry


On Thursday 14th June, Year 6 became chefs for the day. We all lent a helping hand in prepping, cooking and serving a Cape Malay chicken curry with yellow rice. Our prep team had to dice, chop and slice our ingredients to get them ready; this included onions, potatoes, chicken, garlic and a vast array of herbs and spices. Then our cooking crew had to take over and ensure that everything was put in the saucepans at the correct time for it all to be ready together. Finally the waiters and waitresses served our delicious curry and rice to the class as we all sat together and enjoyed it!


Eli - "It was fun cooking the curry, but it was really hot and spicy!"

Kelsey - "It was really difficult to chop the onions finely."

Kira-Lee - "I had to get the chillies ready and I had to remember to wash my hands really well afterwards."

Nelson Mandela


During term 6, we will be learning about Nelson Mandela and his culture. Today we had a fantastic time playing the drums in the style of the Burundi drummers. We all had a go creating different sounds on a variety of drums and using our hands, drum sticks, or stamping. We then made and performed a message in our groups and the other groups had to decide whether it was a celebration or to create intimidation.

Afterwards, we created a design for some South African artwork. We looked at different patterns on South African plates and discussed which colours we could use in our designs, as not all colours would have been available to the tribes. During the afternoon, we used papier-mâché to make our own plates.



This term in Science, Year 6 have been looking at the topic electricity. We have looked at what generates electricity; what conducts electricity; complete and incomplete circuits and renewable and non-renewable sources. We have worked on making successful complete circuits, this meant that the current travelled all the way around the circuit, as it had no breaks. We managed to make circuits that included batteries, wires, bulbs and buzzers. Our next challenge was to find out which materials were conductors and which materials were insulators.


Kendal - "I know that you have to check all of the components are working before you can say if your circuit is complete or incomplete. Sometimes you need to change the battery, the wires or the bulb."


Maciej - "Once I'd researched the different sources of electricity, I decided that is is best for our environment if we choose to use renewable sources are they can often be replenished and the produce much less waste product."

Breakfast at White Cliffs


To get us fully prepared for our SATs, we needed to make sure our bellies were full and our minds were calm. We enjoyed a bacon or sausage roll, a nice sweet snack, a piece of fruit and some orange or apple juice as well. The adults were all in the room so children were able to speak to anyone to either calm their minds, or have last minute revision tips.


Kimberley - "I liked eating breakfast with my class. My favourite was the bacon."


Survannah - "Getting in early really helped me to calm down because sometimes I get a bit nervous about things. I could ask the adults last minute questions as well."

A problem shared is a problem halved!


This term, our topic is on SATs, and today we focussed on how we are going to get through them; both academically and emotionally!


We started off by all writing down our biggest worry and then threw it into the middle of our circle and shared our problems with our friends. We saw that some people had the same worries as us, but we also gave each other ideas how to tackle our worries. The worries varied from specific things on certain papers, to being anxious and thinking we might not sleep well during that week. We all gave each other some handy tips and we learnt that a problem shared is a problem halved! We then threw our worries away so they needn’t niggle at us anymore!


Some of our handy tips included:

  • Do something relaxing that week, like reading or colouring or a puzzle
  • Talk to a friend or a teacher to help calm yourself
  • Read the question carefully at least twice and circle the important information
  • Don’t stay on one question for too long, move on
  • Remember you can do it!


We also wrote letters of congratulations to each other for us to read once we have finished SATs week; we can’t wait to see what our friends have said to us!


After break, we practised some revision techniques, and thought of ways to display our revision notes. Some of us found it easy to make posters, mind maps or flash cards, whereas some of us preferred to use technology and use Education City, Google Classroom or even watch tutorials on YouTube.


Finally in the afternoon, we learnt about one of our top tips! We learnt different ways how to relax. We had a long yoga session that not only calmed our body's energy, but also cleared our minds of any stresses that we had. Lots of us found it very useful, and we felt ready for the next challenges.


