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Here are some of the things our class have been working on.

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As a reward for their hard work and effort in their learning over the year, pupils in Year 6 were treated to a reward day, including Tobogganing at Folkestone Leisure Centre and picnic lunch and use of the recreational equipment at the Lower Leas Coastal Park.


Tobogganing at first was scary, but after we tried it, it became much more fun.  It was a little tiring as it took a lot of strength to keep climbing up the hill. Towards the end, we all waited for everyone to be ready and came down the ski-slope together. – Isaac


When we arrives, the instructor told us what to do and we each took turns to sit in the ring and push ourselves off, sliding down the ski-slope.  Everyone looked out of each other, helped each other when needed, by pushing each other off.  After Xander accidently dropped his ring down the slope, the instructor said we could ‘go double’ so we started to organise ourselves to go down the slope with our friends. This allowed us to have even more fun.– Chloe A


Once we worked out what to do, we started to go faster and spin one another on the way down the slope.  Some of us even got bumped by others at the bottom of the slope.  It was a really fun day and I’ve never done anything like it before – I’d love to go again.  – Tegan


We had a really nice picnic and had the play area to ourselves because it had rained earlier in the day.  Everyone was quite tired from Tobogganing, but it didn’t stop us still having fun. – Millie

Pupils have a "Grand Day" out at the Duke of York's Royal Military School

Mr Russell invited us to attend the rehearsal for Grand Day up at the Duke of York’s Royal Military School.  We watched all the pupils marching in groups in time to the military band which played to keep them in time.  We were asked to join in and stand to attention when a special flag which was given to school by the queen was brought passed us.  We stayed and had a picnic lunch before returning to college.


One of the teachers told us how one girl was in charge of the whole parade giving instructions for everyone to follow.  There were over 100 instructions she need to remember and she didn’t make any mistakes.  This was very impressive, especially was she was only 18 years old.


Everyone looked very smart in their uniforms. 


It must be really hard for children to live at school away from their parents, but they clearly get on well with each other and are happy there.


It was really cool - they had a drone which they were using to film what was happening.

As part of our PSHCE this term, we have designed our own Adinkra symbols which represent important values of our characters.  We sketched them lightly onto a piece of class, then applied hot wax using a Tjanting, a special used in Batik.  We had to be very careful as the wax needed to be very hot otherwise it would not flow through the narrow tip.  The following day, we brushed different colour dyes onto the cloth and then when this was dry, the wax was ironed off using layers of newspaper to leave the design in white where the wax had been.


It was quite scary working with the hot wax because we knew of the danger that could happen if we got it on our skin.  Everybody worked extremely carefully, with adults on hand to supervise at all times, marking out their outline in wax and nobody had any disasters.  – Alfie


My design batik design represented 3 special values of being caring, energetic and honest.  I used the  Adinkra designs and merged them all together to make my own unique symbol.  – Isaac


It was special to be trusted to use wax in our art work, knowing that we could be responsible to follow instructions carefully. – Chloe H


You needed to have a really steady hands and take your time to get your design right.  You need to careful and patience in your work. – Billie Jo



East Kent Science Jamboree

Year 6 attended the East Kent Science Jamboree at Pfizers.  First we watched a science show which exposed the science behind many of the modes of transport we take for granted today.  This included practical demonstrations of hot air balloons, the power of steam to drive engines, use of explosions as the source of power and harnessing energy from the sun using solar panels. 

We then took part in 3 practical workshops:

  • Racing stripes – where we separated colours by dipping filter paper in a solution.

  • The Secret Code of Life – where we separate out the DNA in Kiwi fruits.

  • Zinc Bang – where we created hydrogen bubbles and made an explosion in our hands.


The show was very interesting watching how everyday objects such as a hairdryer and leaf blower can be used in science, especially in unravelling an entire toilet roll into the air in less than a minute. - Leon


It is was amazing to set fire to your hand and yet it didn’t burn you… I didn’t know that water could stop this from happening… but I don’t think I should try and recreate this at home! – Chloe A


It was really weird putting on gloves and goggles when working with the Kiwi fruit and how we used alcohol to help separate out the DNA. – Owen

Easter 'Egg'stravaganza

On Tuesday 31st March, Year 6 held a special Easter activity day.


In RE was have learnt about the stations of the cross and each took an image to recreate as our own posters telling Jesus' journey from his arrest to being laid to rest in the tomb.


Millie explains 'By drawing, I took time to think about how even Jesus needed someone to come and help him. The person who carried his cross was very kind and considerate.  We should help others when they are struggling.'


We watched the Easter story presented in Lego from which we had to answer comprehension questions. 'It was far more interesting and funny learning about the Easter story in this way.  It told the things we needed to know from this story which has been around for a long time, in a more up-to-date way.' Isaac


In groups, we also got to form Easter scenes as sand art using the light boxes, having watched an example on the CBeebies website, which Mr Stafford also showed the whole college in assembly.