Maison - “I found the poster making really calming because I was able to get my revision notes down but I really like drawing and colouring so I enjoyed doing it as well.”


Zack - “I liked getting rid of my worry in the morning, it was nice to hear from other people about how I can make my worry go away and I also realised that other people had the same worries that I had.”


Survannah - “I liked taking my worry to Mr Stafford because I don’t have to worry about it anymore and it puts less pressure on me and I don’t feel as stressed as I did before.”


The Circulatory System and Dissecting a Heart!


This week we have been fully submerged in Science Week; we have been investigating and researching about the circulatory system in our bodies. With Mr Elgar, we learnt how the blood travels around your body, how the heart is a vital organ and how the lungs help to oxygenate our blood. We’ve learnt all about the different parts of the hearts and lungs and their functions, and using our knowledge from this, we have created information texts for Year 3 to try and teach them what we know. But Friday was the most exciting (and gruesome) part to our week: we dissected a heart!


"On Friday Year 6 had the gruesome job of being a butcher,that’s right a butcher,we really enjoyed the experience. We carefully used kitchen knives to dissect a heart (pig’s heart). Firstly, we pulled on the protective gear (rubber gloves) then we poked the heart and had a play around. Once everyone in our group had a feel of the heart we had cut the heart in half -vertically- we saw are variety of things these are just some:


. The aorta

. The pulmonary  vein

. Right atrium/left atrium 

. Right ventricle/left ventricle 



We had so much fun and we suggest the next Year 6 should take part in this activity." - Georgia

Let The Battle Commence!


Our first day back in Term 3 really hooked us in to our topic... Vikings! We started the day with reading the legend of How Thor Got His Hammer as we sat around our classroom campfire. Mrs Bagshaw then gave us each our own individual rune with a specific meaning on it. In groups, we started to come up with our own myths and included all of our own runes. We had justice, defence, spiritual strength, success and many more themes to consider for our stories. Many of our stories also included warriors, gods and princesses.

During the afternoon, we shared our stories in a variety of ways; some decided to tell their story, some decided to share their storyboards and maps, and others decided to act out their stories. We then started junk modelling to transform our classroom into a Viking museum full of artefacts and models. We had a choice between making brooches, helmets, long boats, long houses, and the list goes on.

Finally we had to finish our museum. We needed to write plaques to describe our artefacts. Hopefully other children from the school can come and visit and learn from our fantastic day just like we did!

We’ve had a fantastic day and really feel ready to learn about our topic this term!

Kira-Lee- “We acted our story out at break time.”

Kimberley- “I was the person who was health and love.”

Lucy- “I was Tiana who is the goddess of fairies. We’re going to play this again at lunchtime.”

Amy B- “I enjoyed participating in building the Viking long house, because I didn’t know that the Vikings had some of the same features that we have today.”

Kendal- “Building the house was fun because I liked getting involved with my group.”

Eli- “I was able to paint some runes to represent beliefs in our classroom. I painted ‘good luck in your exams’, 

Class Collage


"On Monday 5th February, Year 6 had an art day. Our topic at the moment is the Amazon and we have been learning about its rare, wonderful creatures. It was brilliant we had so much fun creating and drawing the wonderful animals.

Some people drew frogs, birds and chameleons. We had so much fun! We put all our pictures on a frame to make a mural inspired by Dahlov Ipcar. You can find this art piece in the corridor near Year 3."

- Georgia


"We all coloured in triangles and parallelograms by using different coloured oil pastels and this created our background. Then we had a choice; either we got to make animals, leaves or insects to create our class collage. We then made butterflies out of different materials such as pipe cleaners, paper and cellophane to create a multimedia collage."

- Kady


Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!


"The Haka is a traditional New Zealand dance that Year 6 are learning about in PE. We have 4-5 sayings during the dance. The dance is performed by the New Zealand rugby team. The captain shouts the words as the others do the dance. At the end, all of the team stick their tongues out fiercely as a sign of defense" - Georgia


"In PE, we have been learning and doing the Haka. The Haka was a sign of intimidation which was used by the tribe called Maori. The New Zealand rugby team use the Haka at the beginning of a rugby match to show they are fearless. The leader will shout a word to tell the team it's time to get ready." - Kady

Positive and Negative Integers


During Maths on Monday 15th January, we were looking at positive and negative numbers. We used real life situations to help us understand what we were looking at. First we started by looking at the temperature, and comparing temperatures from different times of the year. This meant we needed to be able to read thermometers, and compare the difference between the two readings. Then we moved on to some harder money word problems. This was difficult because it spoke about Joe buying trainers when he didn't have enough money, and then he had negative money!


"Trying to understand why negative numbers get smaller when you are adding was very confusing! But I used a number line to help me get started and then I felt much more confident." - Amy B

Google Classroom
"I have enjoyed Google Classroom because it doesn't matter if you don't get 1000 points (which you get a reward for on Funday Friday) you still enjoy your time. I think it is a fun way of learning." -Georgia
"I have enjoyed playing on Google Classroom because we have had more work to do at home and not just at school. We can become better at our maths. Google Classroom is a great experience for children to get maths into our heads. Although, it is not just for maths, we do get help with our English and Grammar too." -Zack
"I think Google Classroom helps me." -Kendal
"In Google Classroom you do lots of learning, like Education City, Quizziz and MyMaths. You get points for doing your Google Classroom work and if you get 1000 you get a treat!" -Tony
"This term, I have enjoyed Google Classroom work because I found that is it a very helpful site to work on. I can talk to my teachers and have learnt a lot." -Lily
"I have enjoyed Google classroom becuase it is fun and an easy way tp do homework. I like doing the Quizziz because you have to think quickly and it tests your knowledge. Once you do all the work that is set for you, you get a reward on Funday Friday, I like this because it makes me want to learnt more." - Daisy
GPS Carousel
As we prepare for our SATS tests later on this year, we have introduced a Key skills session into the year 6 timetable. Every day, we practice our Key English skills for 30 minutes each, breaking off into smaller groups to practice Reading comprehensions, grammar techniques and to learn our spellings.
"I've enjoyed doing the GPS sessions because I can learn and revise grammar, punctuation and spellings all in one lesson. The spelling session is my favourite because we get to learn all sorts of ways to remember our spelling words." -Kady
"The GPS carousel is really helping me with my reading paper. I am getting better at the comprehension questions and I can find the answers from the text." -Freddie
Pebbles Art Workshop
On Monday this week (20/11/17) we were joined in our Year 6 Studio by Mel and Ben who are working with D.A.D (Dover Arts Development) and the community to create an animation project that reflects the local geology.
On Monday Year 6 had an art workshop with Ben and Mel. Mel told us all about different rocks and fossils. It was very interesting to find out about which animals had created the fossils and where all the rocks were located in the United Kingdom. 


"At the end of the session, Ben showed us how to paint portraits of characters or our own portraits on rocks from Dover beach. It was fun but very messy."- Survannah
"Ben and Mel told us a lot about rocks, seaweed and fossils, it was a fun and wonderful day." - Maison
"I really enjoyed the Pebbles art workshop. I found it very educational and it was fun to look at the objects from the beach. I loved painting my pebble at the end." - Kelsey
"I thought the workshop was interesting." -Kimberley
"I think it was a fun experience because we got to know all about the chalk and where it could be found. After that I had even more fun because we got to place: rock, seaweed, sea sponges, fossils, wood and pebbles into groups of plant, animal or mineral. We then got to paint our pebbles with our own portraits." -Eli

End of Term 1


"This term has been fill of ups and downs because we didn't know the expectations from the teachers, but now we understand how much effort we have to put in to get the job done. We have been extremely lucky to have all of the space and all of the cool online homework. We have been introduced to lots of things, such as Google Classroom, which is amazing, our red books, our new classroom and, best of all, our teachers."