'Despite being careful, sand got everywhere, but it was okay as it was all part of our changing scenes as we transformed our pictures from one scene to another.' Alfie


'My hands felt weird when you move all the sand around.  You have to make small, careful movements to create every little detail.  It made me think much deeper about what was going on in the scene and the skills I needed to make the story happen in the sand.' Owen


Mrs Stafford baked some hot-crossed buns for us to share as part of our special Easter activity day.


'I enjoyed the whole day because it was different, not doing normal English and Maths.  We got to learn in a more practical way and talked about what we were doing, our understanding of the Easter story and asking lots of questions, debating the answers.' Chloe A

Book Week script writing

As part of Book Week, Year 6 took part in a script writing session with a visitor drama teacher, James. 

Using the theme of Paddington’s adventures, we worked in groups to come up with scenarios across London where this bear caused mischief. 

Having written a brief outlines of the story in the form of a play script, each group were challenged to pick 3 scenes and re-enact them as freeze frames, capturing the characterisation of each person involved through their actions and facial expressions.

Learn how to be safe on the Internet...

Still image for this video

On Tuesday 10th February, classes across the college shared in learning on how to keep safe when using the internet.  This can be on smart phones, and games consoles as well as laptops and computers. 


‘The main message is not that we can’t use these things because there are dangers. We need to know about the risks and how to manage them so we can use the internet safely and responsibly.’


Many classes tuned into the live programmes broadcast on SID TV and wrote letters, made posters and played games all designed to help communicate key ways to keep safe and who to turn to if you need help or support.


Year 6 made a short imovie using the class ipad to sharing their advice on how to keep safe on the internet, following discussion about what they would do in different scenarios. 

Social Action Project Finals 2015

Over the past year, pupils have participated in Vision Excel workshops to design and promote a social action project to meet a need they have identified in our local community.  Following our in-school finals, representatives of the local council, business and charities votes through two winning teams who then represented the school at the Grand Final.  These were: BMX Family, who appealed to turn a piece of unused land on Beaufoy Terrace into a bike track, and Sunday Sipper, who were proposing to hold a weekly games and coffee afternoon for older people within our community who may feel isolated or lonely.  Pupils were praised for understanding the needs of their immediate area and clear communication of what they would need in order to see their projects come to life. 

Year 6 celebrate National Film Week

Year 6 celebrate National Film Week 1
Year 6 celebrate National Film Week 2

Pupils in Year 6 went to see Rio 2 at the cinema as part of the National Film week.  They were then treated by Mrs Fotheringham to a McDonalds lunch as a reward for their hard work and attitude towards learning.

Secret Underground Wartime Tunnels

Secret Underground Wartime Tunnels 1

Pupils visited the Secret Underground Wartime Tunnels at Dover Castle as part of learning within their topic of WWII: Hidden Mysteries.   During our tour, we learnt how Dover became the communication centre during the war effort, receiving and sending messages between carefully placed look-outs and firing posts, using plotting tables to chart the movement of ships and plans with coordinates.  Below ground is a telephone exchange and repeater stations, helping to boost the signal of messages from London to planes and sea vessels out in the channel. 

The Cat Litter Mystery

On the 3rd February 2015, Year 6 took part in a special project called ‘The Cat Litter Mystery’, with two additional pupils from years 4 and 5 invited to join them from the Gifted and Talented science club.  Led by scientists Elena Setterfield from the Education Business Partnership, we were directed to carry out 6 scientific experiments to see which cat litter was the best, from samples including: Catsan, Litter Crystals, Natural & clean, Ultra wood and Biocatolet.

We investigated issues of absorbency, feeling, quality of packaging, weight, appeal to the cat and decomposition. We were shown how to use scientific equipment such as microscopes and pipettes.  In groups we recorded our observations in a booklet which we then used to create posters to communicate our findings.  These we presented to a representative of a local cat litter company, Lorna Osbourne, sharing our choice of which cat litter we thought was best, without knowing which company she works for.  We were relieved to learn she worked for Natural and Clean, who are based in Sandwich.  Although not everyone ranked them as the highest, nobody placed them bottom of their list.

Mrs Osbourne explained the unique selling point of their cat litter being made from recycled material and therefore its benefits to the environment.  She was very impressed with our investigations and our ability to clear record and explain the reasons behind our choices from what we had found out.


Picnic Reward

As a result of good behaviour, Year 6 enjoyed a making their own pizza lunch as their chosen reward for completing the class marble jar.  Pupils put together a shopping list of toppings from which they created their own pizzas on home-made pizza based.  Mr Stafford challenged pupils to try 3 colours of pepper alongside the more popular meat choices. To accompany this, pupils also iced their own cake with two-tone colour, using a piping bag.  Lunch was then cooked and enjoyed as an indoor picnic, with chips provided by the school canteen.