- Amy B

Year 6's Sedar Meal


"On Friday 13th October, the class and I had brilliant fun; we had a Sedar meal. Mrs Bagshaw set us into groups of 3.

1- to prepare the table.

2- to prepare the name tags.

3- to prepare the meal.

We sat down once everything was ready was set and we read the prayer. We drank the grape juice and ate everything on the plate. Once we tried the salty water, everyone ran to the bin and the cold tap!" - Georgia


"It made me feel a bit weird eating a religious meal that I've never seen before, but I enjoyed being part of something new." - Maciej


"I liked drinking the wine (it was actually squash)" - Rihanna

Light and Dark


"This term in Science, we have been looking at light and dark. On Thursday (12/10/17) we had a science experiment where we had to try and make a rainbow by using a torch, white paper and a transparent prism. It took our group a few times to actually make the rainbow show up, but when we went into the Gallery, we were able to see one on the floor. It was made from the sunlight going through our prism." - Zack


"With the torch, we made a very faint rainbow, one that you needed to have really good eyesight to see, but when we used a natural light beam, the rainbow was much bigger." - Lucy


"When the light split through the prism, it was called refraction. This term we have also made a periscope. We had to put the mirrors at a 45 degree angle in order to make the light reflect correctly. We used it to spy on our class mates. Periscopes would have also been used during WW2, and this ties in perfectly with our Topic this term." - Daisy C

PE Skills


"One chilly day in September, my class and I went out to do PE on the playground. We were going to practise some skills for dribbling in basketball; this we didn't know how to do." - Freddie


"The drills were really fun and it's a way of showing our expressions in basketball. My personal favourite was the tackling because we got to feel good about winning and get better if we were losing." - Kady

Orientation Afternoon


On Wednesday 27th September, Year 6 invited their parents in to the College for Orientation Afternoon. We were able to show our parents around our new Year 6 Suite and introduce them to some of the things that we will be learning this year. We also had tables set up to show them different schemes and tools that we will be using to help us with our learning this year. We showed our parents our Google Classroom pages and how we will be set different activities, dependent on which topics we have been struggling with in class, as homework to help boost our knowledge and confidence. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

3D Maths


This week in Maths (wk beginning 25th September), we have been looking at 3D shapes and nets. Our biggest challenge was to try and make these shapes, especially making sure we put the tabs in the correct places. Before we had a go at drawing the nets, we practised making them with interlocking squares and triangles. You can see us doing this in the photos below.


"I needed to use 6 squares to make a cube." - Nikita

"It was quite difficult to make sure the tabs were in the correct place. You couldn't put too many on the net because then they would have overlapped and it was hard to stick the shape together." - Georgia

World War 2 still life sketches


This afternoon, Friday 8th September, we had the opportunity to get hands on with some real life history. Our target was to create tone and texture using pencil, we were able to do this by changing the amount of pressure we applied to the pencil, the direction of the strokes and the speed in which we were moving our pencils. We learnt lots of different pencil techniques including: cross hatching, blending lines and use of side strokes. First we began using quick sketches, Mrs. Bagshaw set the timer and we had 5 minutes to sketch what we saw, then after the time was up she moved the objects around and we had to go again. This meant that we had lots of practice creating different textures. 

The objects that we drew included: gas masks, a type writer, a warden's helmet, plants, old books, photographs and mementos and a flag. After our initial sketches, we moved onto combining them to a final composition. We're going to put these on display in our Year 6 Studio.

Air Raid Recovery


On Friday 8th September, an air raid damaged the local church and it was Year 6's mission to build a scaffolding structure to help the recovery and rebuild of the church. Of course, we were only building a model structure, but we had three very important criteria that we had to abide by; the model must stand alone, it must be at least 50cm tall, and it must hold a cup of water (which we were using to represent the cement mixer).

It was a bit tricky and some of us definitely needed to make a few improvements to our models, but we had fun working as a team and gaining an insight to this term's topic.